Author Notes:

Greetings, People of the Thirteen Colonies of Kobol, The last chapter took a long time to be finished, mainly because this is a very complex event, and it continues here.


Battlestar Galactica

The Second Fleet

Series 2

BSG96 Task Force Key Personnel:

The Conclave

Admiral Pieter Finley (Projection)

Colonel Tillius "Loudmouth" Phineas (Projection)

Zoe Graystone (Projection)

Tamara Adama (Projection)

Blessed Mother Lacy Rand (Projection)

Doctor Alexys Whitewood (Head Scientist)

Soldiers of the One

Rear Admiral Jannus "Jann" Warryk (Pacifica CO)

H.R.H Princess Helena Xander Alexandra-Knossus (Royal Ruler)

Colonel Leela [Six] (Pacifica XO)

Captain Kaleb "Black-1" Blackthorne (CAG)

Captain Leo Kane [Two] (Surtur CO)

Centurion Major Aton

Colonial Fleet

Commander Karl Agathon (Cancer CO)

Captain Drake [Two] (Ionian CO)

Captain Shelly Godfrey [Six] (Aegean CO)

Captain Evelyn Kane [Three] (Cancer XO)

Captain Aidan Okeke (Aries CO)

Captain Bask Tallas (Pacifica Ops)

Captain Louanne "Kat" Katraine (Aries XO)

Lieutenant Graz "Speed" Brunno [Two] (Pilot)

Lieutenant Sharon "Athena" Agathon [Eight](Pilot)

Lieutenant Gina Invieri [Six] (Surtur XO)

Lieutenant Fernando Faust [Two] (Aegean XO)

Lieutenant Will Lefer (Aegean Tactical)

Jr. Lieutenant Kim Hikari (Pacifica Comm)

Jr. Lieutenant Isis [Eight] (Pilot)

Jr. Lieutenant Artemis [Six] (Pilot)

Jr. Lieutenant Graz "Speed" Brunno [Two] (pilot)

Ensign Hope Paige [Eight] (Pacifica Ops)

Ensign Samylla "Samy" Nouveau (Pacifica Nav)

Ensign Josh Troy (Aries Tactical)

Ensign Lucilla Diaaz [Eight] (Aries Ops)

Chief Officer Jaffah [Four] (Pacifica Hangar chief)

Specialist Giana O'Neill (Mechanic)

Petty Officer Dana Busch (Mechanic)

Gunnery Sergeant Hammer [Two] (CMC)

Corporal Titus Claremon (Marine)

Cirrus (Centurion)

Ash (Centurion)

Doctor Jason Zhimm (CMD)

Doctor Simon O'Neill [Eight]

Flip (Scythe)

Shadow (Halberd)

Fluffy (Maul)

Bell (Wraith)

Paws (Banshee)

Ghost (Spectre)

Snowflake (Liche)

Canceronian Militia

Yasmin Otomo (Colonel)

Epitacius "Taz" Warryk (Major)

Tarsius Xander (Major)

Dionisius "Dizz" Warryk (Crew Sergeant)

Devin Dex (Crew Sergeant)


Season 3.


The Ones had a plan; They manipulated the Cylons into purging Humanity.

A Lord of Kobol took advantage of their plan; He chose to let mankind be purged and start anew.

Four friends made a choice; The Soldiers of the One took a stand.

Humanity would survive; The faithful would be redeemed; A War would be waged.

One Battlestar.

One Fleet.

One God.

Welcome to BSG96 Pacifica.

Act XXVI – Endgame

[Day 860 since the Fall of the Colonies]

[9,727 Humans, 757 Cylons]

[Battlestar Galactica]

— Jump successful. — Louis Hoshi informed — All Battlestars and Basestars present and accounted for.

— Hostile Unity forces in range. — Aaron Kelly reported — They are launching raiders.

Bill Adama saw the pings moving in the DRADIS and said:

— Launch all vipers, ready the guns and set up a point defense formation. — The Admiral ordered.

Officers started to relay the orders, and the vipers in the launch tubes flew, freeing the tubes for the vipers in line.

— Contact Pegasus, Pacifica, Aries and Cancer. Tell them to fire at will. — Adama ordered.

[Battlestar Pegasus]

— Enemy Basestar in range. — Dualla Adama informed.

— Fire front cannons. — Lee Adama ordered. — Take us in, helm. Nav, spin up the FTL.

