I can't believe she's married. I always thought it would be me. I love her. I'm in love with her. I was just unable to give her what she wanted. She wanted the now. She wanted our someday. With my contract, I couldn't give her someday. I could only give her the right now. She was looking for more.

She looked so beautiful out there. She went with traditional and dressed completely in white. Her face was shining with love for that man she married. She was lit up with happiness. She was bouncing around her guests; talking and laughing with each one. The man beside her kept close; laughing and talking right along with her. He'll help her fly and best of all he'll keep her safe.

I stood back and waited for her to make it over to me. I know she will eventually, but I was hoping she took her time. I couldn't face the woman I was in love with. I still couldn't get over the fact that she was married.

"I can't believe Bomber is married." Tank voiced my thoughts. I turn to look at my right hand man and best friend.

"I can't either." I admitted out loud. It hurt, but admitting it is half the battle. Right?

"I always thought it would be you, Boss Man." Tank told me.

I shook my head. "No, I have another year and a half on my contract. I can't do that to Steph. She didn't want to wait and I couldn't ask her to."

"It's a shame, Boss Man."

I nodded in agreement. "At least she ain't marrying Morelli." I said. I would be glad to admit that little fact. If she would have married him, I probably would have killed him and hid the body.

Tank laughed. "It is a very good damn thing. I might have killed the bastard." I smirked at Tank's remark as I scanned the room. I needed some relief. I only just wanted one night. I wanted one night with a woman who doesn't remind me of my Babe. I spot a tall blonde. Her hair was straight and long down her back. She was wearing a red strapless halter style dress that hugged her very curvy body. Her legs were long and looked like they belonged wrapped around a man's waist. The look she was giving me told I could have her anytime and anyway. Yep just what I need. I sauntered over to her and started up a conversation.

Her name was Shannon and she worked and lived in Trenton. She doesn't want a relationship, hell she doesn't even want to know my name. Even better. I took her up to her room and gave her the night of her life. And momentarily forgot about mine.

13 months Later-

My desk was a disaster. I had paperwork coming out of ears thanks to mission I just returned from. After giving my body time to recuperate, I was finally able to return to full duty. Woo-fucking-hoo. My phone buzzed and I hit the intercom button.


"Boss, you got a call on line three."

"Thanks Hal." I pushed the button for line three.

"This is Ranger Manoso." I barked out.

"Hi, Mr. Manoso, this is Ashley Monroe." My interest was immediately piped up. Her voice was soft, light, and slightly on the verge of seductive. She was missing that Jersey accent.

"Yes. Ms. Monroe. How may I help you?" I put on my business voice. Impress them quickly.

"Please call me Ashley."She told me.

I smiled to myself. I could do that. "Okay, Ashley, how may I help you?"

"I called the other day about getting a security system put in. We have had some robberies in our neighborhood lately and I don't want to worry about coming home to a robbery in progress." Smart woman. Safety first.

"How many cameras were you looking for? And what kind of security system?"

"I would like one camera in front and one in back. I would also like one in my kitchen, my living room, and the nursery." Nursery? Damn, that probably means she's married. That thought saddens me a little.

"Why in the house, Ashley?" I asked.

"Along with the robberies, I am also hiring a new nanny for my little girl and I want to make sure that I can trust her completely." She answered me.

"Okay, how about tomorrow morning at 1000?" I offered. I wanted to see the face of this soft voiced woman.

"Okay, that sounds good. I have a meeting at 9:00, but if I'm not there, my friend will let you in." I couldn't help but smile when I realized she knew military time.

"You will be there though, right?" Dios, I hoped so.

"Oh yes, Mr. Manoso. Of course." She replied and I couldn't stop the small grin that slid across my face.

"Okay, I will see you tomorrow."

"That sounds great. Thank you." She said good bye and I hang up the phone. For the first in over a year I was actually looking forward to tomorrow.

The Next Day-

We pulled up in front of a very nice two story house. It's completely brick; not a red brick but a stone brick. Ms. Monroe most certainly had some money. And lots of it. Of course with a multimillion dollar contract with Rangeman, she should. We did the customary background check and Ms. Monroe is an author. I didn't get the details and now I was full of questions.

"Okay men, let's go in. Everybody act professional." I ordered and sent a glance in Lester's direction. He shrugged his shoulders. "What?" He asked.

I turn back towards the house without answering him. I knew he would be professional. Santos' was just that way. We walked up and I knocked on the door.

