Chapter 3

Everbody did as what Miles said. In the spilt second, they could hear a lots of cracking sounds and shattered glasses flew at any direction. Gasses spread quickly to every corner and space in the room. Everyone was either too scared too move or still in a "shock" state. Both Miles and Myra got up, ran to the nearest window and opened it. They kept on doing that action until all windows were opened. At last, they opened the door and everybody ran outside.

"Anybody hurt? All of you, go see and check up by the nurse and I suggest NOW!". The teacher was panic.

"You okay?",asked Miles between gasping for air.

"Yeah,you?", asked Myra back.

"Fine...". Miles noticed that she looked like she was not fine. "Are you sure that you're fine?"


Although Miles was not convinced by her answer, he decided not to push it any futhur.

"By the way,how do you know?"

"Huh? Know what?". Miles was startled by her question.

"The incident...", said Myra.


"Well, I understand."

Now, Miles was surprised. "You do? How?"

"It's your privacy anyway. You didn't have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

"Well...,uh...thanks...I guess...?"

"Sure! No problem at all." Myra smiled.

Miles face lit up. "This girl...was easy to talk with...",thought Miles.

"Miles! Are you fine?",asked a concern Allie."I can't believe it happened again. Are we going to have this weird things happen around us again after last time? I thought it must be DONE! FINISHED! No more threats!"

"Allie,calm down...",said Miles,obviously amused by Allie's worries.

"How Miles? HOW?",said a frantic Allie.

"Just take a deep breath and slowly let it out...", said Myra.

"Okay..." Allie did as what Myra told her, and eventually calmed down."Thanks-..."

"It's Myra."

"Oh, thank you, Myra", thanked Allie."I'm Allie, nice to meet you..."

"Same here..." Myra shook Allie's hand.

"Where is Will?",asked Miles.

"Ah,probably with the teacher...," Allie paused for a moment." Have you gone to the nurse?"

Both Miles and Myra shook their head.

"You guys are crazy...". Allie sighed. Myra and Miles laughed.