The "Beast" opened fire with its powerful cannons as the Battlestar moved towards its target. The Basestar was hit by the artillery shells, and fired back with its missiles.

— Missiles impact in fifteen seconds. — Mei Firelli informed.

— FTL ready. — Dualla said.

She looked at Lee, and the Commander kept stoic as he observed the DRADIS:

— Commander? — the XO asked.

— Ten seconds. — Firelli informed, with urgency.

As the countdown kept, Dualla glanced at her husband, her apprehension building with every blink on the DRADIS, until he finally spoke:

— Jump. — Apollo ordered.

Pegasus jumped with barely a second to spare, and the missiles were caught in the spatial distortion, exploding. A few seconds later, the Basestar was attacked from below, with the guns from the Battlestar opening fire with abandon after the tactical jump.

— Helm, take us through. — The Commander instructed.

The other Battlestars opened fire as the Beast accelerated, its guns firing at the damaged Basestar until it exploded, and Pegasus flew right through the flaming debris.

[Battlestar Cancer]

— Enemy Basestar was destroyed. — Evelyn Kane, the Three XO of Cancer informed.

— Good Job, Apollo. — Karl Agathon said — Helm, bring us into range. Gunners, hit them hard.

Turning to Evelyn, the Commander said:

— Miss Kane, tell Tallas and Okeke to concentrate fire on their defense line. We gonna open a way for the Free Cylons.

— Yes, Sir! — The Three Captain said.

[Battlestar Aries]

The Cygnus Class Battlestar turned to get its guns in optimal position to fire or the Unity's Basestars.

— All vipers, Launch! — Louanne "Kat" Katraine barked on the comm as they got into position.

From across the CNC console, Aidan Okeke observed the holographic map and assigned targets to their cannons:

— Gunners, ready the railguns. — The CO said — We are about to cripple their launchers.

Kat took a second to notice how calm and methodical the Librarian was under fire. He assigned targets to the guns on the holographic tactical map, and observed as the projectiles hit their targets.

— Positive hit on all targets, Captain — Josh Troy reported — Basestar is firing back.

— Activate defense turrets. Allocate five hundred EiU to barrier projectors. — Okeke ordered.

All the officers in the CIC waited with apprehension for the shock of the impact, but instead of the whole ship jolting, they got a vibration and a muffled sound.

— Positive Impact. — the Eight Model named Lucilla Diaaz informed — Negative damage, Barrier held the damage. Its integrity is at 0.87 and stabilizing.

— Very well, Ensign. — Aidan said — Arm the new missiles, get ready to launch.

Kat looked at the Captain, as his orders were being carried out:

— What did Doctor Zhimm say about the missiles? — The XO asked.

— He said it would make a big boom. — Aidan replied, leaning his head towards her.

— How big? — Kat insisted.

— He said it would be a surprise. — Okeke replied standing straight again — But he warned to keep a healthy distance.

From his station, Troy spoke:

— Two HIC-I Missiles armed and loaded on launchers One and Three. — The Ensign said

— Irradiate charges, lock guidance on those Basestars. — Aidan ordered, marking the target on the map.

— Charges active. Guidance online. — Troy reported.

The officers looked at the Captain as he coolly observed the readings until they got to where he wanted:

— Fire. — Okeke ordered.


Two missiles were launched from the Aries, and gained speed impossibly fast, changing trajectory towards the line of enemy Basestars. Raiders tried to shoot them down, but the missiles accelerated faster than they could track them, and advanced straight to the enemy.

They impacted two Basestars, exploding on impact. The explosion, however, was much smaller and directional than a regular missile would do. But the purpose of the explosion was not to destroy the target, but to penetrate the armor, so that the real charge, the irradiated charge, could be put inside the ship. For a few seconds, nothing happened, but then, without warning, an explosion of light, followed by a spatial distortion ring tore apart the Basestars, and taking everything else in its path, slicing through nearby Basestars, destroying a number of them and a multitude of raiders as it expanded until it dissipated.

[Battlestar Aries]

— HOLY-FRAKKITY-FRAK! — Troy exclaimed, in a very uncharacteristic display of excitement, as he stood up from his station, wide-eyed as he watched the broad destruction caused by their new weapons.

— Oh, Gods... — Kat murmured.