"Coming!" A voice calls out from somewhere in the house. Then the door opens and a woman is standing there, but I know it's not Ashley. The voice didn't match. I skim quickly over the woman's body. She's 5'6 and probably 130 pounds. She has shoulder length auburn hair and bright green eyes. Her eyes were full of mischief.

"Well, aren't you guys hot as hell? Double Yummy! Come on in. My name is Alexa, but you can call me Lex or Lexa. Ashley will be here in just a minute." The girl rambled out in quick session.

We followed her down the hallway to a large open floor plan. The kitchen and living room were an open space but it flowed nicely. In the hallway there was a stair case leading up to the second floor. A phone rang out in the kitchen on the far wall and Alexa turned to go answer it. We were able to hear her from our spot in the living room.


"Where ya at?"

"Yea they're here and they are hot!" She turned to look at us and gave a little wave with a smile.

"Yea yea yea..I'll behave…maybe." Her grinned got bigger and she laughed.

"Yea he called." Her voice went serious.

"He said he would be here in about twenty minutes."

"Okay, Bye!"

She hung up the phone and turned to look at us. "She'll be home in a minute. So what's ya'll names?"

I raised my eyebrow. "My name is Ranger Manoso, this is Tank, and this Lester Santos." I answered.

Her eyes looked us each over slowly from the tops of our shoes to the tops of our heads.

"You guys are so hot!" She waved a hand in front of her face. "Do any of you need a girlfriend? I'm available." She said in a sing song voice. She was cute but I wasn't interested. I couldn't say the same for Santos. Before any of us could answer, the front door opened and a soft voice floated over to us.

"Alexa Mercedes, leave the men alone." I looked over and the sight before me has me stunned. This woman can't be no more than 5'1 and weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. Her breasts were small but very firm. She had a tiny waist and lean legs. She had brownish blonde hair that just barely hung below her ears, leaving her neck completely exposed. I couldn't see her face yet or her eyes, but I was intrigued. She walked over to us and held out her hand.

"Hi, you must be Mr. Manoso, I'm Ashley." She said with a smile. I enveloped her small fragile hand in mine. Her handshake was firm and quick. She pulled back before I was ready. Her eyes were a deep milk chocolate brown with gold specks. She was beautiful. Her face was flawless with a peaches and cream complexion. The bulge in my cargoes twitched. I took a deep breath. I needed to get a grip.

"I'm Ranger Manoso and this is Tank; my right hand man. And this is Lester Santos." She shook the hands of my other two men; smiling. "It is very nice to meet you all. Has Lexa had a chance to explain anything yet?" She asked.

"No, she hasn't." I answered.

"Sorry Lil Bit, I was ogling these fine looking men." Alexa admitted. I watched as Ashley rolled her beautiful eyes. They call her Lil Bit…definitely fits. She was tiny and any of my men could break her in half, easy.

"Would you please follow me and I'll show you where I would like the cameras." She announced. We followed her into the kitchen. She pointed up to the top upper left hand corner above a set of cabinets. "I would like one there, but do you have cameras that are hard to spot?" She asked.

I gave a slight nod. "Yes, we do." I answered.

She nodded her head in approval. "Good, I don't want my new nanny to know there are cameras, at least not yet. I know that's horrible, right?" She asked; ashamed of her attitude. I shook my head no and tried to keep my blank face on. She was so damn adorable.

"No not at all, you're protecting your child." I told her.

She flashed a full-on smile at me and my blank face almost slipped. Damn, I want to see that beautiful smile again.

"Okay this way." She walked past me and I caught a whiff of apples and cinnamon. It was sweet and on her, it worked. As she walked into the living room, I watched the sexy sway of her heart shaped ass. My cock twitched reminding me that I haven't been laid in quite a while. Damn, I needed to fix that. She pointed again to the upper left hand side of living room.

"I would like one there too." She told us.

I nodded my head, just hoping that Lester is taking notes. My mind was so focused on this tiny woman that I wasn't catching a word.

"Okay gentlemen this way." She took us up the stairs and into a beautifully decorated little girl's room. The walls were a light pale pink and the baseboards, moldings, and trim were done in white, but it wasn't a bright white, it was more of a shimmering white. Her sleigh bed crib, changing table, rocking chair, and dresser were a deep cherry color. The comforter and crib set were pink and white striped. There was another comforter hanging over the crib and it was white with a pink and blue rocking horse stitched on the side. You could tell it was handmade and it was beautiful.

"Is that okay, Mr. Manoso." I heard Ashley asked and I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the beautiful woman standing in front of me.

"I'm sorry, what?" I hated to have her repeat herself. Especially since it showed that I wasn't paying attention. I heard Lester and Tank snicker behind me and I made a note to send them both to third world countries.

