Hey guys! I finally know how to torture Sora! This similar to Duck Amuck and Rabbit Rampage

I don't own Kingdom Hearts, it belongs to Square-Enix



SORA: (Sitting down on a couch and reading a book)

ARTIST: (Erases the couch)

SORA: (Fells down) Alright who's the punk that…. Oh it's you again, look I'm minding my own business, so could you please redraw the couch?

ARTIST: (Redraws the couch)

SORA: Thank you

ARTIST: (Before Sora sits down on the couch, the artist draws a pin)

SORA: YEOWW! (Notices the pin) Oh very funny.

ARTIST: (Draws a puddle)

SORA: ( Slips on the puddle) Alright that's it! I'm going out and you better not follow me. (Leaves and closes his eyes)

ARTIST: (Follows Sora)


SORA: (Didn't notice the surroundings) Better get out of here before he follows me. That's weird, somehow I don't hear any noises. (Notices the surroundings) Oh haha very funny. Now, could you draw this place into a garden.

ARTIST: (Draws a single flower)

SORA: That's not a garden! That's a single flower!

ARTIST: (Draws a hallway instead of a garden)


SORA: (Didn't notice the surroundings) Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I better go now. (Puts hands in his pockets and closes his eyes and began to walk, only to be hit by a wall) OW! (Notices the surroundings) This isn't the garden, this is a hallway! I said garden! Not hallway! And I'm not leaving here till you draw a garden! (closes eyes and sits down)

ARTIST: (Draws a highway instead of a garden)


SORA: (Hears a honk) Huh? (Sees a car running towards him!) AHH! (Runs to the side of the road) What are you trying to do? Kill me? Never mind, this isn't a garden, this is a highway! That's it, I'm leaving and if I come back and no garden in this place, you'll be in such trouble. (Leaves)

ARTIST: (Draws a garden without color)


SORA: (Comes back and faces the drawing) Oh that's really classic, really beautiful. Now, how about some color and flowers on the bushes!

ARTIST: (Paints Sora and Draws a lot of flowers on him)


ARTIST: (Paints the garden and draws a lot of flowers)


SORA: Well you got the garden right, but you know what's missing?

ARTIST: (Draws another flower)

SORA: (Get's really angry) ME, YOU IDIOT! PUT ME BACK TO NORMAL!

ARTIST: (Erases Sora)

SORA: Well?

ARTIST: (Draws Sora into a girl)

SORA: (Didn't notice that he is a girl) Thank you ver- (Notices that he is a girl and says calmly) I'm not a girl, I'm a boy, a teenage boy. (Get's angry) CHANGE ME BACK TO NORMAL!

ARTIST: (Changes Sora into a boy but changes his pants into a skirt)

SORA: (Notices the skirt) Loose the skirt.

ARTIST: (Changes Sora's skirt into pants)

SORA: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be going now. (Puts hands in his pockets and closes his eyes and begins to walk)


ARTIST: (Draws an ocean and some land)


SORA: (Didn't notice the surroundings) Better get back at the Restoration Committee. (Hears water noises) That's strange, somehow I'm hearing water noises. (Finally notices that he is standing on the water) Because I'm standing on the water! (Tries to run but sinks on the water and swims to the nearest land and shouts) HEY! COULD YOU PLEASE DRAW SOME LAND SO I COULD WALK CLOSER TO YOU!

ARTIST: (Draws a wand on Sora's hand instead of land)


ARTIST: (Draws land)

SORA: (Walks closer) Alright buddy, let's talk here. When I said please draw a garden for me, you draw a hallway instead of a garden and-

ARTIST: (While Sora is talking, the artist draws a sign that says: QUICK SAND)

SORA: (Didn't notice the sign and began to sink) You made me feel like an idiot and- why are you getting taller? (Notices the sign and reads it) Quick sand, clever…..

ARTIST: (When Sora is fully sinked, the artist draws the Restoration Committee)


ARTIST: (Draws Sora without any hair)

SORA: (Notices that his hair is missing and starts tapping his foot) Where's my hair?

ARTIST: (Draws Sora a hair but plain instead of spiky)

SORA: (Notices that his hair is plain instead of spiky and says calmly) Not plain ones, stupid. Spiky ones, really spiky.

ARTIST: (Draws Sora's hair really spiky)

SORA: (Notices that his hair is really spiky) NOT THAT KIND OF SPIKY! Just put my hair back to normal.

ARTIST: (Draws Sora's hair back to normal)

SORA: Thank you, now if you'll excuse me, I'll be sitting and reading on my favorite chair.

ARTIST: (Before Sora could sit, the artist erases the couch)

SORA: OWW! Could you please redraw the couch.

ARTIST: (Draws a bed instead of a couch)

SORA: Not a bed, a couch!

ARTIST: (Draws a couch full of spikes)

SORA: That's not what I meant! I said draw a couch! No beds, no spikes, no anything!

ARTIST: (Erases Sora and the rest of the Restoration committee)


ARTIST: (Draws a single couch)

SORA: Well, you got the couch right. But, WHERE'S THE REST OF THE ROOM AND ME!

ARTIST: (Draws the whole Restoration committee and Sora)

SORA: THAT'S IT , I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! (Then a light bulb lit up above Sora) I know what will end this, and you can't stop from doing it. (Pulls a large card that says: THE END)

Then the artist turns out to be Riku!

RIKU: I just love torturing him. (Winks)


Welp that's it, hope you had a good laugh on this fic.

Oh, and sorry for torturing Sora for all Sora-fans, but don't worry, I'm a Sora-fan too.