— Most Impressive. — Aidan said, arching an eyebrow, with his arms crossed — Miss Diaaz, inform the Free Cylon Fleet that the enemy defenses are crippled.

The Cylon nodded in awe as she saw the spectacle of destruction unfold on the projections.

[Battlestar Galactica]

— What in Gods names was that? — Aaron asked flabbergasted.

— Whatever it was, it was not nuclear. — Hoshi commented, looking at the data — The radiological alarm didn't sound at all.

Admiral Adama also took notice of the readings his glasses were providing him, showing that the upgraded instruments were capable of reading the energies involved in that attack, even if Bill could not understand them.

— This must be what Zhimm was talking about. — He muttered. —Let's not give them the chance to regroup. Signal our forces to engage the enemy.

Hoshi and Kelly nodded and proceeded to relay the orders.

[The Colony]

The two assault groups met close to the central node after accomplishing their separate objectives, but not everything was going according to plan:

— Where the frakk are they? — Yasmin Otomo asked, angry, as she paced around the room.

— Be calm, Yasmin. — Helena of Knossus said, containing her anxiety a lot better than the chefa.

Next to the terminal, Kaleb Blackthorne asked:

— Any luck? — The Scorpian asked

— Not yet. — Samuel Anders replied as he kept his hand on the Datastream — The Ones were really spooked by the stunt Doctor Baltar pulled on them. They isolated every single node in the Colony. — The Earth Cylon said.

— That makes hard to hack the central command, but also makes it almost impossible to track anything from outside the Command. — Tori Foster explained as she worked on the circuits behind a panel.

From the opposite side, Simon Jaffah was doing the exactly same thing on the circuits with the help from D'Anna Biers and Leo Kane:

— Ok, I think I got it. — Leo said — Section D-X, level 12 just went completely dark.

— That is two sections above us. — D'Anna said.

— Do you think they got lost? — Jaffah inquired.

— No. I think they are heading straight to Central Command. — Kane replied.

Approaching the trio, Dizz Warryk spoke:

— Then we should be meeting them there. — The young Canceronian said.

— I agree with Dizz — Tarsius Xander spoke — If Jann is heading there, we should be making our way there as well.

The veteran gunslinger turned to Yasmin and Helena:

— I agree. — The Chefa said — Can you find us a path to Central Command?

— Finding a path is not the problem. — Leo said — Fighting our way is the hard part.

— Where there is a will, there is a way, Love. — Helena said, arming her crossbow.

Leo raised his eyebrows with amusement, and then he got to work:

— Ok, I can get us a way. — The Captain said — I hope you brought enough bolts, honey.

The group moved towards one of the Access Doors , that hissed as it started to open. Yasmin readied her weapon, as did the others, in expectation of what they were going to find on the other side.

[Level 12]

When Epitacius "Taz" Warryk decided to accompany his middle brother, he expected some combat, but since they were in the company of the two Cylons Models Six Leela and Caprica, the Model Eight Boomer and Doctor Gaius Baltar, the Canceronian warrior was expecting a more covert operation. What he got in his hands though was a full open battle.

Jumping over the falling body of a centurion abomination, Taz descended on top of two hounds models Three and Four with the full force of his gauntlets. The upgrades R&D gave to his equipment gave him unprecedented capacity to inflict damage with his attacks, as he knocked out both enemies with little effort. He saw Caprica, Boomer and Baltar gun down some other hounds from behind their cover, and advance to close and jam a blast door before more enemies could come through.

Taz threw shocking spheres against some centurions, disabling them for good, and moved close to the three:

— If I knew that we were going for a full frontal assault, I would have brought more guns with me. — The Elder Warryk said.

— Had I known we would go for a full frontal assault, I would bring a detachment of Centurions. — Boomer replied.

— Oh, come now, Sharon. Where is your spirit of adventure? — Gaius joked, cheerful — heads up!

Getting up from his position, the Doctor shot down a hound that was sliding down a cable from a hatch on the ceiling. Sharon opened fire at another attacker and Caprica hacked the datastream, closing the hatches. With the immediate threat taken care of, they reassessed their situation.

— We have to keep moving. — Caprica said, watching their back. — Where are they?

As if in answer to the Model Six question, a wall exploded into pieces when an abomination centurion flew through it from the intensity of the attack he was under. Through the rubble, two were thrown by the impact of the electrostaff held by Leela. The blonde Cylon Colonel roared as she lifted another hound from the ground, throwing him against the wall in one swift movement.

