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Ivan walked outside of his office and began his walk to his room, clearly, it was all the way across the house. He let out a sigh then suddenly he bumped into someone. He looked and saw England. Arthur took a couple of steps back and then said sorry and walked around Ivan to get to his room. Ivan looked at him, there was something off. One, England is 'home' early, two he was out of it and three, there was the way his shoulders were slumped down and how his right hand was practically wiping something off his face. Ivan watched as England walked into 'his' room. He then shut it silently. Ivan looked around and saw Lithuania entering the house.

" Toris" he said. At this Lithuania tensed up and looked at Ivan.

"Yes Mr. Russia?" he asked trembling.

"You accompanied England to his meeting with America right?" he asked. Lithuania nodded.

"You kk-k-k-now I'm not suppose to say anything-"

" Did they get into another fight?" Russia asked. Lithuania nodded his head. Russia then looked at the direction of England's room. "Make him some fresh tea and serve it with some scones or the tea cakes we have" he said as he walked to his room. Lithuania watched as Russia walked to his room.

Late that night.

Russia walked around his big house. For some odd reason he couldn't sleep, there was something about England that bugged him. Sooner or later he found himself standing in front of England's door. He looked at the ground and the saw that the lights were still one. He then heard England, apparently he was on the phone with someone.

" I know, I know that you can't lose this-" there was a pause.

"America! I really think that you should get out of Vietnam! It's their war for crying out loud! Have you seen you're people protesting!" he exclaimed.

" She may have asked you for help, and-"

" I know! I know that!" England said. "Look America, as much as you love South, you're going to have to let her go! You need to withdraw your troops and get her people to do the fighting!" He explained. Russia imagine England sitting on his desk, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. "Ivan and Yao are not even sending troops! America! I know losing is embarrassing, but we can't win every war that we-"

"What do you mean that I would say that? America! Listen the fact that you're getting a splitting headache is because of all of the things going on in your country, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM." he said. He then heard England scowl. "You're going to have to let go of her-"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LET SOMEONE GO?" this time England was screaming. "America! FOR THE LOVE OF THE QUEEN, SHUT UP AND LISTEN. If you want to fix your problems then GET. OUT. OF. VIETNAM." he said. Russia stood by the door, he realized that this was the continuation of their afternoon meeting. Ivan stood in front of the door and kept listening.

" America, I don't know what else to say, I told you what I think and…..fine I'll hang up" he said. At this the room went silent. Ivan stood by the door and listened.

"c'mon at least make a noise.." he whispered. He then heard England sobbing. Ivan's eyes widened, England was crying. He didn't see England cry during the blitz…in fact it was rare to see the 'cry baby' cry. Out of impulse, Russia knocked on the door. He then heard shuffling and ruffling, then the door opened. England looked up at him and then looked down.

" I'm sorry for the noise I was-" Ivan then suddenly placed his index finger below England's chin, he then planted his thumb near England's bottom lip and directed England's eyes to his. He saw the red circles around his eyes, the way his eyes were glossy, and he saw the dry path of tears that marked his skin. If he can he wanted to declare war on America. Ivan was lost at what to do.

" What happened?" he asked. England directed his eyes away from Ivan's alexandrite eyes.

"Just another disagreement" he said. Ivan then let England go.

"Okay, get some sleep okay?" he said. England looked at him. " We're going to visit China and Hong Kong tomorrow" Ivan said. England then nodded and looked at Ivan. Ivan let out a smile, he then walked away.

"I'm serious, get some sleep, Hong Kong has been wanting to see you since Last month." England nodded and then closed the door. Ivan stood there for what seemed like forever. He watched as the lights turned off, and listened to England sobbing. Ivan began to walk away.

"How many times?" he asked himself. "How many times are you going to support him, and love him?" he kept asking his empty questions. "How many times did he choose someone over you? Tell me England…what keeps you so glued to that annoying brat?" he questioned. "I want to free you…."he then stated, trying to complete his train of thought. "I want free you from the United States of America, Arthur, I will." at this Russia began to think of a plan. A Plan to take Arthur away form Alfred. Just before he could leave the hallway, England opened his door and looked at him.

