(Note: This scene is taken from the movie, so Harry has stabbed Tom Riddle's diary with the fang wound still in his arm.)

Harry gave a moment's thought to think about what he had just been through. Him and Ron and seen the deadly message, written in blood, on the wall. Then they learned that Ron's sister, Ginny, had been taken down to the Chamber. Ginny. How could cute, innocent Ginny Weasley have been taken to the Chamber? They found the location of the Chamber. Then Lockhart had attempted to wipe out their memories, but Ron's wand malfunctioned and their professor was hit himself. Ron stayed behind with Lockhart while Harry went down to the Chamber. He saw Ginny lying, cold, on the ground, and he clinged desperately to her, praying she was alive. Then Tom Riddle appeared, revealed himself to be Lord Voldemort, and called for the Basilisk. The Basilisk wounded Harry's arm and he killed it. He then came up to Tom Riddle's diary, and stabbed it with the Basilisk fang. Riddle was gone.

Ginny was stirring. Harry kneeled up closer to her, his left arm clutching his right, and he knew he had only a few moments to live. However, before dying, he had to instruct Ginny on how to get out of here. Her eyes opened and she moaned in pain.

'Ginny.' he managed to say.

'Harry, i-it was m-me, b-but I-I swear, I didn't mean t-too. Riddle made m-me and…'she breathed out before looking at Harry's wound on his arm. It was not any normal cut. A cut is something you get when you cut your hand chopping tomatoes. This was not a cut. This was a huge puncture in Harry's arm.

'H-Harry, you're hurt…' she gasped as tears started welling up in her eyes. It was her fault that he was hurt, her fault that all the students had been petrified, her fault that her childhood crush was going to die soon.

'Don't worry. Ginny, go up to the Chamber. You'll find Ron. Don't worry about m-me' he coughed out.

She started to cry. 'NO. I won't leave you, Harry. I-' She managed to say, in between sobs, before she was interrupted by a phoenix flying up to Harry. It was bright red just like her hair.

'You were brilliant, Fawkes. I just wasn't quick enough.' he said, now having trouble breathing.

Suddenly, Fawkes, the phoenix started to cry, and Ginny's chocolate brown eyes widened in amazement to see Harry's wound heal, and the skin repair itself.

'Ofcourse. Phoenix tears having healing powers. Thanks!' he said, smiling, full of gratitude.

When he saw her eyes full of tears, he threw his arms around her, rubbing her back in circles, reassuring her, that Riddle was gone, that she was safe now. She continued sobbing, as the past days' events came back to her.

'He's gone Ginny. He won't control you again. I promise' he said, reassuring her. She refused to let go of his arms. And without thinking, hoping it would make Ginny feel any better, he kissed her on her cheek.

Ginny was crying. Harry had just saved her from the Basilisk and killed it and Riddle, apparently, and he had a huge puncture wound in his right arm. It was her fault, that her childhood crush, that her idol, that the boy she liked the most in the world, was going to die.

Then the phoenix came, and started crying. Harry's wound healed up and now it didn't look like it was there at all. She was still crying. Even though her childhood dream was coming true, even though Harry had his arms around her, it couldn't match the pain and sorrow she'd been through. Then Harry did the unexpected. Without thinking, he kissed her on the cheek. At that moment on contact, such brilliant warmth filled her body that it felt like nothing bad had happened at all. Her boy, her lifelong crush, had shown a sign of affection towards her, and kissed her. The warmth in her body, that was their while Harry was hugging her, was amazing. She never wanted it to leave.

Yet when he broke apart, blushing slightly, the warmth left her. She stopped crying though, and Harry helped her up to her feet. Holding her hand, he led her back to the rocky patch where Ron and Lockhart were. Ron was relieved to see her, and the four of them flew back up to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. She was holding on to Harry, and the same warmth filled her body again. She couldn't get enough of it.