— There, you see? — Gaius said pointing at the blonde.

Leela moved out of the way as another bunch of hounds and a abomination fought Jannus "Jann" Warryk through the hole on the wall. The young Admiral was using the vibroblade developed by R&D to slice through flesh and metal like butter. But that was not all he was using.

Jannus leaped over a hound whose arm he had just severed, to bring down his blade against a centurion, that battled him with his talons, in a quick succession of swings and volleys until the Admiral's skill proved superior and the Cylon was impaled. He left the blade on the defeated enemy and turned around holding his hand as if ready to slap the air, which he did, but surprisingly, It had an effect; the hounds around him were thrown back by an unseen force, hitting the hull. The bigger abomination slid back a few steps, but didn't fly back. The young Lord of Kobol extended his two hands at the colossal droid, and the Abomination felt itself be lifted from the ground.

— By the One True God... — Taz murmured, in awe.

The face of the Admiral denoted there was an effort on his part, and in the chest of the abomination, sparks started to fly; soon the plates in its chest began to be ripped apart, causing system failures in the creature. With a scream of anger, Jannus opened his arms wide open, and the abomination was ripped into two. The two dead parts of the cyborg fell to the ground as Jann walked away, stopping at the impaled body to retrieve his weapon.

Leela looked at her lover, noticing over his shoulder the hounds on the other side of the hole on the wall, that despite their re-programming by the Ones, were afraid. Jann noticed her glance and turned his head. The hounds saw his face, and retreated, first slowly, and then running.

— Are you alright? — She asked.

— I should be the one asking you that. — He replied.

They both turned as Taz, Gaius, Caprica and Boomer approached:

— Jannus, what in God's name was that? — Taz asked.

— I'm not sure. — Jann said — Some sort of kinetic energy which I became aware of, and that I can command.

— An energy that already exists? — Gaius asked, intrigued by the possible ramifications.

— In part. — He replied, unsure — I think part of it came from me.

— You mean, like the way artificial gravity generators work? — Boomer asked. — Manipulating gravitational energy and amplifying directionally?

The sweat on his brother's face as a sign that there was a cost to that feat:

— That is not important now. — Taz said — What matters is that we are close to the heart of the Colony.

— Yes, yes. — Caprica said.

Jann pointed to the other side of the deck:

— That way. — He said.

— Do I even ask how do you know that? — Caprica asked.

The Admiral didn't respond. Gaius looked at a fallen hound, and approached. The Cylon didn't offer any danger, but the Doctor had no ill intent against it. He moved his head until the back was visible, and then got the fat pen he had used to free the Cylons on the hound's spine.

— Gaius, what are you doing? — The pilot asked

— This body may be dead, but the conscience of this individual is still there, waiting to be downloaded. — Baltar said. — Perhaps, if I can get a the basic data from his memory core and salvage him.

— Do you think it is possible? — Leela asked.

The Doctor looked at the projection interface on his tool:

— I don't know yet, Leela, but it is worth a try. — Baltar said.

— How are you doing this? — Jann asked — The Electronic Interface Pen doesn't have this kind of capability, or even a holographic reading, for that matter.

Gaius didn't turn, but chuckled a bit:

— Zhimm developed this tool, but I found inadequate to my needs, so I tinkered with a bit. — Baltar said.

— You did? — The Admiral said, surprised.

— I'm supposed to be a genius, after all. — the Doctor said sarcastically.

The pitch of the tool in use made the three Cylons wince a bit:

— Couldn't you tone it down this sonic pitch? — Caprica asked.

— It is necessary, my Dear. Cylons systems react to the frequency, as you three just demonstrated. — Baltar said, finishing his analysis.

He got up again, and showed the rather flashy altered tool to Jann. The geeky smile that crept up on the Admiral's face was a sign of approval:

— Nice. Very nice. — Warryk said — I think I'll send you my pen for you to improve it.

— "Pen" is too inaccurate of a description. — Gaius said. — This is a very versatile and a useful multi-tool.

— So it's like a screwdriver. Nice. Can we go now? — Taz asked, short on patience.

The group moved closer to the latch door, that was locked, as expected. Leela tried the datastream, placing her hand in the terminal:

— The datastream is offline. — The Six said.

