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The pain, all I can feel was the pain. I felt like I was on fire. The pain. The burning stopped. Yes I am free. I opened my eyes. I saw Emmet and Jasper standing so protective in front of everyone. They didn't trust me.

"I can see that you don't believe in me. You think I would hurt you. I wouldn't I couldn't. I would never."

I took off running. I ran to the ocean cliff and jumped. I had it all planed. I would swim and go around south America then come up and go to New York. Start over there.

It was now 777 years later. Every day I say 'Goodbye Forever' to remind myself that I left. That it really was goodbye forever.

We are a trio. Three sisters that have been living everywhere. Bridget, Juliet and I.

Bridget was 19 when I found her about to kill herself because the man she loved told her that he had been in love with her best friend. Bridget was so sad she was going to kill herself. Bridget can grant any wish possible. As long as they say. I wish, and she says Of course. The only rule is, is that if the wish involves some body they have to be asked. If it involves more than one person then she can chose who to ask.

Juliet was not having any trouble. She was an A+ student when she started to date the football star at her school her grades went down hill. Her dad told her that she couldn't step foot inside their home until her grades where back up. He tossed her some cash and some clothes. She was so scared. She had hitched-hiked all the way from her home town in Miami, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada. She tried to get more money by playing poker. She was tall so she had passed as 21. She was in an accident and I saved her. She was a charmer. Meaning she could charm people into doing as she wants.

That's why we are sisters. Juliet is a average blonde. The saying 'dumb blonde' she never be put up to her. She was beautiful. Bridget was a brunet she had strait brown hair and she was a average. Only more beautiful. She loves animals. She doesn't want to kill animals so we only drink from men. Only the ones that have hurt the hearts of a lady. The story has to be true, real, and bad. For us to kill. We only drink from two men each night. (Sorry guys)

It is time for us to go back to Forks. We have been there about two other times.

"Bella! Come on!" Juliet yelled.

"Coming" I yelled

I got into my Bagatti Veyron. Juliet got into her McLaren F1. Bridget hopped on into her Jaguar XJ220. We all like to show off. Our story is that are the children of a rich family. We had gotten sent here from France to get a change in scene.

Everything still looked the same. Not a hair out of place.

"Bells, Juli, come on we need to check in." The always in the right mood in her language that means always hyper active.

"Coming! Bridge!" I yelled.

"Hello. How may I help you?" Ms. Johnson asked.

"Um…hi I am Bridget Cassé, my sisters Isabella and Juliet are new." Smooth Bridget the 'um…' really helps.

"Ah…yes the Cassé sisters. Yes. Here you are. Have a nice day."

"Okay so I have Calculus, A.P History, Painting, English, lunch, Biology, P.E, free." I said.

"A.P English, A.P History, Painting, lunch, Calculus, Chemistry, P.E, free" Juliet said

"Calculus, A.P History, Chemistry, lunch, Painting, English, P.E, free" Bridget said.

"Well, Bridge and I have to get to math and we will see you in history." I told Juli.

We said our byes and left. Then the smell hit me.


Not just any, it was a faint smell. I almost remember like I knew it. There was seven different smells. Two of them I didn't know. I still can't figure out what they are. One smelled like a vampire but human at the same time. That's odd.

Mr. Atoms was a very annoying man. Blah, blah, blah. He knew how to drown a kid in the 'art of math' as he said.

Mrs. Harris was a total jerk. She was all 'now here are your history books. I need you to catch up. Do you know what we are even doing?' shit-face.

Mrs. Day was super nice. All smiles and happy. She was the perfect art teacher.

Mr. Loon! Don't even let me start! He was all 'now-hey who throw that! Oh sorry that was me.' nutcase.

Lunch! Yes!

"Juli, Bridge."


"So…who-I mean what is for lunch?" Bridge asked

"Really?" Juli said.

"Well that's a Bridge Cassé for Yo." I said.

"yeah you got that-"

Just then 61/2 Vampires walked in. Rosalie, Emmet, Alice, Jasper, Edward and the two unknown.

Just like that Alice sat down and had the perfect view of me. I straitened. She jumped. They turned. One confused, one deep in thought, one grinning, one hateful, one annoyed, one pained, and one loving, hurt, happiness, and everything thing else. You could see it in his eyes.

Edwards eyes.

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