Title: Blood is Thicker than Blue
Chapter 1 – Head Games

Summary: Jamie doesn't tell anyone about Malvesky's warning, even Danny. But when Jamie starts acting strange and then fails to show up for dinner one night, Danny is forced to go on the warpath.

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A/N: Okay so I know we don't know what is going to happen with Malvesky's warning but I came up with a small ficlet and hope you all like it. Am still going to do the odd eppy OS but thought I'd write another story and see what you all thought.

"Boy I bet with your brother killed in the line of duty your brother worries about you."

The words refused to leave his head no matter what he did to distract himself. Jamie's gloved fist hits the punching bag once more, his mind wanting to rid himself of Malvesky's smug warning as if it were just goading words spoken to a rookie to try to rile him up.

"Why the hell would he say that," Jamie growls as he punches the bag once more and then steps back, his chest lightly heaving, his gloved fist pushing aside some sweat soaked dirty blond strand of hair.

"Just make sure you're careful, it can be dangerous out here."

"Damn you…Malvesky," Jamie grunts as he slams his angry fist into the bag once more. Danny had asked him right after that if everything was okay but even before he started, Danny had joked about some of the guys just trying to jerk around the rookies and so figured that that's what Malvesky's game really was.

"He's just…bluffing," Jamie huffs as he hits the bag once more and then steps back, giving his head a small shake and blinking his eyes to clear some salty drops. But earlier in that day, his partner had told him that he had good instincts and to always trust them. However, a week had already passed and the only thing feeding his paranoia was his own fear of failing his father and brother; possibly becoming a pawn in some seasoned Detective's sick head game

"He's a jerk," Jamie tells himself firmly as he tries to tug at one of the large gloves with the thick fingers of the other but to no avail. "Hey uh…" Jamie calls out as he goes in search of his friend and spotter, wanting a hand.

"Hey kid…need a hand?" A mocking voice is heard, prompting Jamie to quickly look and watch as Sonny Malvesky reveals himself from behind a set of lockers; the only other person around. "You lookin' for Sal? Yeah he's busy. Can I help?"

"No thanks," Jamie nods as he quickly turns and heads for the locker room. However, just as he gets inside, Malvesky's large frame pushes the door open, making it slam against the metal lockers and prompting Jamie to whip around in haste.

"Hey man I said I was okay," Jamie tells Malvesky in haste.

"Yeah? You sure you're okay?" Malvesky mocks as he watches in vain as Jamie struggles to get his hands free of the thick gloves. "You know it's not like I care if you can get them off or not."

"Then why are you here? I don't see a locker in here with your name on it."

"Really?" Malvesky smirks as he walks up to Jamie and looks down. "It's right over here," Malvesky continues with a low firm tone before he turns on his heel and heads for a locker Jamie is very familiar with; Joe's locker. Even after his death, Jamie had insisted they keep his name on it; at least for now.

"That isn't yours," Jamie states in defense, playing into the sly Detective's verbal trap.

"Didn't think you Reagan boys were given to such…silly sentimentality."

"What do you want Sonny?"

"That's detective Malvesky to you rookie."

"Right well, if you don't mind I have to change and get home."

"So?" Malvesky pauses for a few seconds before he walks back up to Jamie and looks down once more. "What's stopping you?" He snickers before he turns and heads for the door. "Be careful out there Officer Reagan; it can be very dangerous to walk the streets alone."

Jamie watches him leave and then just offers a whispered curse before his gloved hand reverberates into a nearby locker. He takes a few deep breaths before he heads to a stand that the other guys use to help themselves take their gloves off if no one else was around. After they were off, Jamie forgoes the shower, wanting to just dress and head home, telling himself he'll shower in the safety of his own home.

He quickly changes, his heart racing as his mind replays Malvesky's mocking laughter over and over again in his head. But telling himself that the snarky Detective was just trying to get a rise out of him because he was a rookie and a Reagan he heads for the front door, determined not to let Malvesky's stupid games ruin his night.

But just before he rounds the corner to where his car is, a hand grabs his arm, forcing him to let out a gasp and jump back.

"Take it easy kid it's just me," Danny looks at his youngest brother with a frown. "What the hell's gotten in to you?"

"Nothing," Jamie answers with a small swallow, his heart still racing. "Just tired."

"You know last week you said that and I don't buy it this week either. What the hell is goin' on Jamie? And don't make me force it out of you," Danny finishes with a small smile.

"Really it's nothing. Maybe it was the calls today. A guy was dead with uh…you know worms and stuff on him."


"Maggots, look whatever right, I hafta run."

Danny however, stands in his way. "I'm not buying it kid."

"Stop calling me kid."

"Fine, Jamie," Danny deliberately states his name. "Don't play me for a fool."

"Trust me I'm fine and nothing is going on. Why are you here?"

"Jackie's teaching a self-defense class next door and I had to drop off a few props before I head home. You uh…wanna join us for dinner?"

"Thanks but…well I think I'll call it a night."


"Seriously Danny, I'm okay, just tired."

"Fair enough...for now."

Danny just gives his brother a nod, watching him disappear around the corner; but something inside his gut, that same Reagan instinct, was telling him that not everything was okay. Something was up; Jamie was dealing with something that he was either afraid of or embarrassed about. But what?

As Danny walks back to his car he can't help but wonder if there was something more to Jamie asking him about Sonny Malvesky. But why would Jamie hide that if the seasoned Detective was indeed trying to hassle him? But why would Malvesky pick on Jamie? Just to razz a Reagan? Wouldn't be the first time but something had his brother spooked and he was determined to find out - discreetly.