— Frakk. We gonna have to open it by force. — Taz said, and turning to his brother, he asked — You think you use your newfound powers on the door?

Jann looked at the door, examining it close:

— I can try. — He said.

— No need. — Baltar said, activating his tool.

The electronic pitch got louder for a moment, making the three Cylon women wince, and then the sound of the locks moving was heard. Boomer looked at the Doctor, surprised:

— How did you do this? — The pilot asked.

— I interfaced directly to the locking mechanism. — He said. — The door is open.

Taz and Jann exchanged glances, the limitless applications of that gadget running through their minds.

— I think I will need one of those as well. — Taz said.

[Battlestar Pacifica]

— Helm, get me that ship on full view of our main batteries. — Bask Tallas ordered.

— Yes, Sir! — Sammy Nouveau replied.

The pilot touched the console and started moving the controls and working the pedals. In her projection screen she saw the Battlestar move and turn around the battlespace to give the cannons a clear view of the target.

— Incoming missiles. — Kim Hikari informed, working the tactical terminal.

— Deploy decoys, ready defense points, energize barriers. — The Captain commanded.

— Done. — Hikari said.

Bask observed as the missiles reached the decoys, and a number of them were diverted by the false targets, but more than enough kept moving. The defense point cannons destroyed good part of the missiles, and the number that reached the kinetic barrier didn't do real damage.

— Barrier integrity at 0.65. — Hikari said — We can't keep taking these beatings for long.

— We won't. — Bask replied — Sammy?

— Getting into range in 5, 4, 3... — Nouveau said.

The Acting CO used his V-Gear to assign targets to the cannons, and as soon as they started getting into range, he gave the order. The three officers saw through the projections the cannons opening fire, with devastating effects. One of the wings of the enemy Basestar blew up and was severed by the explosions from the rest of the ship.

[Battlestar Galactica ]

— We got an opening! — Kelly informed. — The Free Cylons are moving in.

Adama turned to his XO his face denoted his determination:

— Take us in, Nav. Tell the fleets to advance. — Bill said, stretching his uniform — Time to take down that HUB.

As the older Battlestar moved, the Admiral saw the acknowledgements from the other ships, and he held to the CNC console as the ship jolted with the impact of enemy fire.

— Barrier Projectors are at 0.23 — Hoshi informed — We are losing hull coverage. Cycling to compensate.

— Enemy Basestar straight ahead. — Kelly said — Impact in ten, nine...

— All hands, brace for impact. — Adama ordered. — All shield strength to bow.

Hoshi and Kelly turned their heads to the Admiral, not sure what his intentions were. He then voiced his intent:

— Helm, give me ramming speed. — Adama ordered.

The XO and the OPS looked at each other alarmed, but their training kicked in and they proceeded to bark orders. The Admiral kept his eyes fixed on the DRADIS, grabbing the table, ready for the impact.

Galactica accelerated in its flight course, and the Basestar in its path fired furiously against the colonial ship. The unprotected areas of the hull took a beating from the impacts, but not enough to deter the Old Lady. The two ships collided with a series of explosions on the Basestar, which disintegrated, the pieces of its wings flying wildly as the central structure was obliterated by the Battlestar. One of the wings collided with another Basestar, destroying it's central ring, breaking the ship in two; another one hit a Basestar, making it colide with a fellow Unity ship, causing extensive damage to both.

As Galactica emerged from the explosions on the other side, Pegasus widened the breach by damaging severely another Basestar, being aided by two Free Cylon Basestars that eradicated the strike opposition in their path.

[The Colony]

— They broke our defenses. — A Model One informed .

— As expected... — Another One said. — They are exactly where we want.

— Bring in the Other Fleet. — Carvil ordered.

The Five Model looked at the Ones in confusion, when he saw a score of new transponders on their tactical projection.


— Contact! Multiple bogeys! — Hoshi exclaimed.

— Cylon Basestars! — Kelly said — They don't match any ships from the cylon database, Admiral!

— Bogeys are firing! — Hoshi said, alarmed.

Adama looked with a severe expression at the DRADIS and ordered:

— Evasive maneuvers. Deploy countermeasures, get power to the barrier. — He said, in a cool voice.

Galactica moved, turning in its own axel, making the turrers face the incoming fire. The cannons quickly fired at the incoming missiles, but there were too many to be stopped.

