Chapter One

"I'll kill him, I'll kill that Rider!" Screamed a very wet Stabbington brother as he climbed out of the escape tunnel for the Snugly Duckling, his younger brother following him.

"We'll cut him off at the Kingdom, get back the crown. Come on," He said again starting to walk in the direction of the city, while his younger brother was still coughing up a lungful of water.

"Why's he going back though?" Asked Ron, the younger brother.

This made Jack, the older brother stop dead. He had no idea why Rider would want to go back. All three of them had prices on their heads, and the threat of the gallows and that was before they stole the most valued and loved crown in the kingdom. This made him assume that the price on their head would have doubled.

"He's obviously stupider than we thought he was." Jack eventually replied. He knew that it was easier to be in the city during the celebration for the lost princess, as everyone from all over the kingdom came to celebrate and none of the guards could keep up with the amount of criminals who congregated there.

Both seemed content with that answer, so started to make their way through the forest towards the city. One thing kept on the minds of the brothers though, as they made their way there in silence. The blond girl who helped Rider escape them for the second time that day.

"What we gonna do about her?" Ron eventually asked his older brother.

"The pretty little blonde that helped that scheming bastard? We can have some fun with her."

"I'm sure after being stuck with him for a while she'll be craving real men."

"We could always make Rider watch. He hates things being taken from him after all"

The rest of their walk to the city consisted of talk about what they would do to Flynn Rider and the girl who was now with him. They both figured that she was his partner in crime. They figured that they had planned the heist together, as they both thought that Rider couldn't have figured it all out himself. They must have realised that to succeed in that crown heist they would need more muscle. It had been Flynn who had approached them with the idea of stealing the crown. He said he had been watching the palace for a while, saying he knew how to get in and out without being noticed. He also said that he knew someone who would pay very handsomely for the crown of the lost princess in the neighbouring kingdom.

They had no idea where in the city Rider and the Blonde would be hiding. But they were sure gonna flush him out and make sure that he would suffer for what he did, so they headed south towards the city.

Meanwhile, making her way east towards the coast of the Kingdom of Corona was Gothel. The walk through the forest had been quiet and uneventful and now she was on the dirt road that headed to the small village on the coast. She had been there many times before in her 500 years. Recently she had started to visit villages more often, enjoying getting away from Rapunzel.

Though the girl was obedient, and necessary for her prolonged life she enjoyed her time away from her. Over the past few years she had been asking so many questions which were making Gothel very uneasy. She wasn't sure how long her love and obedience would last which meant that sometimes during her trips she would scout new locations to take Rapunzel, should she ever try to learn too much. She knew the girl would try and leave at some point, though she was sure it wouldn't be this year or the next.

She was getting too curious about the world and about everything in it. This had actually made Gothel remove several books from the tower and think of new and clever ways to poison her against the world. Most were fictional, if not completely outrageous. She told her about cannibals, wild animals, monsters and things that would kill her. When she had begun turning into a woman and started to have womanly urges she was able to poison her against men and against her own body. She told her that wicked girls have a curse of blood, and that when her thoughts become pure again it will stop. She told her that all women in the world have this curse and she hoped that keeping her locked away would stop her suffering from it. She also told her how men would want to take advantage of her and take her virtue in the most painful and primitive way. Gothel smiled to herself thinking back on that conversation, it was very quick thinking on her part.

Now Gothel would never tell Rapunzel how much enjoyment was to be had with men that would forever be her secret. In fact, one of the reasons this trip did take so long was due to a man in one of the villages. She had been having an affair with him for the past five years. Although she had cut Rapunzel off from human contact it didn't mean that she didn't have needs and urges, she had a man in almost every village in the kingdom, and she also did many jobs through out the kingdom. This allowed her lifestyle.

She kept walking thinking of what she would come home to in a few days, expecting her daughter to be there, waiting quietly, with freshly baked pie. She had no idea that her secret has been found and that her daughter was no where near the tower.