Chapter 1: What Comes First

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Noise. There was something calming about it. It meant that there was distraction in the world. It meant that there was no necessary need to focus on any one thing. It was the perfect backdrop for someone who didn't want think about anything at all. Some new-aged dance beat pulsed around the Grill like some sort of teenage attracting disease, the sound of the cue ball hitting the rack at the break of a game of pool, and of course, the teenage banter that filled the non-bar areas of the Grill. Yes, this was the perfect setting to distract him, Damon thought. Although it was not a very uncommon place for him to visit, it was just the thing he needed. The big, hollow boarding house was far too quiet to leave himself alone in.

Damon sauntered his way towards the bar and pulled up a stool. He didn't bother taking off his jacket - what was the point? – and ordered his usual, bourbon on the rocks.

The older Salvatore pressed the cool glass to his lips and tipped his head back, letting the magic of alcohol wash down his throat. When he wasn't feeding, this was how he passed his time. That, and killing people.

Slamming his glass down after being emptied rather quickly, he spun around in his chair and inspected the rest of Mystic Grill. Apparently there a new girl in town, a 'hot blonde' according to that Lockwood kid. She had a 'smoking bod' and an 'attitude'. Damn snorted inwardly, stupid teenage boys, always thinking about superficial things.

But then again, was he so different? Wasn't that why he was here tonight, to not get deep in thought for once, and just search for his next good fling?

Shrugging it off, he turned back around and rested his arms on the bar bench top. He ordered another bourbon and nursed it slowly this time. Nothing new in Mystic Falls. Nothing unusual or supernatural, that is. Plenty of people wandered in and out of this town, mostly people who prefer to take the scenic route and avoid city traffic.

After finishing another two drinks, barely buzzed at all, and humming along to a song he barely recognised, the vampire's hearing picked up on a change in conversation. The groups closer to the entrance of the Grill had quieted down and started whispering about the unknown stranger and he felt a presence close to that area as well.

He sighed and rolled his eyes. Might as well check it out, he thought glumly to himself. Downing the last of his fourth drink, putting a fifty on the counter, he brightened up his expression and put slight hop in his step.

Wait, what? Hop in his step – damn, he must be more drunk than he thought.

He trot, yes trot, down the three steps that separated the bar from the rest of the Grill. As he approached the girl from behind, he couldn't help agree with the Lockwood kid. The new girl did have a nice body, petite if anything, but, he did enjoy playing around with the smaller ones every now and again, but she wasn't stocky. She had long legs, slight tan and bouncy blonde hair. From what he could hear, she had a wonderful laugh, like bells.

He came up and leaned on the doorframe. From a distance he heard Caroline.

"Oh look, Damon's already trying steal the new girl. Get ready for disaster control," she said, bored. He glanced up and glared, Caroline looked back to Elena. That's weird, he would have known if Vampire Barbie and Elena were here. He was out of it today…

Resuming his original mission, he put on his best cocky smile, the one all girls fall head over heels for, and relaxed his already casual stance.

"I don't believe we've met." Damon's grin grew wider.

The little blonde – truth be told, she wasn't that much shorter than him, maybe 5'6" – froze and whipped her head around like a snake. She knew she heard that voice before, but it couldn't be. Her eyes met his and everything around them practically stopped. All the chatter and socialising had quieted as they gazed deeper into each other's eyes. Her mouth dropped into a little 'o' shape and her eyes widened.

Damon did the same. His casual stance tensed, he was shocked to say the least.

"Oh, my God," he said rather breathlessly. The normally not-shaken-by-anything vampire had been speechless. It can't be… No, it's not, just some other girl… That happens to look exactly like her. Jesus, Damon, stop staring!

The girl blinked furiously. She straightened her posture, standing up just that little bit taller and smiled and all too familiar smile.

"Hello, Elizabeth Olivia Thomas," she held her hand out for him to shake. Her smile became one of recognition, it lit up her entire face. "It's so good to see you again, Damon."