— Brace for Impact. — Adama said, getting a hold of the CNC console.

The entire CIC shook as the missiles hit, but not as violently as other times.

— Barrier at 18.2 — Hoshi reported — Incoming!

— Radiological Alarm. — Kelly exclaimed.

He looked at Hoshi, and the XO looked at Adama. There wasn't much to do in that situation, other than wait for the impact. But that never came, as a Free Cylon Basestar flew right in the path of the missiles, taking the hits for the Battlestar.

Several explosions tore apart the Basestar, destroying a big part of its upper structure, and causing hull breaches across the stern. Through the projections, Adama could see the bodies of the cylon that were jettisoned in space by the breaches.

[The Colony]

As the battle progressed, the Unity command kept overseeing their progress:

— Rebel Starbase 7 destroyed. — A Three informed

Pegasus lost its port Hangar. — An Eight said.

— Rebel Starbase 42 destroyed, and Pacifica has hull breaches. —A Four informed.

— The rebels lost Starbases 33 and 71. We have them surrounded. — A model Five reported

— Order a full assault. — A One said — Do not let them escape.

Cavil observed the projection of the battle with satisfaction. The humans had taken their creators from him, and he would now take their lives in return:

— What about our infestation? —He asked.

— Without the nodes linked, is hard to figure it out where they are. — A Four said.

A muffled explosion made all the cylons look toward a blast door, and Cavil said:

— It seens we don't have to look far. — The Unity leader noted.

The doors opened, and the carcass of a abomination fell on the ground, a huge hole in his chest very visible. From the other room, Sam, Tori and the rest of the group entered the central command.

Thr Model Four grabbed his gun, but was shot in his arm by Kaleb. Hammer, Tarsius and Yasmin quickly took over the room, as the others walked in and disarmed them.

— It is over, John. — Anders said.

— Yes, it is over, father. — Cavil replied — But not for me.

He pointed at the projection, and the battle around the hub, showing in prominence the badly damaged Galactica leaking air in some points and taking a beating. Aries was drawing the fire of the attackers to give the Admiral's ship some breathing room, but they were clearly outnumbered.

— Order them to stand down! — Tori said, in horror.

— No. — Cavil said, crossing his arms.

Yasmin grabbed him violently and slammed his head against the datastream console, putting her gun against his head:

— Make them stop or I will blow your head! — The Canceroan threatened.

— Do it. — Cavil said — I'll simply download in a new body and watch the destruction of your armada.

Yasmin looked at Helena, that nodded in negative at her. Frustrated, she let go of him and Cavil got up again, fixing his hair:

— Very well, let's negotiate then, Model One. — The Princess said. — My ships for your HUB.

— You are in no condition to dictate terms, Human. — Cavil replied. — I hold all the cards.

Helena gave him a cold glance, but in the interest of gaining time, she said:

— Stop the attack, and let's negotiate, on your terms. — She offered.

Cavil made a point of ponder for a moment, before touching the console:

— The comm is open. You go first, Princess. — He said, with a smirk.

Helena looked at Leo, and he nodded positively at her:

— This is Helena of Knossus. All colonial forces, stand down! — She ordered — I repeat, do not shoot.

After a few seconds of silence, they heard the Admiral's voice:

All forces, stand down. — Adama confirmed the order.

Cavil had a look of satisfaction in his face, and them he did the same, touching the datastream:

— Its me. Stop the attack. — He said — prepare boarding parties while I negotiate their surrender.

The firing from the Starbases stopped as well, and the One said:

— There. Now we can negotiate the surrendering of your people. — Cavil said.

— B-brother... — A Five said, with a frightened look.

— What? — Cavil asked.

— Look at this. — He said.

The projection from the space changed to inside de Colony, where a battle was ensuing. Boomer and Taz brought down a handful of hounds with their hand, while Baltar and Caprica exchanged fire with some centurions. Leela battled an abomination, dealing a fair amount of damage to the cyborg as she leaped and swirled around her foe, charging her electrostaff with every volley before delivering devastating blows against the beast.

— I taught her that — Jaffah said, with a hint of pride in his voice.

But it was not Leela's battle skills that scared the Five. It was the Six Colonel's superior and lover that drew the attention of all that saw the projection.

