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Impossible. He died. How can he be here?

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I stood frozen to the spot with shock, as I watched the battle, not the one with Alice and the Jabberwocky, but the one that contained my brother and the Knave, Ilosovic Stayne.

Many thoughts ran through my head as I stood and watched my brother fight. I could not bring myself to believe he was alive. After all I have lived from the age of 15 to now believing I was the last Hightopp. How did he survive? How? I searched Witzend time and time again for my family. Where has he been hiding?

Unexpectedly the knave was on his back and the Hatter raised his sword over his heart. I suddenly found that I could move again and unsheathed my sword, I pressed the tip against his back as four words echoed around us 'Off With Your Head'. My sword hit the floor with a clatter as the Jabberwocky's head started rolling down towards us.

"Impossible!" I whispered once as staring at something with shock.

I hastily exited the battlefield, only stopping once in the woods at the side. I turned to find Tarrant right behind me.

"You were always good at sneaking after people. Weren't you Tarrant?" I said as I smiled a sickly smile. I turned to leave again it wasn't safe for him to be with me especially since people had saw me stop him killing Stayne.

He didn't try to grab me as left in fact he just stood there watched me run off. Hopefully it gave him comfort knowing he wasn't the last Hightopp, like it did me.

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