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Chapter Five:

Blaine Anderson couldn't sleep that night. Parts of the conversation from that afternoon kept replaying in his head. Some stupid jock -er- jocks, had tried to choke Kurt; had choked Kurt. Blaine couldn't tell what he was more pissed off about. The fact that he'd been right about the bullying or the fact that some people felt that it was ok to treat a human being that way.

Trying to kill someone for the supposed crime of being gay; and worse, one of them being a closeted rainbow flag waver. Blaine had had his fair share of bullies. Them being the exact reason he had transferred to Dalton in the first place. But while he had been beat up, had slurs thrown at his back and in his face, none of the bullies had ever come close enough to killing him.

Blaine could feel the bent up energy coursing through his veins. He felt twitchy. He used to feel this way all the time, and the only thing that had helped was plugging into his iPod and going jogging. He still jogged every day, but it hadn't been because of the absolute necessity to blow off steam in quite awhile. Quickly changing into a thin tank and loose shorts, Blaine laced up his sneakers and grabbed his iPod before quietly shutting the door to his dorm and heading for the main staircase.

He was fussing with his headphones when he heard it. Blaine didn't want to be over cliché and describe it as the sound a heart makes when it's breaking, but well, he was sort of overdone like that. And if he was honest with himself that truly was the first thought that came to mind. The sound of sobbing like ones heart was breaking was something he was intimately familiar with. Maybe he could class this as one of those serendipitous moments. He cautiously crept towards the Warblers practice room and peeked around the door, surprised to see the slim back of Kurt Hummel shaking as the boy cried.

Concerned Blaine slipped through the door, before silently closing it. He really didn't think that Kurt would be happy to be caught like this. In fact he was more than certain that he would be furious that Blaine found him. Blaine's sneakers were silent as he treaded across the floor. He reached the bench that Kurt was sitting on, and moved to sit beside him.

The minute movement of the bench was all it took to alert Kurt of another's presence. Quickly wiping his tears, he hastily stood, before turning to confront the intruder finding Blaine Anderson sitting there with a sheepish smile and his hands raised in supplication.

"Don't hurt me."

Kurt quirked a brow, "How long have you been here," he asked embarrassment coloring his voice.

"Less than a minute I swear," Blaine answered easily. "I heard something and came to check."

Kurt felt his cheeks heat up even more. He hadn't realized that he could be heard in the hall. "I'm sorry," he said without thinking.

"Umm, ok?"

"For bothering you?"

"Kurt you didn't bother me. I was just concerned. I would have come in to check on whomever."

Kurt looked down at his shoes.

"Kurt," Blaine started, standing to face the slim countertenor, "I have a confession to make."

"Excuse me?"

"That may have sounded better in my head," Blaine chuckled. "Anyway," he quickly resumed his totally unprepared speech, "I, well, we, may have done some digging -spying-."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Kurt asked confused.

"How well do you know Sam Evans."

"Not that well, why?"

"He used to go here."

Kurt froze.

"He didn't tell us anything we couldn't have found out on our own; well at least that's what he assured us. And really we only talked to him because we were concerned about you, and I like you, and…"

Swallowing hard, Kurt tried to blink back the tears burning behind his lids before turning on his heel and stalking from the room. Grabbing for his iPhone, he pulled up Quinn's number and dialed her. He didn't notice, maybe it was more he just didn't care, that Blaine was following him.

"Hey sweetie."

"Do you know what your boyfriend's been doing?" Kurt snapped out.

"I told him not too, I swear," came Quinn's quick reply.

"So you knew that some Dalton boys had contacted him and didn't think to warn me?"

"Kurt, I swear he said that he was going to leave it alone."

"Well he didn't," Kurt snapped, before pulling his phone from his ear and ending the call.

Blaine was acutely aware of how angry Kurt was. He could practically feel the anger radiating off the boy. Trying to catch up to the other teen, Blaine rushed back up the stairs. "Kurt, wait, please?"

"What?" Kurt snapped, whirling on his heel to face the pleading Warbler.

"We didn't mean to offend you, I swear. And I don't feel sorry for you, because that would just be belittling what you've been through. I can tell you, that what I went through wasn't nearly as traumatic, but I do understand."

"Really, you understand?" Kurt laughed harshly. "You have any idea what it feels like to have someone's fingers wrapped around your throat? Squeezing until you can't breathe, then squeezing some more? You've ever been lip raped and sexually molested by a jock twice your size who happens to reside in Narnia? You've ever have said jock threaten to kill you if you told? Then have that jock and his best friend come and try to carry through with their threat?

"I have. I know exactly what it feels like. I know what it feels like to feel the darkness creeping in, to feel your lungs burning while you try to breathe. To feel someone choke the life out of you while looking sorry at the same time; to hear him whisper for you to "try and sing now you faggot!" I know exactly how it feels. Do you?"

Blaine's mouth dropped open as the slim countertenor continued to rail at him. "I don't," he simply replied when Kurt stopped, before pulling the resisting boy into his arms. "But if you talk to me, I will. Jeez Kurt, do you have any idea how strong you are? Look at you. You may not do it around me very often -or at all- but you smile and laugh here. You have friends here. You're living here."

"I'm surviving," Kurt muttered into Blaine's shoulder.

"If you were merely surviving, you wouldn't be putting up this much of a fight."

Kurt snorted in disbelief, before pulling away. "Why do want to talk to me so badly?"

"Because I have a Disney hero complex… and you're totally cute."

Kurt blushed madly, lowering his eyes to the floor. "I'm not sorry I yelled out you."

"I'm not sorry I invaded your privacy."

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