Jannus hacked and slashed through the hounds as he advanced. But this was not all he was doing: at every volley, what seemed to be a spatial distortion flashed, and the foes that had no been hit by the blade flew back as if they were hit by a explosion.

As if not to leave any doubts as to what they were watching, The young Admiral turned to a group of hiunds that were running towards his party, and extended his open hand. The attackers flew back violently, and the Young Lord of Kobol dashed in single leap several meters to attack the foes behind the ones that were on the ground.

Cavil stepped back in astonishment and horror:

— W-what is this? — The One asked — What sort of trickery is this?

— This is not trickery, Mr. Cavil. — Helena said, hiding her own astonishment — This is power. True power.

Cavil turned in panic to the five and said:

— Seal the doors! NOW! — He screamed as he saw that impossible being curbstomp his hounds.

— That won't stop him. — Sam said.

— Then make him stop! — Cavil replied, and turning to the Princess, added — Tell him to stop! Or I will destroy your ships!

Helena looked at the projection, which showed Jann and the others right in front of the sealed blast doors. She saw him touch the metal, and then, without warning, punch the door. The loud thud of the impact reverberated on the central command, and the dent on the metal was visible on their side.

— Stop him! — Cavil repeated.

— I can't. He won't listen to me. — Helena said — No one can.

A second thud, and a third, and a fourth, as Cavil and the Unity members watched in horror as the latches on the door started to break. A handful of punches more and the heavy blast door came down loudly revealing on the other side. Jann, Leela, Taz, Boomer, Caprica and Baltar.

Warryk stepped in the room with a stern look that made the Unity Cylons take a step back. The spatial distortion flickered around him as he walked to the datastream, and without any apparatus in his hand, he touched the gel and activated it.

— Zhimm, this is Jannus. — He spoke, in a cold voice — You have access.

About time, Admiral. Jason Zhimm spoke, his image appearing in the projection. — I was getting tired of hacking their signal.

— What do you mean, hacking our signal? — An Eight asked.

The mere look from the Admiral made her regret opening her mouth.

— Show them. — Warryk ordered.

The projection changed, to show the battlespace again, but this time, the tide had definitely turned, with the Unity Basestars being decimated by Colonial and Free Cylon artillery. The unity forces seemed defenseless as the colonial fleet during the Fall of The Colonies, powerless and just floating in space as vipers, raiders, Basestars and Battlestars made target practice of them.

Cavil watched in horror as his forces were being destroyed right in front of his eyes, the voice of Jannus made him turn to him:

— You destroyed our fleet and our home. — Jann said, grabbing him by the collar, to bring his faces inches away from him — I am returning the favor.

Throwing him back, Cavil stumbled against the console and fell to the ground, paralyzed in fear. The ground shook, and the One's fear was shared by his pairs.

It's done, Warryk. — Zhimm said — The systems are locked and Colony is falling in the singularity. I recommend that you don't stick around to see.

The destruction of the HUB was seen in the projection, and Tori said:

— This is it. No more resurrection. — Foster said — The life you have is the life you get.

— You can't do that! — The Five said — We will die!

— If you surrender, you will have to answer for your crimes and serve a sentence, but your lives will be spared — Helena declared.

The Unity Cylons looked at each other, considering their options:

— Think fast, because you don't have much time. — Leo said.

Cavil got up again, with a thousand thoughts in his mind. All of them were interrupted by the voice of Kara Thrace:

Starbuck to Longshot, do you hear me, babe? — She asked.

Sam approached the console and linked his comm to the system:

— Go ahead, Starbuck. — Anders said.

Ahh, you're learning maggot. — She said — Mission accomplished. We have the package.

— Very good, honey. I own you one. — Sam said.

Only one? By my calculations you own me a dozen by now, but since I'm such a good wife, I'll let you pay in love. — Kara said.

Sam shook his head with a smile, and said:

— How generous of you. — He replied.

I know, I'll enter the Fields of Elysium with a ticker paper parade. — She joked — Hey, listen, I have someone here that wants to talk to their parents, do you have v-gear on you?

— I'm Cylon, Kara, I don't need V-gear, but here... — He touched the gel again — You can project now.

If Cavil had experience fesr before, now, the image thst formed on the room brought pure terror to him.

— No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! — Cavil repeated as he stumbled away from the projection of Kara, Saul and Ellen Tigh, Leon Conoy and a teenager boy of light auburn hair and deep blue eyes:

Hello, John — the Cylon Model Seven Daniel said — Still trying too hard, I see.

