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setting: Cold War ( probably around the times between late 1950s to the late 1960s).

story: Russia and America are in a 'heated' war, and all England wants is to be away from this mess, sadly his hopes of avoiding it failed. Beware somewhat dark!Russia ( I don't like writing Ivan like that, I see him more as a lost [innocent] child), and possibly EnglandxRussia (I think it's a cute pairing) in the end.

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" I'm sorry England, but I love Canada" America said as the waiter left America and England in their table. Being England, you would expect to hear a glass shattering inside your body….but with an already crushed heart, what else is there to break? England looked across and blinked. One, how did America know his feelings? Two, what the hell? Three, and lovely, they're in a lunch get together with France and Mathew, who apparently are running a little bit late. It's 1950's and America is prosperous and in a deadly war with Russia, no The Soviet Union. England couldn't help but blink at the American.

" aren't you mad?" the American asked. England again blinked, let out a laugh and looked at the menu.

" Mad at you for what?"

" Well, I'm rejecting you"

" Evident Alfred, evident, what do you wish my reaction to be?"

" I don't know, mad?" at this England put the menu down and looked at America.

" Well I've figured what I'm going to order, and we're not ordering until they get here, and for fuck's sale Alfred, I've lived without you since 1783, and I'm pretty sure that I can live without you for-" at this he paused and thought about his words. "I'm sorry I don't mean to offend you in any way Alfred" America laughed and looked at England.

" None taken, and you think Mattie feels the same?" England wanted to punch America, it was bad enough that he has to call him "Alfred" in public. Now the git is asking him about Mathew? He may have taken care of the child, but that doesn't mean he knows what Mathew says.

" Beats me, Mathew is silent, you might need to push" ' and that shouldn't be an issue with you' his thoughts finished. At this Arthur saw two waiters making their way to their table. One was leading Canada and France to the room while another held a note. The waiter with the note whispered something in England's ear that made the small man pale. The other nations with him looked at him with worry, and watched him open the note and watched the color come back to his face. He stood up with a hurried "Please excuse me" to America, France and Canada"

" must be important, he usually isn't that rude" France said. " So did you tell him Amerique, about your feelings that is" at this he looked at Mathew who blushed and covered his face with the menu.

" Yeah, I told him"

" How did he take it?"

" He laughed and didn't mind…."

" What did he say?"

" He said that he lived without me since 1783, and he could keep that way"

" Ouch."

" No, atleast he didn't scream or cry" he said.

England hurriedly walked out the little restaurant. Busy late afternoon London, post world war 2, a life full of promise. He rushed and walked across the street to a man with red hair.

" Skye (Scotland)" he said. At this he met green eyes, but these were tad bit darker,

" Oi, I thought about having a little family get together"

" I'm sorry I have to decline….I'm in a lunch get together-"

" Can't you go after?"

"Depends on what they-"

" Conner (Northern Ireland) misses you" Scotland said. At this he saw Arthur stiffen. He smiled knowing that he had won the argument. He watched as Arthur stood in front of him thinking.

" I'll see what I can do"

" see? You want to hang out with little Conner and not me?" he asked messing with his brother's hair. "I'm just kidding, I know you always dodge Conner because he looks like Irene" he watched as England gave a small pout.

" It's not that, it's just that I haven't spent time with Canada, America and France"

"Ah, the family that left you behind"

" Well, you guys are trying to leave me, so I don't see a difference to it"


" Okay, well I have to go, If I do get the chance to hang out, where would you guys be?

" Loch Ness"

"Okay" at this England crossed the street again and entered the restaurant. Scotland turned around and began to walk back to his house.

England sat down on his seat and found that the three nations were looking at him. " I'm sorry for my rudeness, Skye was just here and informed me of a family gathering"

" Scotland? Arthur you know it could be a prank"

" He brought up Conner, so I doubt it is" he said. At this England and the rest of them ordered their food and began to chat. The trending topic seemed to be America's involvement and recent activities against the Soviet Union. England didn't care much, as long as he's out of America's and the Soviet Union's tension he's fine. He's sick and tired of war and he just wants to sit this one out. As they depart ways he couldn't help but notice that America and Canada were holding hands. France did not miss this notion and decided to try and "comfort" the small European nation.

" So you know that your Amerique and my Canada are now a couple….how about we-"

" We've been over since the 13th century Francis, and I don't intend to get back into the that" England abruptly said. He turned to face away from France.

" How cruel Anglterre, you're not even going to reconsider?"

" Sod off frog, now if you don't mind, I have another gathering to go to"

" You are quite the family man"

" belt up" at this France left England alone. England finally arrived at Scotland's house and much to his surprise, Scotland wasn't lying, Conner completely ran up to him and hugged him.