"Actually, I already told Hong Kong that I can't see him…you see I meant to tell you this last week, but since I caught a small fever again I couldn't-" he said

"What is it? Another meeting with America?" Russia asked. England shook his head.

"no my daughter, Adelina…well Gibraltar, wants to see me" he said. "honestly she wanted to visit me here but I said that you would be busy-" "She can come here" Russia said. England gawked.

"but your meeting with China and No-"

"I'll cancel, honestly these meeting can just be phone calls to the Kremlin" Ivan said. "I want to meet this little daughter of yours"

"But I don't know how to-"

"I'll arrange everything for her, I'll get Natalia to prepare some clothes and I'll get Ukraine to get a room ready, Torris will take care of the foo-"

"Please! You don't have to do anything! I'll take care of everything-"

"Let me take care of this Arthur, you are still fatigue from negotiating with me, please it is my honor to make sure that your daughter is welcome here" Ivan said as he turned around. "This will come to no expense for you, now just rest and make sure your presentable to your daughter" Ivan said. Arthur did nothing but stare at the man's back as he walked away.

"what the hell just happened?" he asked himself.

England woke up when he heard the doors to the Soviet's house opening. He sat up, scratching his eyes and then he noticed the time. He's late. He quickly ran out of bed, despite the headache he gained from doing so, got dressed, and ran out of

his room. He rushed to the foyer, grabbed his car keys, Russia saw it fit to let him have one if he was to stay for extended amounts of time, and as he opened the door he was greeted with a hug.

"PAPA!" Gibraltar yelled as she saw him open the door. England fell back, his back colliding with the cold marble floors of Ivan's foyer.

"gah!" England exhaled as he felt the sudden pain on his back.

"Now now, what did I say about your father?" Ivan asked he stepped in with two luggage bags.

"Sorry" Gibraltar said as she picked her self up. Ivan chuckled and helped Arthur up. Arthur just stared at him. Ivan smiled and closed the door of his house.

"wow, this is a big house" Gibraltar said. "It kind of reminds me of your old house papa" Gibraltar said. Ivan saw England wince at the memory.

"now now Gibraltar-"

"OH PLEASE! Don't be a stranger Mr. Russia! Call me Adelina! Or adel or lina, or any of the nicknames papa calls me by"

"well, then Adel, Raivis will show you to your room, just follow him okay?" Russia said. At this Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia showed up. Estonia grabbed the suitcases while Latvia began to lead the way. Lithuania on the other hand had a tray filled with varieties of sweets and followed the three. England just watched in awe as the scenes played right before him. He then turned around to Ivan.

"I don't know how much I can thank you just by doing this, I can't believe I overslept, I swore that I had the blasted alarm-"

"I turned your alarm off" Ivan said.


"because you needed the sleep" Ivan said. "So I picked up your daughter for you, now all you have to do is entertain her and do as she pleases" Ivan said. Arthur just gawked and looked at the Russian.

The afternoon was not bad, Ivan was reading the current plans, Arthur was doing his embroidery, while Gibraltar was reading a book.

"papa you honestly need to talk with Antonio" Adelina said out of no where. Ivan looked up from his papers while Arthur just focused on his embroidery.

"Please bare with him, he is your father just like I am" Arthur muttered. 'so that's the father of this child' Ivan thought to himself. 'I guess so, the chocolate brown hair is Spain's'

"BUT PAPA! HE'S CONSTANTLY TRYING TO GET ME IN HIS SOVEREIGN!" Gibraltar said as she put her book down. "I'm getting tired of it!"

"bare with your father Adelina"

"he didn't even raise me! He was married to Austria when I was conceived and when I was born"

"You'll just have to wait for the referendum" England said as he put his embroidery down. "I know Antonio's been bugging you but please, bare with him and then you'll get to voice out, right now out current issue is Berlin and Vietnam"

"I know" Gibraltar said, she then looked at Russia. "though I am confused, why are you doing those things Mr. Russia, to Berlin I mean" Arthur froze in his seat. He looked at Ivan, who was staring at the his daughter. Ivan shrugged and replied.

"I'm just securing what's mine, so you know I won't lose it" he said.

"oh" Gibraltar said. "makes sense" she said as she grabbed her book and opened up to where she left off. England sighed and stared at the Ivan, the man seemed to be in deep thought.

