Avalon High

The Aftermatch

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Allie was waken up by the was like a ,they had defeated had also proved that they were is not King Arthur,but Allie forced herself up and after picked up some clothes,she dragged herself to the finished her bath in 30 minutes (including dress).She took her bag and rushed downstair.

"Bright and early today ,Allie?",her mom greeted her.

"Yeah,as much as I enjoy my sleep,I just need to go to the school early today."said Allie."Hi,dad"

"Morning." Her dad greeted her back. After she ate a toss, Allie put the plate in the sink and kiss both her parents' cheek.

"Bye mom, bye dad." She bid them goodbye.

Allie arrived at Avalon High. She headed to her locker.

"Allie!", someone called her name.

"Will…." Allie hugged Will.

"How's my King Arthur doing?", joked Will.

"Fine,thankyou for your concern." Allie smiled at Will.

"Last night,Marco and I agreed to gather and discuss-"

"Will, you are needed in the hall." A student suddenly said to Will. He looked quite exhausted though. Maybe, someone was being bullied, but this time, not Miles (because now,Marco had opened up his cover, and being nice). Will quickly murmured "Sorry" and "See you later" and sped off. Allie opened her locker, when she took some books out, someone tapped her shoulder. Allie jumped in surprised and turned around quickly.

"Relax Allie, it's just me." It sounded like Miles'

"Ow,sorry...Hey,don't shock me like that," said Allie

Miles rolled his eyes. He looked at Allie and slowly, the corner of his mouth rised slowly into a smile and became a grin.

"What's wrong with you ,Miles?",asked Allie with a chuckle.

"Nothing,"answered Miles too quickly.

"Okay," Allie looked at him like he's weird.(A/N : In my story, after their battle, Miles didn't hugged a girl nor greeted by any girl.)

"Oh,Allie...,we have meeting later at lunch," said Miles.

"With?", asked Allie as she crocked one eyebrow.

"The Order Of Bear",replied Miles.

Allie stared at Miles with wide eyes. There was a pause. Allie opened her mouth, but she was beaten uf by the bell.

"Science...," said grabbed Allie's shoulders, and push her still-shock-body to the homeroom. They arrived at the lab. The pairing had changed. Jennifer with Lance, Allie with Will,and Miles?

"Okay,everyone,listen. Allie, now you won't be lonely as a new student anymore. Meet your new friend, Ms. Myra",announced the teacher.

I'll stop here...hehehe, Ms. Myra...quite a tough character to write...

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