" YOU CAME!" he exclaimed. England nodded and looked at Scotland, who in return smiled back. The four of them, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England himself talked and sat by the lake. All three seemed to be worried about England, which is quite rare for his prank-loving brothers. In the end, they decided to stay over at England's deciding that bugging their brother wouldn't be so bad.

It's been a month since his brothers first decided to stay in his house, he didn't mind, each of them took care of their business, and honestly, he wasn't bored. Arthur sat down in his office and began to read his paper works. He let out a sigh as he looked at the stack, two stack that were about a feet and a half high. He didn't know how he managed to get behind work so much, but he can't and won't complain. He eyed the door cautiously; it has far been too silent. Maybe his brothers were going to prank him, 'about time' he thought. He sat in his study until suddenly the door to his violently flew open. His eyes widened as he saw Russia standing, holding a certain red haired boy.

" Hello England, how have you been da?" Russia asked smiling. Arthur looked at the image before him. He could clearly see a distraught Northern Ireland holding onto Wales. He looked at the body that Russia was holding, suddenly he dropped Scotland to the floor and walked towards England. Wales was about to leap towards Russia, that is before he saw England's 'I will kill you myself if you do that' stare. So Wales stayed with Northern Ireland, trying to comfort him. Next thing he knew Scotland got up and tackled Russia to the ground. England let out a gasp, sometimes he just wanted Scotland to quit being such a stubborn boy and get off Russia. Everything was happening quickly. Scotland screamed as Russia shot him on the leg. He was about to shoot Northern Ireland and Wales when they rushed to Scotland, but England protested. At this Russia looked at England.

" about time you said something" he stated.

" what do you want?"

" to lower America's morale" Russia said.

" Go mess with the Statue of Liberty or something"

" You don't care about that?"

" It was a gift from France"

" Yes well"

" well what? What do you need Russia?" at this Russia took a step closer to England.

" I need you to weaken America's morale"

" funny how are you going to make me do that?" at this Russia smiled .

" Glad you asked," at this pointed his gun to Northern Ireland. At this England yelled at him.

" WAIT!" he yelled. "I don't think you asked the right person, go ask Cuba or someone else!" England protested. Russia shook his head.

" It has to be you"

" What can I do? I can't do anything for you"

" that's where you're completely wrong" Russia said. "America loves you very much."

" hah, that's where you're wrong, he loves Canada more"

" Canada may be his first worry, but no matter what, you're always his second worry, no more and no less" this hurt England. "Plus, if I were to pick on the Statue of Liberty or Canada, it would assure him to declare war on me, and we all know that we don't want war"

" Yeah, but wouldn't touching me and harming me bring you to war too?"

" I thought about that, and if I do wipe you off the face of the world, then I'm sure that America would have a frown on his face for a long while….after all the hero failed to protect one of his love ones right?" Ivan looked at Scotland. "Of course, you wouldn't be the first one I would drop a bomb on, I would kill your brothers first…and then you"

" America can kill you"

" Yes, but by the time he does, you'd be dead before me" Russia said. "And knowing how much he cares about you, your preventable death would be regrettable." He said. At this pointed his gun at England. "You have a beautiful façade England. I've seen it since 1783, it hasn't cracked, it hasn't been taken off, no one knows what you're really thinking. And I know that pride of yours is your downfall. You don't like asking for help, you don't bother to ask for help, especially America's help…." England wanted Russia to stop. " so even the slightest pain I bring you, you wouldn't complain to anyone, especially America."

"and what if I do tell?"

" If America confronts me about it, I can just press a button and then bam!, the top half of the UK will be off the face of the world" that's when England stiffened. He looked at his brothers.

"let me get this straight…" he said walking towards Russia with his hands in the air. "If I go with you..you wouldn't harm my brothers….including America and Canada?"

" I can't keep any promises about America" Russia said. "I will not do anything to your brothers if you come with me"

" ALBION DON'T YOU DARE!" Scotland yelled. At this England gave him a deadly glare.

" You all chose me to represent the United Kingdom….therefore I am responsible for any harm going to you…." He then looked at Russia. " As the head representative of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland….I will be at bay with any country but you…just promise me that you will not harm my brothers…."

" NO!" Wales' protest was met with a scowl. At this all of the three brothers were then hit behind the neck, making them faint. Russia watched, he amazed on how fast England managed to knock his brothers out, he watch as he drew a random circle on her hands with his pen. He then snapped his fingers and then there was a small cloud of smoke around his brothers.

" What did you do?"

" erased their memories…." Russia eyed England. " Scotland will not stay quite, he will tell France" England finished. He then stood up. "So what do you want me to do?' he then asked. Russia couldn't help but smile.

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