"Uh Arthur… you have a phone call" Lithuania said as he entered the room. Arthur raised a brow.

"Who is it from?" he asked.

"America" Lithuania said. Russia saw Adelina put her book down. He watched as the girl gave an odd expression at the mentioned name.

"Very well, tell him I'll be there" he said as he put his embroidery down. Before Lithuania could leave, Russia requested for chamomile tea.

"What's with the expression?" he asked as he sits back on his chair, relaxing.

"What expression?" Gibraltar asked, turning and giving Russia her full attention.

"that expression just now, the one you showed when you heard 'America'" Russia watched as the little girl frowned again.

"I simply don't like the man" she stated as she went back to her book.

"Why?" Russia watched as Adelina put her book down.

"Many reasons" she said.

"Tell me" Russia said.

"The Revolution"

"That happened years ago-"

"YOU WEREN'T THERE TO SEE THE CHANGES" Adelina said as she stood up. She walked towards the Russian, placing both of her hands on the arm rests and looked at him eye level. She inherited his eyes. "It wasn't just him, he was the beginning" she said.

"Tell me, what don't I know about your father" Russia said. Gibraltar blinked, then looked at the Russian.

"You're interested in him aren't you?" she asked. Russia blinked. He's what? Interested? With England? Well that does seem plausible, but he had to keep a façade. He watched as Adelina managed to pull her lips in a smirk. "Well then you're not" she said as she back of.

"Tell me what England was like…what's it like to be raised by him" Russia said. Adelina looked at him. She sighed and sat on the ground. She then looked up at him.

"I guess I can tell you what he was like" she said. "He's pleasant" she began. "At first he's shy but then he comes around, he spoils you, just make sure you don't over do it with your jokes and intentions, then you'll get him riled up and then he'll get his navy ready to kill you" she said.

"Why do you not like America, aren't I the evil empire?" Russia asked. Gibraltar stared at him.

"I don't like many nations" Gibraltar began. "I hate France, Germany, Italy, anyone he had an alliance with I hate" Gibraltar said. "Especially his colonies, his common wealth" She said. "Maybe I shouldn't use the word hate, it's too powerful how does the word 'loathe' sound to you?" she asked. Ivan shrugged.

"Adelina" Ravis said as he opened the library door. "I found this coat, maybe we can go outside and I can show you what this place has to offer" Adelina nodded and then looked back at Russia.

"I'm sorry for snapping Mr. Braginski, it's a default of mine when I hear about previous colonies" she said as she left the library. "Oh and, you might want to research dad's history if you want to know why he turned to be such a mess"

"Your father's history.." Russia said as he put his paper works down. Just as Adelina opened the door, England was already there.

"And where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"Raivis is going to show me around!" Adelina said. England looked at Latvia, smiled. Russia watched England placed his hand carefully on the sides of Adelina's faced and kissed her forehead. At that instant Russia saw something. When England let go he ruffled his daughter hair and smiled.

"Well then, both of you be careful now" He said. "and why not take Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine with you? Maybe you can have a snowball fight, boys against girls" He said.

"THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!" Adelina yelled as she hugged her father. She looked at Russia and smiled. "CAN WE HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT!" she asked. Russia nodded. "THIS WILL BE LIKE THE ONES WE HAVE IN CANADA!" she yelled hugging England tighter. England smiled and kissed the top of his daughters head. "Be careful now" he said. Adelina nodded and grabbed Latvia's hand. "C'mon Raivis! Let's look for them!"

England slowly shut the door and looked at Ivan.

"What was the phone call about?" He asked. England smiled apologetically.

"He's just mad" England said. "He just you know, can't really handle things right now" England said. Russia nodded. "Aren't you worried about the girls?" England asked. Ivan looked up again and looked at England.

"For what reason?"

"They are going to take part in a snowball fight" England said. Russia shook his head.

"Natalia is capable of beating all three with ease" Russia said. England nodded.

"Why don't you take part?" Russia asked. He watched as England suddenly seemed nervous.

"I don't think I should" England said as he picked up his embroidery again. "It's not the brightest idea" England said. Russia smiled and stood up. He went towards the large window that give the view to the backyard. He smiled and looked back at England.

