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Back to the Doctor

Alien Expectations Part 1


November 26th


The TARDIS shook and swayed, throwing its passengers back and forth as it moved through the universe towards its destination. Marty hadn't been expecting such a bumpy ride and held onto the circular consol that wrapped around the time vortex in the centre of the TARDIS for dear life.

Below him the paneling on the floor had been taken apart, so that he and the Doctor could place Jennifer into the bowels of the ship. The Doctor had hooked Jennifer up to the time vortex as Marty watched on with concern.

The insanity of the last hour had threatened to overload Marty's mind, but he had managed to keep control over himself. Jennifer was frozen, her body thrown out of sync when a time travelling robot had attacked her and sucked out her time energy. That would have been enough to make most people check themselves into the nearest insane asylum, but things didn't really get weird until he stepped into a time machine spaceship, that looked like a phone booth, and was bigger on the inside.

Time travel was nothing new to Marty, but putting his trust in a complete stranger and travelling with him god knew where into space in order to bring Jennifer back from the brink of death was hard for Marty to swallow.

He barely said anything as the Doctor ranted like a crazy person, rattling off incomprehensible techno-babble after Marty had made the mistake of asking how the TARDIS could move through time and space when it was just a phone booth on the outside.

He had understood one sentence: "It's not a phone booth, it's a police box – of course it's not really that either, it just looks like that. The TARDIS comes with a chameleon circuit…" the Doctor had gone on, but that was the point the words stopped making sense.

Marty knew he might be gone a long time, that it might take years for Jennifer to absorb enough of the time vortex to come back to life, but he couldn't stomach the thought of going home to say goodbye to his family. He knew without an explanation to give them it would be too difficult. The only thing he did before taking off with the Doctor was run to his car and grab a few things, like his skateboard and guitar, then he was back on board the TARDIS with the Doctor, who immediately grinned at him as he kicked a lever with his red converse sneakers.


Marty lurched forward and spent the next minute or so seriously questioning his decision-making abilities.

Then everything went still.

"What happened?" Marty asked after a beat.

"We're here," the Doctor proudly announced, checking a few screens and readouts.

"Here? Where here?"

"Adverspars 42."

"Doc, what are you talking about?"

"Open the door and find out."

Marty unlatched his fingers from the consol, his eyes briefly looking down and seeing the drape that was covering Jennifer, then he skeptically began walking down the ramp towards the blue door.

He thought maybe there had been a malfunction, but instead of finding Doc Brown's lab on the other side of the door, he found himself staring at a large domed ceiling, a few dozen stories high, light streaming down and illuminating the lush and green marketplace below.

"This is the Final Marketplace," the Doctor said, suddenly standing next to Marty, staring out at the brand new sight before them. "If you can't find something here, it doesn't exist."

"But… but how? When?" Then he glared at the Doctor. "Did we time travel?"

"Not at all, it's the same day and hour we left Earth, only now we're on the opposite side of the universe," the Doctor continued walking out and went towards the great crowd of… Marty couldn't believe his eyes, hundreds of people were walking past them, buying goods at shops, eating in small cafes, having jovial conversations, and not one of them was human.

There were aliens of all shapes and sizes, some with six arms, some with dozens, some with no arms but tentacles instead. Leathery skin, striped fur, glowing scales; no two aliens were alike.

"Jesus Doc…" Marty didn't understand, couldn't understand how the TARDIS and the Doctor had managed to take him to an alien world, but he knew without a doubt that it was true.

"No time to waste Marty!" The Doctor called back at him. "Close the door behind you and no one can get in."

Marty shut the door behind him, and quickly caught up to the Doctor. "Did you say the other side of the universe? What are we doing here?"

"Looking for information."

Marty could barely concentrate with all the alien sights and sounds bombarding him. "What information?"

"We need to know who sent that robot, and why."

Ah yes, the time travelling robot. The Doctor had dismantled it before it could cause any more damage and it was currently residing in a cold storage unit – just in case.

"You think we're going to find out info on a robot… in a space market?"

"Like I said, if we can't find it here: it doesn't exist."

Marty was overwhelmed. "Where do we even start looking?"

"We could always ask," the Doctor stopped in front of a perfectly round, blue creature with 16 eyes and a beak instead of a mouth. "Excuse me my good… ball, I don't suppose you could help us out."

"What'cha looking for?" The ball inquired.

"Doc," Marty leaned towards the Doctor, "it's speaking English."

"He's not speaking English, the TARDIS is translating everything your hear into English."

The ball looked at them perplexed.

Marty just shrugged. "I don't understand anything he says either."

The Doctor continued without skipping a beat. "We're looking for the Oslunctus."

All 16 of the ball's eyes went wide with shock. It rolled slightly forward. "It's been a long time since anyone's come around looking for the Oslunctus."

"Whose the… Oslunckus?"

"The Oslunctus is the great seer. Some say she can see into every corner of the universe."

"Really?" Marty looked at the Doctor for confirmation.

"Well, I don't know about every corner, but she does know a thing or two most people don't."

"I can point you in the right direction, but if you know about the Oslunctus, then you know she doesn't see just anyone."

The Doctor grinned. "I think she'll see me."


59 stories below the Final Marketplace Velox Ieiunium was late. The five-foot-tall, green and yellow spiked biped ran as fast as he could through the cramped metal corridors. His brother, Celox, must have accidentally turned off his alarm this morning, and Velox was now going to be at least an hour late getting to work.

To make matters worse, construction had forced him to take an alternate route and Velox was beginning to lose track of where he was. It was only a matter of time before it dawned on him that he was lost.

Velox slowed to a stop as he came to three hallways leading in different directions. He finally had to give up, go back the way he had come, and be even later. He just knew he was going to get fired over this.

"Pst, hey, you lost?" A gravely voice called out from one of the hallways. The hallway was slightly darker than the other two. A distant light in it flickering on and off, so Velox could barely make out the shape of a skinny silhouette.

"Who's there?" Velox called over to him.

"Just a friendly stranger. It looks like you're lost." The silhouette didn't move, so Velox took a step towards it.

"Yeah… a little."

"Come with me, I'll show you the way."

"I don't know." Velox was uncertain. He knew he should turn back.

"Trust me," his voice seemed to drip from his mouth.

"Hey," something about the silhouette caught Velox's eye, something he was pulling out. "What is that? What are you doing? HEY!"

There was a loud flash, and then silence.

To Be Continued…

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