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Katara sighed again. She was still stuck in the bedroom even after she recovered from her illness. Her body had recovered from the rape but Katara would never recover emotionally. The thought of that man 'inside' of her...grunting and panting in her ear like an animal...stealing her virginity...

She closed her eyes tightly, refusing to let a tear fall. I will get through this...I just hope I can escape this prison soon enough. I need my brother and my friends and my gran...I wish mom and dad were still alive.

The doorknob turned and the door opened. Katara quickly sat up from her bed and looked to the entrance. It was Iroh and in his hands was a tray with a tea pot and two cups.

"Good evening, Miss Katara." He laid the tray on the table. "How are you feeling tonight?"

"My fever's finally gone..."

"That's wonderful to hear!" He poured tea for her before pouring himself a cup.

Katara gave the old man a small smile before immediately frowning again.

Iroh smiled at her and gestured the empty chair. "Come. Have some tea."

She sat down at the gestured seat and held the cup in her hands. She just stared at the liquid.

"Something troubling you?"

Katara smiled at him. "I'm fine, Iroh."

"You are not a very good liar, Miss Katara."

Katara didn't reply, she just took a sip of her tea.

Iroh supressed a sigh. "Well whenever you feel like talking, I'll always be here to listen."

"Thank you, Iroh."

They drank their tea in silence. Katara kept giving Iroh reassuring smiles, silently telling him that she was okay but he was not convinced. Finally all the tea was gone and Iroh picked up his tray.

"I hope you have yourself a good night's sleep." He told her before closing the door behind him.

Katara nodded and laid back in bed again, suddenly feeling very tired.

Appa groaned loudly, sounding sad.

Aang, who was laying on the sky bison's head, sighed sadly. "I know...I miss her too."

A penguin could be seen waddling in the distance and Aang sighed again. He and Katara would always be penguin sledding at this time just like they had been doing ever since they met each other.

"Hey, Aang?"

The airbender looked down from Appa's head and saw Sokka.

"What's up, Sokka?"

"Do you think we're doing the right thing?..."

"What do you mean?"

"Should we really just sit here and do nothing? Katara could be getting tortured right now and instead of saving her we're just sitting here twiddling our thumbs."

"I hate staying here like this too...but your grandma's right, Sokka. If we attacked the Fire Nation now, who knows if we'd even make it?"

Sokka sighed. "I just hope the Northern troops come here soon...I don't know how much longer I can wait."

"Should we really attack the Fire Nation, though? Can't we just-"

"They attacked us, Aang. They killed some of our people and took away almost all our waterbenders. There's nothing we can do except counter-attack." He looked up at the moon with narrowed eyes. It was full so it meant Katara's bending would be stronger. I hope you're still fighting, sis. "And we're gonna win."

Katara could feel stronger from the full moon. She wished that she had some water right now. Not just because she wanted to use it to escape, but also because she missed bending so very much. She missed going to the water at the South Pole and practice her bending, missed bending the snow into snowmen with Aang, missed the bending battles she would have with Aang and Toph and Pakku and Hama. She felt defenseless without her waterbending. I wish I could have done warrior training with Sokka...

Just a glass of water would do it for her...She would be happy to at least make ice out of it or even bend it into different shapes. But no; Zuko was careful enough to have whoever bring her anything to drink to make sure she drank every drop of water before leaving the room.

I could always try...

Katara's eyes widened. How could she think such a thing?! She wished she never learned it in the first place...She had almost reported Hama to Pakku when she was told about this...this disgusting...

But what choice do I have anymore? I've had the chance so many times to use it on them the last time I decided to chicken out...I decided to chicken out when Zhao forced himself inside me. I could have killed him from the inside but I didn't...I can't risk it happening again.

Katara got to her feet and stared at the door. I'll do it...the next person who comes in...I'll use bloodbending on them.