"Look, Natalia already has the fort set up" He said. England put the embroidery on the desk and walked towards Ivan. He looked out the window and saw that Ukraine is teaching Adelina how to make a snowball.

"Natalia looks so happy" Ivan said. England looked up at him.

"yeah" he said.

"She is the youngest out of my family" Ivan said. "I would guess that she felt alone"

"Yeah" England said as he looked back, watching Belarus stock on snowballs. "She must have felt a bit…" England looked up at Ivan "a bit lonely" he finished. Ivan's eyes widened. England's expression caught him off guard. England looked too melancholic. The contradicting smile, the furrowed eyebrows, the closed eyes. Ivan let the curtain go and hugged England. At first England was surprise.

"Ivan!" he exclaimed. "Not in the library-"

"I don't want to do that" Ivan said. England was stunned. "I don't want to do that right now" he said. "I just want to hug you right now, and nothing else" Ivan said. Slowly, Ivan and Arthur ended up on the floor, both on their sides. England's head tucked underneath Russia's, England's façade off. Ivan hugged Arthur tighter as he heard Arthur sob. Funny how a little comfort could break the small island nation.

Adelina yawned as she entered the house. Belarus hang her coat and took Adelina's. "You should sleep or nap, that snowball fight is tiring" Belarus said.

"Yeah, I should…" Adelina said.

"Do you ever miss your home?" Belarus asked. Adelina looked at her.

"Home is where my father is" Adelina said. "And it's kind of rude for me to declare that this is my home-"

"I don't mind if you do" Belarus said. "I wouldn't mind having a little sister like you" she said. Adelina smiled.

"What about Spain? You're lucky that he cares about you to the point of-"

"violating my freedom" Gibraltar said.

"What's the deal with you and Spain?" Belarus asked. Gibraltar looked at him.

"He hurt my father a lot"

"by father, do you mean Arthur?"


"Do you address Spain in any way of that status?"


"But why-"

"He hurt my father a lot" Adelina replied. Natalia looked at her.

"Natalia" Ivan said as he approached her. Belarus turned her head to see that her elder brother was carrying England.

"What happened?" Adelina said as she rushed to her father.

"He just fainted" Ivan said. "He should be fine. Anyways, Natalia can you please get some tea and treats ready?" he asked. Natalia nodded.

Ivan laid England on his bed. He quickly covered him with his blanket and sat on the edge.

"Is my father allright?" Adelina asked. Ivan nodded. "He's just fatigued" he said.

"That damn American I swear" Adelina muttered.

"Hey, America is only one of the causes" Ivan defended, though he did not know why. Maybe it was the mere fact that England would defend him, and since he currently out, Russia instinctively did so. Ivan frowned at the realization of what her did.

"He sure had rub off on you" Adelina said as she sat on the chair that was close to the window.

"You don't even know" Ivan said.

"Excuse me?" Adelina asked she turned her head towards the Russian. Russia shook his head and said nothing.

"I hate that man." Adelina said. "He's the reason why dad doesn't have snowball fights"

"excuse me?" Russia asked as he heard the young girl.

"Dad doesn't get into snowball fights. No matter what you do" Adelina said.

"wait, why?"

"trauma" Adelina said. Ivan raised a brow. Adelina sighed. "Boston Massacre" she said. "sounds familiar to you?" she asked.

"Isn't that the accident of England's soldiers firing at America's people?" Ivan asked. Adelina nodded.

"Yeah" she said. "The public threw many things at the soldiers. Dad was out there with his men, talking to them, giving them orders to not fire, no matter what the circumstances were." Adelina said. "Suddenly, out of nowhere, a snowball hits him, knocking him off the stairs" Adelina said.

"How can a snow ball do that?" Ivan asked.

"In physics, the person has to be on the right spot and throw the ball in a projectile with a certain angle and speed" Adelina said. "But besides that, there are a rather big rock within the snowball" she said. "That's what those snowball were, rocks with snows covering them. Ever since then Dad avoids snowball fights, he may get trigger happy"

"So he pulled the trigger"

"no, he's just scared that he might go insane" she said. "Antonio made it no easier of course" she said. Ivan raised a brow.

"Why do you hate your other parent?" he asked.

"Does a parent only apply to those who are of the doners of your current DNA?" she asked. Ivan shook his head. "there you go, Spain is no father of mine. He did not play much of an active role in my personal life. He was too busy pampering Austria."