— I killed you! I KILLED ALL OF YOU! — Cavil screamed, in horror and despair.

Sorry to disappoint. — Daniel replied.

The One brought the hands to his ears and curled up on the corner, and Daniel turned to Tori and Sam:

Hey, Mom, hey Dad. — He said, with a smile — Is good to see you.

— Oh, my sweetie, is so nice to see you again. — Tori said, overcome with motherly feelings.

— Hey, Danny, long time no see, buddy. — Anders said — I missed you.

I missed you too, Dad. — Daniel replied and gesturing at Kara, he added — So, this is my new hot step-mama?

Wait, what? — Kara said, suddenly realizing her situation.

The laugh that erupted from the group made Cavil come back from his panic attack. In his mind, he looked around, looking at the happiness that Daniel brought to all around him, and hated him like before. They took it all from him, and now they were going to give everything to the little bastard.

He looked at the traitorous creators, so sure of their achievement, after bringing back the snotty kid. But he had taken precautions. The Cylons were his, not theirs.

— It is very good that came back, Daniel. — Cavil said, with venom — This way I can have the pleasure of seeing you die again.

Stop this, John. Just stop! — Ellen pleaded — All you achieved with your mad plans was death and suffering, can't you see?

Cavil glanced at his mother, and said:

— You're not the only one that tinkered with the core, Mother. — Cavil revealed. — I knew there was always the possibility of you bringing the little bastard back, so I made sure he would never survive as a Cylon.

— You restricted the number of personality matrices in the network. — Jannus said, making Cavil falter — Yes, we know.

Once again Cavil became worried, as the Admiral turned to him fully.

— What are you? — He asked.

— I'm Jannus of Hephaestus, Lord of Kobol. — Warryk declared.

Every bit of information in his matrix told Cavil this was impossible, but his instinct told him Warryk was telling the truth. And suddenly every memory about Kobol came back to the One's mind. Tales of fantastic creatures of superhuman powers, that at one point Cavil dismissed as human superstition and fantasy, but know he had to consider real.

— If you knew, then you know he's faded to die. — Cavil said.

— He could, if you still had the monopoly of the Network. — Jaffah said.

Cavil turned to the Model Four, and Leo added:

— We know you, One. All of you. — Leo said — We know your plans, your tricks, your secrets. And we prepared to nullify you influence.

Doctor Zhimm, are you and Galen ready? — Saul asked

Yes, the new v-world is online. — Zhimm said

— Good, because I have a few thousand individual programs to upload. — Baltar said — Hello, One. Have you missed me?

Cavil turned to his foe, and said with hate:

— Doctor. — The One said — You came to boast your victory? To laugh at my defeat?

— To boast? No. To laugh? Perhaps, but not because of you. — Gaius replied. — I have the love of the most spectacular woman in this universe, and people that I freed from your dominance have asked for my help. I'm happy, what is more than you have right now. I pity you, Cavil.

— I spit on your pity. — Cavil replied, angry.

— That is your choice. — Gaius replied, and turned to the others — We should go.

— What about them? — Yasmin asked, pointing at the Cylons from the Unity.

The Five looked to Helena, and said:

— I surrender myself to you. — He said.

He walked away from the console and Tori directed him to her side. Slowly, every other cylon walked to the same point, leaving Cavil and another two Ones, the copy that was killed by the Canceroan pilot and the copy that was infiltrated on the camp in Caprica. Before he even spoke, Cavil knew what the traitor was about to do. He knew he should have boxed him the moment he came back leaving the humans alive.

— Go. — Cavil said, dismissing him a hand — traitor.

Caprica Cavil approached Sam, and said:

— It was good to see you again after the camp, Samuel. — He said.

Anders didn't say anything, but he nodded in agreement. He knew it was him from the moment he saw the copy. In the end, Cavil and another One were left.

— We are moving out. — Jannus said, as the alarms of gravitational pull came to life

As they walked out of the room, Tori looked at the two Models:

— It is not late to change your mind, John. — Foster said.

— I'll take my chances with the singularity. — Cavil replied.

She looked at him, and then turned, finding Kaleb waiting for her.

The blast doors closed, and the two Ones turned the opposite way, walking away from the useless terminals and to their escape vessel.