To all who have read High School Hell.

Okay so I just realized well no, I realized this a while ago but now I am finally doing this.

Okay so I know that I left this story off with a lot of questions.

Like what about Bella and Edward?

Bridget and Erik?

Well if your question doesn't get answered in this then…. just PM me.

So I am making an epilogue.

So yeah…

It has been a good 50 years since Emma was killed. 50 years since I met Edward again. 50 years since I have became Isabella Cullen.

Erik and Bridget, oh gosh. They moved out. They are now in I think France. The last time I talked to them was last week. They started their own family. They changed a 15-year-old girl who was dying. From what I know is that she was lost in the woods and has been in the woods for 1 week. She was on her deathbed basically. So they changed her. Now they are a happy family of 3.

Juliet, well Juliet she still is a hot head but she is better now. She found her mate one day when she was traveling alone. His name is Romeo strangely enough. Who knows maybe they are the recanted forms of the true Romeo and Juliet. They are some where in New York now. Juliet, she is now a fashion designer known as Secret Julies.

Now as for Edward and I. Well we are a happy couple once again. We got married again. We still live with the Cullens though. That will never change.

So there is your short little epilogue.

I hope you had your questions answered.

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