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Far, Far Away and Long, Long Ago~

"Alexander, this is madness. We have way less numbers than the Persians!"

"Parmenion, my judgment will not change. Tonight we feast and tomorrow we will fight and win."

"Sounds fair to me," Cleitus shrugged. He received a dangerous glare from the older general. Cleitus was obviously not helping the situation and only encouraging the young king more with his dangerous decision.

Alexander was young, brave, smart, stubborn and exceedingly determined. Nothing could change his mind and Parmenion was well aware of that. He's known it since the king was just a boy.

Alexander kissed the old general on the cheek. "Have faith my wise friend," and with that he left the tent and uncertain generals behind.

"So it seems as if our little king has bigger balls than the lot of us, wouldn't you say." Cleitus started to laugh but stopped immediately when know one else joined him.

"You're all pathetic!"

Cassander smirked. "We do not find you funny Cleitus and I speak for everybody when I say this."

The generals in the big meeting tent laughed.

"Speaking of people who aren't funny, where's Hephaistion? I swear that man has no sense of humor." Cleitus continued.

Alexander started to make his way towards his best friend's tent who had decided he would rather sleep in than be at the meeting. It didn't matter much anyway because Alexander told his friend everything ahead of time. When he entered the tent he smiled at the figure steadily breathing in sleep.

"Hephaistion?" Alexander whispered not wanting to startle the man.

He crept closer to him and whispered his name again. He did not wake. This time Alexander kissed him on the cheek and whispered his name against his soft skin causing his friend to shift. Alexander would never admit to Hephaistion that he loves watching him sleep. Something about it was very peaceful and relaxed the tenseness of his body. Only this man could affect the king in that way.

Even though his friend was absolutely stunning at the moment, Alexander had little patience and began shaking his friend awake. If something was on his mind, it must be done.

"Hephaistion wake up! I need you to come with me."

Hephaistion shoved the hands off him and stared at the king trying to process what had just happened. Was he being attacked? "Did you just shove me, my king? And what brings you to my tent this early?"

"No, and I want you to come riding with me before the feast tonight. I need time to think, and what better way to think when I'm with you." The stupid smile that formed on his face made Hephaistion chuckle and Alexander knew he was forgiven.

"Let me get dressed Alex and I'll be right out." Hephaistion threw the covers away and just realized he had just exposed his naked body to the man before him. Alexander couldn't help but smile and this made the older man blush a deep red.

"Phai I have seen you naked before," Alexander said with a perceptive tone.

"I know but you are King now." Hephaistion rose and covered himself with his sheets as if he just exposed himself to a total stranger. Seeing this put a frown upon the younger mans face.

"My feelings remain the same," Alexander whispered but mostly to himself and he quickly left the tent.

Hephaistion met Alexander where he had their horses ready. Alexander hopped on to Buchephalus and stared at the struggling man trying to board his own horse.

"Don't look at me like that Alexander, I just awoke" Hephaistion claimed but finally managed to get on.

"Yes and your struggles once again make you even more perfect."

"Well that's good to hear because I'm going to be struggling a lot to keep your ass alive tomorrow."

The two rode off towards the sun.

"How do you plan on conquering Persia?"

"I must have dreamed a thousand dreams of different ways to conquer Persia and the world beyond that."


"And I plan on conquering it with you by my side, if that is alright with you?"

"Only if you allow it?"

They smiled at each other for a moment before they saw a flock of vultures flying over their heads in the bright blue sky. Alexander smiled triumphantly.

"Come Phai. Whatever they want, let us get to it first!"

It was his own made up tradition, that whenever he saw the big ugly birds he would follow them and try to get to the prey first. It was a way to avenge the men whose eyes were pecked out during after battles. If Alexander couldn't stand one thing, it was an unfair advantage. He liked the challenges.

Alexander and his friend rode far after the ugly creatures and when the birds finally landed and surrounded its prey Alexander jumped off Bucephalus and ran towards the big assemble. He started shooing them away and slashing at them with his sword. He thought it was all fun in games but he left Hephaistion over in the distance fearing for his life.

Hephaistion hated that whenever Alexander was excited or had his mind set on something, he was as fearless as the gods but as reckless as a human preparing to fight lightning and thunder head to head. It was stupid to run into a flock of man eating creatures Hephaistion thought. He sighed, wielded his sword and went to go help Alexander.

Twenty vultures, a thousand feathers and six minutes later, the creatures cleared out leaving two figures to be revealed on the hard desert ground. Alexander hurried over to the figures followed by Hephaistion. Alexander was amazed at what he saw.

"Hephaistion would you look at this?"

"What are they?" The older man asked in sudden fear.

"I don't know. I have never seen anything like this before."

"What are they doing out here?"

Alexander knelt down and reached out his hand and started to touch the odd, tall, colorful hat one of the figures wore.

His friends' reaction was quick and he grabbed Alexander's hand.

"Don't touch it." Hephaistions voice was clouded with a mix of fear and confusion. "It could be dangerous."

"They are just like us. Men." Alexander took his hand from Hephaistions loosening grip and started observing the outsiders closer.

"They don't look like men. What if this is a bad omen?"

"Then the gods wouldn't have sent them here. They need our help."

Hephaistion has always been amazed at how fast Alexander could adjust to anything of the unknown.

"They look dead though."

"They're just unconscious. Help me with them Phai!"

Hephaistion decided to just stay stubborn and replied by folding his arms. "I'm pretty sure they're dead."

"I give you way too much freedom as a friend," Alexander said smiling. "Now help me!"

Again the general was hesitant but helped nonetheless. They helped both the men onto each one of the horses situating them comfortably.

"What are we going to do with them?"

"Bring them back with us and see to them." Ofcourse the answer was that simple.

"What of the generals? They can't see them Alexander."

Alexander knew this and he understood the concern of his friend. Not only will Parmenion get involved but all the trepidation from the people and generals, if they somehow found out, would be too distracting for the upcoming battle. Alexander needed his men all focused and ready to fight. He couldn't afford to lose. Not now, not ever.

"You're right, at least not now."

"No not at all!"

"Why? They could come from a land I wish to conquer someday. Maybe they will give me information on these matters."

Hephaistion let out a long sigh. What was the point in trying to debate, argue or even fight with Alexander. Everyone but him would come out the loser. "I just pray that this is not a bad sign."

Alexander just gave him a reassuring look.

"Okay Alexander we can only do this if we find a way to sneak them through the camp especially the one who looks like a bird."

The king started rubbing his chin and started to give his deep into thought look. The general knew it was going to be awhile but he also knew something of incredible genius would come from his mouth.

"We can rush pass them!" Alexander gave his triumphant smile again and Hephaistion frowned.

"Apparently I was wrong. We can not assume the generals won't see, and we don't really have enough of anything to cover them up. Think of something else."

Suddenly Alexander got serious.

"I have an idea."