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The Power of Three


Hi loyal and amazing people who read my stories...

Basically I know I haven't been updating in well honestly forever and it's unacceptable but please bare with me it'll happen.

In the mean time this popped in my head when I was meant to be listening to my lecturer...Thought if I start writing this maybe I'll get over my block on some of my other stories.

If you like the idea let me know and I'll finish the first chapter today afterI do a little exercise lol xxx


I keep picturing them as kids and I think it's so cute especially Bonnie I can see her being the tiniest thing ever. Mainly a humouress story I hope but think all of mine have a mix. There'll be romance when Bonnie reverts back of course.

So anyways Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are turned back into 4 year olds (with obviously only the memoires they had up until that point. This means Bonnie will thinks Grams is alive etc which will be important in showing Damon exactly how close the two were and thus how he's hurt her. But also for showing the bond the girls had and what other traits exist in their personalities that may now be hidden.) thanks to Jonas, Elijah and Luka. What happens when Damon, the all things cute and fuzzy hater is left to control the situation? He has to appease three children and make sure no one notices the young girls wondering around which is going to be the biggest challenge of his life. He sure won't have Stefan's assistance as he leaves to go looking for someone to help them (Lucy Bennet). Andy Star will try to help... What if Damon can't stand young Elena who is a total bossy pain and slightly bitchy? He already found Caroline irritating before but when she and Elena cannot stop fighting what will he do? Only little Bonnie can help him as she is the only thing the two girls commonly agree on, because of their love for her. What if the little witch starts to warm Damon's un dead heart to the point he even finds himself fighting for her attention and the chance to share her with the two bickering toddlers? Will he realise the damage he has actually caused the 17 year old Bonnie, the more he talks to the so innocent toddler who is actually quite fond of him in her young state? When they revert back will anything change between them? Will she even remember all thats happened? He sure will.

Sorry not the best summary...