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Alien Expectations Part 6

"He's dead and we're next!" Velox continued to scream, and while Celox was doing his best to calm his brother down and not panic as well, the Doctor kept a stoic look on his face.

"Celox," he said once he was certain the door Marty had just been dragged through was shut, turning to the small alien. "You need to get the stun gun."

"Oh sure Doctor," Celox rolled his eyes. "I'm right on it."

"Good," the Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and used it on the lock.

"I thought you said that wouldn't work."

There was a click, the door unlocked, the Doctor bounded out of the cage and began to unlock Celox's.

"It didn't, until he turned the deadlock switch off-"

"And couldn't turn it on while dragging your human off," the door unlocked and Celox jumped out as well.

Velox sat there stunned for a moment, then dashed out, but unlike his brother and the Doctor he immediately turned to the exit and started running as fast as he good.

"Velox!" Celox called after him in disbelief.

"Leave him!" The Doctor yelled and went for the door to that led deeper into the lab.


Marty hit the door and was pushed through. He had a moment to take in the smaller room, cluttered with the same pipes, wires and rusting equipment, but the centre of this room had a gurney strapped to it… a gurney covered not only in dry fetid blood, the smell of which instantly burned his nostrils, but also with still-wet glimmering blood.

And there, in a bucket in the corner, he saw a hand reaching out, as though it were trying to escape, and he realized it was all that was left from the last victim brought there.

The alien's grip on his arm loosened ever so slightly as the alien tried to get him to the gurney, but it was all Marty needed. He snapped his head back and the back of his skull impacted with the alien's soft nose. He felt the crunch and the alien gurgled in pain, instinctively letting go of Marty to grab his face.

Marty ignored the pain in his own head as he lunged towards the side of the room. There, on one of the table, he saw a rusted pipe. He grabbed it and swung it around like it was Biff's baseball bat.

The alien's eyes went wide in shock just before the pipe impacted with the concave side of his head, and he fell back against the wall in a daze.

Suddenly the door burst open and the Doctor ran in, branding his sonic screwdriver like a weapon towards the alien.

"Marty, are you all right?" The Doctor yelled, not looking away from the alien.

"Fine," Marty realized he was out of breath. He threw the pipe down and to his horror watched it roll towards the bucket of discarded body parts. "What the hell did I miss when we got separated?"

The Doctor had moved on though, all his attention was focused on the alien.

"Where is your master?"

The alien simply glowered up at the Doctor.

"I got it!" Celox ran into the room, holding the stun gun.

"Good, watch him," the Doctor ran back into the main lab, and Marty followed him. There was no way he was letting the Doctor out of his sight anymore. Celox stayed behind, ensuring the alien would pose no further threat to them.

There was only one door left to explore. The Doctor slowed down, cautiously walking forward, and Marty wondered if he shouldn't have kept his weapon.

The Doctor slowly pushed the door open with his foot. Marty peeked his head from behind the Doctor to stare into the dark room. The only light came from a half dozen or so TV monitors, which showed only static, and two piercing blue… eyes, Marty realized. Cold, blue lights, but eyes nonetheless.

"Doc, is that one of the robots?" Marty whispered.

"It's a robot all right," the Doctor seemed suddenly less tense. He took a step forward. "More specifically, a cyborg – a Cyberman."

The Doctor pointed his sonic screwdriver at a control panel, it exploded into sparks, and suddenly lights came on in the room and they both got a good look at this Cyberman. Without legs and both arms, and what few parts it had left rusting, they knew it posed no threat.

"Doctor," its metallic voice spoke, practically in a pleading tone.

"It's not the same kind of robot as before," Marty wasn't asking. He figured if multiple alien races could exist, multiple types of robots could exist as well.

"Look at you," the Doctor said quietly. "Look at what you've become."

"I am the last," the Cyberman explained. "It is my purpose to recreate the Cyberman race. We will rise again. We will remake the universe in our own image. We will make the universe perfect."

"We? You and the little grey alien?" Marty interjected, feeling smug enough to grin, but the Doctor wasn't grinning.

"You were human once."

Marty looked at the Doctor in disbelief. That thing? Human? What the hell was human about it?

"That's why you needed human parts, you would reject anything alien you introduced to your body."

