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Chapter Eleven: Fairy dust and bug juice.

The winds were screaming directly at them, pushing them around like sand across the dessert. Short of running home and ending the emotional and paint free day on a low note, they headed nearer and nearer to the caves for shelter.

The air around the cave had this extra fresh and minty scent to it, which was completely surprising when you took one look at the rotted corroding caves that lay on the squelching grass. The trees around it even had branches like claws. These trees seemed to howl out in agony but then wasn't that just the wind. Yep there was something not right about this area of Mystic Falls and if the girls weren't so head strong they would have taken heed of what their mummies and grams had said about coming here. Instead although they still felt fear, a deeper part of them was eager to hurry in and see what all the fuss was about. They felt naughty for going into the area they'd been banned from and it made them uncontrollably excited. That was until a huge cole coloured crow descended out of nowhere from the dark mouth of the weed ridden cave.

"Waaaaaaaaaah me no likey" squirmed Elena crawling all over Alaric.

"Woah so creepy!" Caroline and Bonnie said in awe, looking at the decaying caves in front of them. "No worries Lena me and Care Bear have got ya"

"Na I'm gonna leave her to the mountain lions. You know Mummy bear never lets us come here ever!" said Caroline rubbing her hands together in anticipation and excitement.

"Do you think vampbats live in there coz that's what Tyler told me?" Bonnie asked inquisitively looking to her little Care Bear for an answer.

"Well I'm not sure about the bats part." said Alaric looking amusedly at his vampire comrades who responded by rolling their eyes.

"Hmmm well I guess I got Prince Ricky to protect me and Matt and Tyler will be so jel they couldn't come." said Elena impressed and gloating that she was doing something others weren't.

"Yeah they'll be so crushed. Maybe we should let them come with us next time? said Bonnie not comfortable with leaving anybody out.

"Your mummies always told us scary stories bout this place and Matt and Ty wet themselves but we knew your mummies were just trying to hog the caves for their own fun times. Remember when Logie and Jenna brought us to the woods? They were gonna let us play in the caves while they made smoochy sounds but like your mummy sheriff followed them coz she didn't think they were doing a good job looking after us. I heard her say she was so on it because she caught them with no tops on WEIRD." said Bonnie in one sweet soft breath that made Damon's heart flutter. She may not have been addressing him but to hear her innocent self rearing its tiny little head again was so cute.

He watched as she did that thing where she put her little fingers to her chin to ponder as her brows furrowed together. It was something he'd come to love. Well if he was honest what didn't he love about her? HOLD IT you are not Stefan no getting your girly knickers in a bunch. All this fairies,sunshine and rainbows make the world go round crap is too much for me. Quit this shit inner self. YOU'VE ALREADY MADE ME WEAR A CAPE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

"Awe I love it when you tell stories and No way BB this is ours and ours alone. I name this cave ELENAVILLE."

The screeching never ending sound of Elena's Gilberts voice had him thumping back to reality.

"Err how does that make it ours then?" Caroline said invading Elena's face with an annoyed expression, fists clenched at the side. All three men sighed. They knew where this was going. AGAIN

"Your right it doesn't make it anybodies but mine! Tough life Caroline tough life" she said flicking the blonde on the nose.

"Gwuys pwease lets just play together? The power of three needs to be free.

"Bonnie's right. We're not taking any of you into the caves unless you stop fighting. We'll turn around and go back home. You'll then be put to sleep early with no lullabies or cuddly toys." said Alaric and Stefan firmly.

"Black haired guy you don't side with them right?"

"No I don't Caroline."

"Wopp woop" said Elena "now your being my good little slave prince."

"You didn't let me finish you creature out of the black lagoon. I'll let you go in the cave if you keep fighting but I'll lock you in there and go home. When i'm there I'll pee on your favourite toys and then relax, eating all your favourite ice cream and chocolates so there's none left when you come back. Then after I've stuffed myself and your back in bed after an agonising long stay in the caves I'll be so full that I'll puke it all back up on ya." He said sinisterly. He ignored the repulsed looks on Stefan and Alaric's faces. Yeah bitches Damon Salvatore the dick is not completely dead yet. Deal with it!

"You know you don't scare me right? I've seen you dancing like a monkey in a cape. There's nothing scary about you honey boo boo child." Said Elena hand on hips and head wagging like one of those ornaments people keep in their cars.

