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"We did it."

"Yeah…we did."


Tori Vega woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and turned over to kiss something else that was beautiful, but that something was missing from bed. In her place was Beary West holding a note.

'Had a major emergency on set, otherwise I'd still be in bed holding my lovely fiancée. B. Dub and I thought you were too lovely to wake up. I'll see you later tonight, beautiful.'

Love J 3

By the time Tori finished reading the note she had a huge smile on her face.

'Fiancée…' thought Tori while looking at the ring that's been a permanent fixture on her left hand.

She still could not believe that seven months ago Jade West, once edgy goth and now young play write, had purposed to her. Even with all the work the young couple had to get through, they did it; they planned their entire wedding. With all the help they received from friends and family the girls, even with their hectic schedules; with Jade wrapping up her first major play and Tori wrapping up her debut album, were able to get it done. The wedding was in a month and the wedding party had their final fittings tonight at LA Boutique.

Later at LA Sound…

"...smash into you." Tori sang the last line of the last song on her album 'Love Music Life'.

"And that's a wrap Miss Vega, soon to be Mrs. West ." said André from outside the booth.

André quickly coming up in the ranks in the music industry was able to open his own recording studio, and surprised Tori by wanting to sign her.

"Whoo!" screamed Tori they were finally done with recording; all that was left to do was organize the songs and to get a final mix, the rest could wait til after her and Jade's honeymoon.

"You know I still can't believe it…"said André shaking his head.

"What?" asked Tori joining André by the soundboard.

"You and Jade, oil and water, yin and yang." said André.

"I know right? I guess we either had to end up trying to kill each other or…" Tori trailed off wiggling her ring finger. "Glad it ended up being the latter though because at least now when we fight the make ups are soooo much better." said Tori laughing at André plugging his ears.

Just then Tori's reminder went off to head to the fitting.

"Saved by the bell." said André as he left the room quickly followed by a laughing Tori.

At the Ocean Theatre the last practice for the final showing of the headlining play 'Clouded Minds' was going smoothly, after this morning's set malfunction was taken care of. Jade will never forget the day she got her big shot to produce her work for a main stream audience. Tori was especially proud of her and showed her just how much the night they found out the news. Jade sat in a middle seat on the floor level of the huge theatre daydreaming about Tori when she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket.

"Hello?" answered Jade.

"Jade where are you?" came the worried voice of one Cat Valentine.

"I'm at the final show run through. What's up?" asked Jade oblivious.

"We have a final dress fitting!" replied Cat.

"Yeah, I know it's at si…Oh Shit!" said Jade seeing that it was 5:50, and their fitting was at 6:00. "Damn it. Cat tell Tori I'm on my way." said Jade as she passed control over to her second in command and ran out of the theatre.

After the fitting the whole wedding party headed out for dinner together; there was Cat and Trina, Tori's maids of honor and one of Jade's good friends from the industry, Lisa, as a bridesmaid. André and Robbie were Jade's bridesmen; and Beck was her best man. Even though Jade and Beck used to date before Tori came along, they parted knowing that they made better friends than lovers. Also joining the group were Tori and Jade's mothers. Who were whispering suspiciously while looking at their daughters.

"Oh God, what are you two ladies planning over there?" asked Tori scared of what the two women could be plotting.

"Oh nothing, we were just talking about how we can't wait for you two to give us some grandbabies to spoil." said Ms. West causing her daughter to choke on the beer she was drinking, her reaction causing the rest of the table to laugh.

Later that night while lying in bed, Tori was envisioning having a family with Jade.

"Jade, I want to have a family with you." said Tori softly into Jade's chest.

"What now?" said Jade panicking a little.

"Whoa their tiger, let's get married first." said Tori giving Jade a kiss to calm her down. "But you know that's something I still want with you Jade, that hasn't changed since the last time we talked about this. Has it for you?" asked Tori softly, knowing that Jade has always been tentative on the subject of kids.

Jade looking at the ceiling took a deep, then looked Tori in the eye.

"I love you Tori, don't ever question that and I whole heartedly believe that you would make a wonderful mother." said Jade giving Tori a loving kiss. "It's just…"

"It's just what baby? Tell me." said Tori lovingly caressing Jade's cheek.

"It's just that having children takes a lot of work, and I just don't want to half-ass it like a lot of these parents today are. My father for example." said Jade becoming a little emotional.

Tori felt terrible about the fact that she had both her parents' blessings, and Jade only had her mother. The relationship between Jade and her father had always been a little rocky, but after her and Tori got together it became non-existent.

Jade got it together and finished. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would love to have a family with you Tori, I just don't want to rush into it and not be able to give my all."

Tori was the one who was now crying and she gave Jade a searing kiss.

"I love you so much Jade West and that was all I needed to hear to know that we're on the same page and that we're in this together." said Tori.

"Forever." said Jade as proceeded to make love to her future wife.