Mothers POV

I was watching TV, in my huge mansion, when I got the most brilliant of the most brilliant ideas! I got off the chair I was sitting on and hurried to my room.

When there, I turned the light on, and struggled through some old things I haven't been in in a while. Finally, which seemed like forever, I got to my old, still working Video Camera.

I turned it on, luckily it was fully charged, and sped out of the room to the Living room where there was music going through my ears. I heard May singing/listening to a song and pressed the Record button.

The way she feels inside

those thoughts I cant deny

these sleeping dogs wont lie

and all I tried to hide

its eating me apart

trace this life out

I paused it then ran into Misty's room and found her singing to her ipod, and pressed a button to resume recording.

At first you think cruella is a devil

but after time has worn away the shock

you come to realize

you seen her kind eyes

watching you from underneath a rock

I pressed the button again, and soon found myself in the storage room. I looked at the security cameras and saw Leaf and Dawn Dancing to the Radio. I once again, pressed the record button and shot it to the one with Leaf and Dawn.

You're on your knees begging please stay with me *Leaf got on her knees clasped her hands together facing Dawn*

But honestly I just need to be a little crazy *Dawn patted Leafs head, faced forward, and shook her head up and down (like rockstar material)*

All My life Ive been good but now, im thinking what the hell *Leaf shot up from her knees and both of them did a backflip*

All I want is to mess around, and I dont really care about *Both did a frontflip*

If you love me *Both made a heart with theyre two hands to theyre chest*

If you hate me *Broke the two and put theyre hands to theyre sides*

You can save me baby, baby *did a backflip facing each other and landed on theyre knees (on purpose)*

I pressed stop and hurried to my room. Once in there, I played the Video on my flat screen TV. After I watched it I had a Devious smile plastered on my face. Rejected the movie from the DVD player, and went to my computer in my room.

I had an E-mail from my High School freind, Dave, and sent him the DVD on the Internet, with a message:

My children say that they have horrible voices/moves. Can you come over tomorrow and listen to them and see theyre dances in person?

I sent the message and insantly theyre came a message back:

Sure! But, I have my boy's tomorrow. Do you mind if I bring them along?

I couldnt just say no! So I sent this:

Of course! How bout at 5:00? After we can go out to dinner. How's that sound?

After that Ive got a message saying:

That sounds great! See you then with the girls!

I sent a message saying that Ill see him tomorrow, and went to the living room.

''Children! Come here please!'' I said pretty loudly.

May was the first to get here then, Misty, and then Leaf and Dawn.


''Tomorrow theyre will be company, and we will go out to dinner. So I want you to be on your best behavior! And do as I say. Promise?'' I exclaimed.


''We will go out to get nice clothing. Got it?'' I said.

Misty, May, and Leaf groaned, while Dawn squealed.

''I said got it girls" I looked at the groaning girls.

''Yes ma'm'' They went to the door and slid theyre sandals on. And we all walked out the door to the mall.

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