She pointed to the upper right hand corner of the nursery behind the rocking chair. "I would like the camera there." She said once again.

I nodded my head. "That's fine. Anything else?" I asked. She looked deep in thought for a minute before answering. "Nope that's it. Any questions for me?" She asked. I couldn't honesty think of any that pertained to business so I just went with what I knew.

"If you like, we can have everything installed before dinner." I told her. Those beautiful brown eyes widened in shock.

"That would be awesome." She exclaimed. I was getting ready to tell her about bringing more men in when a very deep masculine voice called out from downstairs.

"Lil Bit, where are you?" She strode past me to walk out into the hall way. She stood at the top of the stairs and called out.

"Hey Jeremy, I'm up here. Do you have Bug with you?"

"I do. Come down here." I heard the voice call back. She turned back to face us and looked right at me.

"I'm sorry, was there anything else?" She asked. Her eyes were soul searching and I couldn't help but stare into them. Once again my cock jumped against the front of my cargoes. Damn, I needed to get laid.

"Yes, we will be bringing other men in the house to install the security system." I told her. She nodded her head and bit into her lower lip.

"Are they all dressed like you…in black?" She asked. My lips twitched, trying to smile, but I held it back.

"Yes Ma'am, it's the way to identify RangeMan employees." I explained.

"It's Ashley and that's cool. I'll leave the front door open and you guys can come and go as you please. Let me know when you want me to sign any papers."

"We will do that, Ashley. Thank you." She smiled that beautiful smile once again before turning to walk down the stairs. I followed her and just caught sight of her as she took a dark haired child from a blond man. She cuddled the baby close to her, giving her kisses. I couldn't hear what she was saying but I didn't care. She was married and that was the end of my fantasy. Not that I would have acted on it.

As my men and I walked toward the front door, I wondered if she was happy in her marriage. I wondered if she could use a one night stand or even an affair. I would love to spend some time buried deep inside her wet heat. I don't want a relationship, not now not ever.

The little minx didn't even seem to be interested at all. Once again I wondered if she is happy in her marriage. I wondered if the man inside keeps her satisfied in bed. I bet she was a little wild cat in bed. My cock went from twitching to a full hard on with that thought and I flinched. Times like this I wished I didn't go commando.

I finally snapped out of my thoughts and turned to Tank. "Did you call the office?" I asked. I gathered the contract papers for Ashley's business.

He rolled his eyes at me before replying. "Hector, Cal, Ram, and Woody are on their way down here now. ETA is 90 minutes."

I grabbed the papers sitting on my seat in my truck. "Okay, I'm going to have her sign the papers and tell her we will be back in 90 minutes." I started walking towards the door when Tank called out to me.

"Hey Boss…" I turned to look at him. "Maybe you should do something with that before you scare her to death." He pointed to my crotch and I looked down. Damn, my erection was pressing against my cargoes all ready to play. I gave Tank my blank deadly face. "Mats—0500 in the morning." He lost his happy smirk and I gained one.

I entered the house and called out. "Ashley." I heard her soft seductive voice from the kitchen.

"In here, Mr. Manoso." I really needed to get her to say my name. I walked into the kitchen and I couldn't believe the sight in front of me. Ashley was seated at the island with a baby girl propped up on her butt in front of her. The man was standing on the other side of the island holding a bottle of water. It's the little girl that has me at a loss for words.

She was of Cuban descent. I know this because hell I'm Cuban. Either Ashley cheated on her husband which would be good news for me or the woman in front of me wasn't her mother. "What's her name?" I asked. Ashley looked over at me and flashed me another huge smile. Damn, I liked that smile.

"Her name is Sophie, but we call her Bug or Sophie-Bug. Isn't she beautiful?" She asked before turning back to Sophie. As I agreed I looked closely at the little girl. She had a head of dark jet black hair and almost obsidian eyes. Her skin was a dark caramel color. Kind of like burnt caramel. Maybe Ashley had a thing for Cuban men and her husband didn't care. More good news for me.

"I have some papers that need to be signed." She gave the baby more kisses before turning to me.

"Okay, no problem." She turned to the man on the other side of island. "Here, take her for a minute please, Jeremy." He gave her a smile. "Sure Lil Bit."

I handed her the papers and showed her where to sign.

"Do you want your husband to sign too?" I asked. She glanced at me with this bewildered and confused look and pointed to the man in front of us. "He's not my husband. I'm not married." She told me.

Well if it isn't my lucky day. Maybe I can get this little vixen in bed and get her out of my system. But if that man isn't the father than who is.