A/N: There is a little bit of Niou in everyone. There is a big portion of him in me.

References(or should I say inspirations): PoT Episodes 120-121

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Niou Masaharu, the trickster of the court, the man with many guises.

Let's see…Where did he start?

Let's say lies fascinate him. Those fancy things that people treasure but they actually don't have. He finds that strangely attractive. People spend so much effort and time trying to impress others. They put up big buildings in place of a shanty. They make a treasure chest for a single coin. They construct well paved roads for a murky bog. Isn't it amazing how people make their dreamland, share it to others and try to persuade them that it's real?

However, he isn't easily impressed. He can read one little hole in a richly made fabrication. He can easily distinguish a spot of mendacity from a well planned confession. He can hear inaudible whispers of deceit against the deafening roar of arrogance. Let's admit it, he is just that brilliant.

No one realizes his own habits. Small unnoticeable gestures, or even language, that make people think that their secrets are well kept, that they have preserved their well constructed self-images. This is where Niou thrives.

It is a good thing that there are only a few who are like him. Otherwise, the world will be so boring, full of people who can easily spot mistakes. He is a bit thankful that people who brag that they have good memory have amnesia in terms of their lies. Demo, wouldn't it be more interesting if people actually could keep track of their falsehood? That way, it would be more challenging for him to decipher puzzles and labyrinths.

Now how can he observe these things?

Let's say he has an eye for people.

And he is a trickster. Hasn't anyone noticed that he does not only copy the moves that players are known for? It is good to take note of the obvious but what is good in being a mere copy cat? Niou after all is called a trickster. He notices, copies and uses everything down to the last detail to his advantage.

But more than that he is the best liar. Being the best, he can immediately sense sugarcoated sins, bedazzling bluffs and incoherent inconsistencies. Having these capabilities, he forms a different picture of who he wants people to see him as. He does not point out their stupidity. It gives him excitement seeing them make a fool of themselves trying to make him believe. How he savors the look on their faces when they think they have convinced him! What is more is he relishes the idea that people will soon entangle themselves to their self-images like the puppets he often uses. And he, Niou Masaharu, will be patiently waiting at the finish line to cut the strings and crush them.

Niou Masaharu, the trickster of the court, the man with many guises. Yep, that's me. And I am the best liar. Puri.

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I am afraid Niou gets a little bit philosophical here. I took some of his lines from episodes 120-121 and made a fuss over his dialogue with Yagyuu about the "spirit."

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