"What aren't you telling me kid?" Danny mutters to himself as he heads for home.

Jamie hurries to his car, shoves the key in the lock and gets in; locking the doors and trying to get his heart rate to slow to a descent level. He hated lying to Danny but in truth, Malvesky was entitled to come to the gym and talk to him; he hadn't crossed any boundaries as of yet and it was just mocking hot air from a hot headed jerk. Just as Jamie slides the key into the ignition, a set of high beams are flashed in his face just as a car starts to slowly roll toward him. Jamie watches as Malvesky rides by, offers a wink and then floors it; leaving the rookie cop to stew for the rest of the night as to what game Malvesky was really trying to play.

Jamie races for home, cursing himself for even giving Malvesky's stupid words any more thought. But he hadn't faced anything like this so far and just figured that his name would garner him respect considering who his father and brother were. But Malvesky just acted like he didn't give a damn and Jamie's instincts told him that something about the shift Detective was not right.

He enters his apartment and locks the dead bolt and chain, leaning against it and taking a deep breath. He finally tells himself to just get a grip, have a shower and just try to relax for the rest of the evening.


"Hey babe welcome home," Linda calls out to Danny as she hears him enter the front door; her and the boys in the back getting supper ready.

"Hey," Danny answers offhandedly as he tosses his coat and then heads toward his family, giving each boy a squeeze on the shoulder and a kiss on his wife's cheek.

"Tough day?"

"Ah same old stuff," Danny huffs as he rolls up the sleeves to his dress shirt. "And you?"

"Smart ass," she counters with a soft grin. But as she looks at the face of her husband she knows the small smile he's offering her isn't as genuine as it normally it; something wasn't right. "Alright boys go and wash up." She waits for both boys to leave the kitchen before she puts down her dish and looks at Danny with an expecting expression. "What gives?"


"Thought you said that last week was a one time thing."

"Yeah it was," Danny just shakes his head as he rubs his chin. "You know Jackie has her self-defense thing tonight. Well I had to drop off a bag of props she uses and I uh…well I ran into Jamie coming out of the gym and he…man he was…well spooked."

"Spooked? You mean scared?"

"Well maybe a little but…well something had him shaken."

"Did you see anyone come out before him?" Linda asks in concern.

"No…no one but…ah maybe like he said, he's tired and I'm tired…" Danny sighs as he walks up to Linda and puts his arms around her waist. "Besides he's a grown boy right?"

"He's your younger brother and I know you worry about him."

"That's dad's job," Danny tries to argue.

"I know the nights you stayed up fretting about Jamie taking this job after Joe was killed," she mentions softly. "I know you worry."

"Yeah I do. I mean I see him in that uniform…so green and yet so…"

"He's a Reagan Danny, he's got the same thing inside as you - those killer instincts; just as Frank has it and Henry as well. You all have a good legacy."

"Joe proved we are human," Danny mentions sadly.

"Jamie knows how to be careful. He can take care of himself," Linda reminds her husband, leaning in and kissing him on the lips. "But if in a few days his behavior doesn't change, have a talk with him."

"Can I beat it out of him?"

"Who you gonna beat up dad?" Sean asks eagerly.

"Your father is teasing," Linda just rolls her eyes.

"I wanna see dad beat someone up," Jack eagerly chimes in.

"How about we all…help mom set the table?" Danny looks up at Linda and gives her a wink.

"Good idea," Linda grins at them as she hands some plates to Sean. She looks at Danny and knows that despite the fact that he tries to brush off that he's not that worried about his younger brother, she knows inside that he is. Whatever was bothering Jamie had better come to the light soon or she knows Danny will try to force it from him; that she fears could drive the youngest Reagan to clam up for good.

Jamie, what aren't you telling Danny?


Jamie finishes his shower, grabs a towel and then steps into his steamy bathroom; his mind a bit more clear but his stomach still tight and his frame, nearly spent of adrenaline and energy and wanting nothing more than to just have a simple dinner and get an early night's sleep.

He dries the rest of his tight frame, pulls on a pair of black sweat pants and a t-shirt and heads back into the main part of his loft apartment. Even though he knew Sydney wasn't really the girl for him, the silence did start to eat away at him, slowly day by day. Maybe that was part of the problem? He had at one time built up for himself a great future and now that was gone, a lot by his own doing.

But there was nothing he could do to change it so turns on the TV for some sound and heads into the kitchen. He grabs a beer and then wanders back into the living room, slumping down into a soft leather chair and allowing the cool sensation of the beer to play with his overtired senses. A few more swigs later and Jamie starts to feel a bit light headed, closing his eyes for what he thinks is only a few seconds.

Those few seconds however, change into a few hours and the next time Jamie is opening his eyes, it's close to midnight and his head is throbbing.

"Ahh damn it," he lightly curses as he stands up too fast, stumbles but quickly grabs the arm of the chair to keep himself upright. Earlier he thought he heard the phone ringing but when he looks at his machine he sees that there are no message so figures it wasn't urgent.

Jamie deposits the rest of the contents of the half-drunk bottle of beer into the sink, turns off the light and then heads for his bed. But just as he passes the phone stand, the phone rings, shattering the silence in the quiet space around him and causing him to fumble with the cordless receiver.

"H-hello?" Jamie asks, rubbing his eyes a little with his free hand.

"Hope you sleep well rookie," a familiar voice laughs before the phone goes dead.

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