Hi, I'm back. It has been way to long. But raising to little children. Has kept me very busy. My daughter would get sick very easily. She is better now and starts preschool the first week after new year. So with much more time on my hands I wanted to give my story another try.

I want to thank all of you who waited for me and my story. What would a story be without any readers.

I want to remember you to the fact that I am writing this story without a beta and that it has been a very long time since I have written. So excuse my mistakes and just enjoy the story

Note: This is a very short chapter, it's some kind of transition between where I left it and now.

Five years later Chapter nine: Different course. (EPOV)

It has been more than years since I last saw Bella. In those five years my life has been nothing more than an indistinct reflection of the time I spent it with her. I have not done anything other than anything I could think of to find her, or in the worst case scenario find Alice and Jasper without her. - It's the thing that I fear the most, that if my Bella had been pregnant with my child; she did not survive the birth. - As have Esme and Carlisle. My beloved mother and father have been with me all this time.

All of our friends and relatives all over the world have been on the lookout for Alice and Jasper. None of the information we got from any of them helped to locate them.

Our good friends in Austria did meet some others who had seen a small group of vegetarian vampires, who fit the description of our family members, in Spain, shortly after we ended our boat trip in France. But they had no details on Bella nor the baby.

More than anything, I needed to find Bella. I was lost without her. I have been beating myself up ever since I left her. For so long my life has revolved around finding her.

There was a thought that had crossed my mind once or twice in the five years that had past, but I was the riskiest thing any of us could do. I wanted to ask the Volturi for help. The best known vampire tracker was one of their guards. Could he find my Bella, Alice and Jasper? Or Peter and Charlotte.

All of us knew that Aro, their leader wanted me as one of them, and that was why I was so reluctance to go to them. SO maybe one day as a last resort kind of thing.

Fifty years later Chapter nine: Different course. (EPOV)

We have been looking all over the world for more than half a century and we have yet to find Bella and the rest of our family. Any lead we followed was a dead end, nobody had seen them, nobody knew anything about them.

It was no surprise to us that with the help of Alice they could see our every move and be one step ahead of us, but this was more than just Alice foreseeing things, it was like they all had vanished.

So now I had made my decision, I was going to ask the Volturi tracker, Demetri, for help. But you don't just call the Volturi on the phone or email, for a request like mine you needed to go to Volterra, the city in Italy where they lived and ask for an audience with the three leaders, Aro, Caius and Marcus.

Carlisle would not let me go there on my own, so all that was now left of my family was going to come with me. Emmet and Rosalie would go as far as Italy and have another honeymoon, but they would be nearby when needed. Carlisle and Esme would accompany me into the headquarters of our unofficial royal family.

We would leave tomorrow night. With some luck I would find Bella.