Caroline laughed so hard she stopped for a minute to make sure no pee had come out. "She got ya there. Oh my oh my look at this" she said hysterically. She took Elena's bag and threw it in the air. She watched it hit the ground. "Splat that was you a minute ago ahaha what's scary bout that?"

"And I was starting to warm to you Barbie." Damon said taking his turn to put hands on hips and huff the hair out of his eyes.

"Hey just coz I'm giving you a chance with my love Beebs doesn't mean I don't think your slightly on the stupid side of life."

Damon's ears became acutely aware of the soft giggle that came from baby Bonnie's tiny little lungs.

"Oh so you find her comments funny too little angel?"

"Yes. You are on the stupid side of life and my grammy says white men can't dance. That's all I have to say."

Well at least she didn't accuse me of breaking her heart this time. Baby steps literally.

"Alright girls form an orderly queue and attach your baby hands to one adult at all times. No running into the cave wildly. If you get lost you'll be left there to rot as there are so many nooks and crannies you little people can get stuck in. We just won't know where to look." said Damon mischievously trying to put the fear of Lucifer into them.

"Why why you gotta take the fun outta life black haired guy?"

"I could ask you the same question fat hobbit."

"Now now the fighting applies to us adults too so stop riling each other up." chastised Stefan.

"What but I thought we bonded and you were on team stamonric?"

"What in god's name brother?"

"Look I'll work on it later. I haven't slept in days so excuse you if my ingenious ideas are lacking. Sheesh such high expectations as usual little bro."

"Huh?" said Ric "what's a stamonric? How hard did you hit your head?" came Alaric 's delayed response only hearing half the sentence while trying to detangle his hair from Elena's, both now glued to each other because of her love of bubble gum.

"Yeah how hard black haired guy? How hard? Coz it sounded painful soo painful" Elena teased just choosing to yank her gum filled head not taking a moment to realise it would hurt Alaric. "Splat ahaha thats how it sounded when you fell on your ugly butt"Elena smacked her hands together to illustrate her point then pouted when she realised that action stung her paws.

The girls tiptoed carefully as they entered the dusty cave looking from side to side like the walls had eyes that were staring back at them. Elena gripped her nails into Alaric arms so hard.

"Ahhh bugs!" she squealed hammering her fists into them on the wall squashing them.

"Hey hey hey" Bonnie said in surprise "stop you're hurting them." She ran to Elena tripping. Damon was there in a heartbeat trying to pick the little dolly up. He got her to her feet and brushed her little knees as she rubbed her hands together. He missed her whisper a sweet thanks as her head was down.

"They are gross!" said Elena after she was certain Bonnie wasn't hurt.

"Apart from spiders bugs aren't so bad. Pwease don't squish anymore of them Lena."

"Well i guess i don't want bug juice on my dress."

"You are utterly repulsive you know that?" Damon said behind her and scowled as she turned to wipe a handful of dead bugs on his trousers.

Well there goes any desire from me to ever have sex with the bug squisher when she's 17.

"Stefan take your pants off!"

"Excuse me"

"I have bugs juice all over me. A) I never thought I'd be saying that and B) this is the worst thing ever. Take you pants off. My hips are slimmer than yours and your pants will probably make me look like some hip hop wanna be as they fall off but I don't care. This is yuck! I mean I've been in some sticky situations in my life but this this is unfair and karama is being sooo mean to me for sure."

"Man up!"

"Alaric?" Damon said in a seductive and hopeful tone, thinking surely his bestie would bend to his will.


Damon sighed and forced down his gag reflex as he took a squashed moth off his trousers.

"About time! Knew you couldn't keep away so which Salvatore has come to see me?" A crazy girl's voice started echoing through the space.

"ahhhhhhhhh the caves talking I don't like it" the girls squealed simultaneously and turned to run out.

"No don't worry errr look it's the fairy yeah the fairy from hell she lives here. Don't worry we aren't going near her right now." Stefan urged them in a different direction of the cave.

"Wait fairy I wanna see the fairy let me see the fairy!"

AN: Loved last ep purely because Bonnie finally got some scenes alone with the boys. Damon is still annoying me tbh. It's making rooting for him and Bonnie hard :( She deserves the best.