"But I thought that he didn't know about you-"

"He did, but not like he could have done anything"

"Then you can't expect him to take care of you then"

"I don't and I don't want him to" she said. "You know the real reason why my father is the way he is now?" Adelina asked. "You know why he refuses to get close to anyone, even me, his daughter" she asked. Ivan gave her a deadly glare.

"It's because of the shit he went through in Europe" Adelina said. "My uncles weren't really nice to him, Rome did no good, France tortured and changed him, Spain played with him, and his precious colony left him with the aid of idiots" she finished.

"That's why I would rather have him here" she continued. Ivan's eyes widened. "I mean you do touch Europe, but you're still different" Adelina said. "Here Dad feels like he's comfortable, it feels like that he actually likes it" she said. "That's rare" she said. Ivan looked at her. "He's away from those idiots"

"Do you get along with them?" Russia asked. Gibraltar looked at him.


"Your brothers and sister…er his colonies"

"Yes, yes I do get along with them I just don't really like their actions"

"Will you leave him like them?"

"I don't know"

"Then you can't really hate them since you don't know if you would do the same"

"It's different thought" Adelina said. "I don't want to be like them. I want to stay under dad's wing, I want to give him hope and a message that someone is still there for him so he would stop it with these deliberate actions of self mutilatio-" Adelina stopped herself. Russia raised a brow.

"Excuse me?" Russia asked. "What did you just say?"


"You said something-"

"I SAID NOTHING!" Gibraltar yelled. "It was just a slip of tongue, so please…"

"Self mutilation?" Russia asked. "Your father, no Arthur, the man who represents the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, tries to kill himself?" Russia asked.

"You can't blame him-"

"Yes I can!" Russia said. "why-"

"He's detached to everything!"

"Well then why doesn't he get attached to something?" Russia exclaimed.

"HE DID! TWICE!" Adelina yelled back. "And look where that landed him!" She then covered her mouth.

"Twice?" Russia asked. "I thought he only got attached to America-"

"France was his first emotional attachment" Gibraltar said. "And I know that I don't even need to tell you how that ended up"

"But I thought that he has other Alliances-"

"Japan? He's attached, as a friend, but other than that the sense of family and love is completely gone from him, he doesn't even get attached to me, his very own daughter, all in the fear of getting hurt" she said. Russia looked at Adelina, she was in brink of tears.

"If there's something you need to know, Arthur will give his undying love to a child, but once that child grows, he starts to back away, fearing the child." She said. "Fearing me" she continued. Russia stood up and hugged Adelina, the small girl just broke down.


"him?" Russia asked.

"AMERICA" she yelled. Russia froze. "EVERY CALL FOR FREEDOM, HE'S THERE." she sobbed. "HE TALKED TO ENGLAND ABOUT INDIA" she said. "SEALAND PREFERS HIM OVER ARTHUR" she kept at it. "I just don't understand." she said.

Russia sat on his bed. Right next to him is the sleeping England. In Russia's arms is Gibraltar, who too fell asleep in his arms after being embraced during her tantrum. England moved and slowly opened his eyes. Ivan watched as he jumped up and sat.

"You should calm down" Ivan said as he placed a hand on England's shoulder. Shoulder quickly looked back, only to stare into deep alexandrite eyes.

"What am I doing in your room?" he asked looking around. His eyes then fell on the person in Russia's arms. "correction, what are we doing in your room?" he asked. Russia sighed.

"you fainted when you tried to get up from our long hug, I carried you to my room then Adelina followed. She later on cried as she was worried about you" Russia said. England raised a brow.

"That child?" he asked as he gently put a hand on his daughter's arm. "cried in front of you?" He asked. Russia nodded. "That's odd, this girl usually doesn't show that kind of emotion…unless she's comfortable with them." He said. Russia nodded. Ivan then turned and laid Adeline next to England. He then took off his coat and covered her with it. He removed his scarf and placed it on the side table and laid down next to her.

"What are you doing-" England asked. Ivan gently pulled England down to the bed and covered him with the blanket. "sleeping" Ivan replied. England looked Russia. He shrugged and hugged hi daughter, in return, Russia hugged both of them.

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