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Helm paced around his room, practically ready to beat himself senseless.

How could you be so stupid, Robbie? He berated himself silently. How could you kill again? Break your oath? And for what? A woman whose name you don't even know?

"I'm sorry." A voice called softly.

Helm spun around to see the Queen of Swords standing in the shadows. It surprised him to see that she looked…nervous.

"What is it with you Spanish women and your aversion to knocking?" He demanded angrily. "Is it really that difficult a concept that you can't grasp it at all?"

The Queen smiled and, seeing that he wasn't going to throw her out, stepped out of the shadows and stood right in front of him.

"I don't because I like the element of surprise." She told him, laughter dancing in her eyes. "Senorita Alvarado does it because she enjoys annoying you."

"I don't believe I mentioned the senorita." Helm said, pouncing on the unintended slip. "So why would you?"

The Queen only hesitated for a split second as she raced to cover her mistake, but the good doctor caught it.

"The senorita is a friend." She told him, her eyes never leaving his. "I always enjoy her tales of your encounters."

"You and the senorita?" Helm asked, raising an eyebrow. "What strange company you keep, the spoiled daughter of a Don and a killer turned doctor turned killer again. For you."

The Queen's face fell as their banter turned serious.

"I never meant for that to happen." She told him, looking away, but not before he saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes. "I understand the pain it must cause you and I would give anything to not be the cause."

"You can't possibly understand." He spat at her, but when she winced, he sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. "It's not your fault. I made the choice to save you. And, coincidently, it's not a choice I regret."

Her eyes flew up to meet his and he saw her relax as she read the truth there.

"I'm still sorry." She said softly.

"What's done is done." He told her tiredly. "Now, if that is all your highness, it's late and I will have patients tomorrow."

"Of course." The Queen said. "I just came by to apologize and to tell you to watch your back. Montoya will not soon forget a pistol pointed at him by his doctor."

"It wasn't even loaded!" Helm protested, making her smile. "And I guess I'll just have to rely on you to protect me. You do owe me one now."

"Yes, I do." The Queen agreed seriously. "Thank you, doctor."

She moved to the door, but hesitated before leaving.

"For your information, doctor," she said, not turning around. "There is more to Tessa Alvarado than meets the eye."

With that, she stepped out of the door and melted into the night.

"Perhaps there is." Helm said, smiling to himself. "Perhaps there is."

He turned around and blew out his candle, going to bed with a much lighter heart.

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