"We must survive. The alien parts would suffice until a human could be located."

"Just so I'm on the same wavelength, we are talking about body parts, right? You murdered and dissected people for body parts?" Marty felt sick, and thinking about how close he came to becoming part of this thing only made that feeling worse.

"Even your assistant gave you a piece of himself."

"He was necessary to my resurrection. Parts of his brain were grafted onto mine, giving me back my higher function. In return, I promised to transform him into the first soldier of the new Cyberman army."

"You're sick. This is sick," Marty was beginning to pace with uneasiness.

"They have no emotions," the Doctor explained. "He can't understand why it's wrong to kill."

"Oh, I'm sorry, should I forgive him then?"

"No," the Doctor stepped up to the Cyberman and crouched down, so they were face to face. "You're never going to be complete. Not if it means killing someone else to do it."

"It is my purpose. I need the human's spare parts."

"I don't have spare parts!" Marty protested.

"Then you have no purpose," the Doctor said softly. "I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry, but what you're doing is meaningless."

The Cyberman was quiet for an impossibly long time. "Then… I must be deleted."

"Yes," was all the Doctor said, then held up his sonic screwdriver to the Cyberman. The Cyberman began sputtering words as the screwdriver whirred, then its lights went dim and the Cyberman powered down.

"Is it… dead?" Marty asked.

"It died a long time ago," the Doctor was quiet; he didn't look at Marty as he spoke to him. "The least I could do was put it out of its misery."

"Well," Marty finally said after a moment. "This is certainly turning into the most interesting day I've ever had – and believe me, that's saying something."

Suddenly they heard a loud banging noise, and a gravely scream coming from the other room.

They ran back through the lab into the room they had left Celox and the alien, throwing open the door, only the find Celox standing over the now dead alien, the rusted pipe Marty had used before now sticking out of its chest, a large pool of blood forming beneath him.

"Jesus!" Marty exclaimed.

"What did you do?" The Doctor looked at Celox with angry disapproval.

"I had to," Celox spoke quickly. "He came at me. I defended myself. I had no choice."

"You didn't have to kill him. There's always a choice-" The Doctor stopped himself, as though he was trying to keep from saying something cruel.

Marty could not fathom why the Doctor would be upset over the death of an alien who had literally tried to dissect Marty not five minutes ago. How could someone really feel sympathy so indiscriminately?

"You're clever Celox," the Doctor said after a moment, "but you're as much of a coward as your brother. Things didn't have to happen like this."

"He would have killed us if he'd had the chance."

"Apparently so would you."

Celox looked away indignantly, but Marty thought he saw something else in his eyes. Shame? Disappointment? Marty couldn't tell, the Doctor was leaving and Marty left with him. They left Celox alone, in the dim flickering light, only the dead left surrounding him.


"Hey Doc?" Marty finally asked after walking the whole way back to the TARDIS in silence.

"Hm?" The Doctor replied, opening the door and letting Marty in.

"You really think Celox was wrong to kill that guy? I mean, he kinda had it coming. Sort of putting him out of his misery, you know?"

The Doctor turned on Marty, but not angrily, there was nothing but compassion on his face. "Every life deserves mercy, deserves a second chance. If there was a way to save that Cyberman…" The Doctor shook his head. "You have to be willing to save every life if you want a chance to save any. I hope you never forget that."

Marty nodded a little uncertainly. "Okay."

"Now," the Doctor immediately started smiling again, running up to the consol. "To the old west! I love the old west, cowboys, Stetsons, saloons. Excellent!"

"Uh," Marty still wasn't used to the Doctor's wild mood swings. "Before we go. Just how often do these kind of things happen to you? I got the feeling from the Oslu-thing that Cybermen might be the kind of thing you encounter on a usual basis."

"Well, not usual. I mean, sometimes… er, often, I suppose."

"Often? So… what, not every time."

"Oh no! Not every time. Well…"

"Okay, you know what? It doesn't matter. I think I'm pretty committed by this point – or at least I should be committed," Marty sighed and sat down on the bench by the consol.

"That's the spirit. Allons-y!"

"Sure thing, Doc."

To Be Continued in Episode Three: Go West, Young Man

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