This is just a poem of a fiction Princess. It's inspirated by Kingdom of Heaven, which I do not own. The poem is the only thing that is left of Princess Hadassa, the rest was destroyed by the Church.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
fragile and precious hope.
Like a beacon,
was thy live for us.
White as snow,
was thy conscience.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
promise and strength,
As well to the poor farmers,
as well to the brave knights.
For all who saw thee,
it was clear.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
thy live was short.
Thy were loved by commons,
praised by knights.
But feared by the Church,
and hated by Rome.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
we miss thee so.
Your deeds were big,
but your heart was bigger.
You almost gave your life,
for the life of that of a beggar.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
all the people cried.
A kings title,
given to a princess.
An angel, the people said.
a demon, the Church yelled.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
the people bend before you.
You were poweful,
and you were wise.
You defended the weak
and stood against the Church.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
your love was for the people.
But you had a special place,
for your special knight.
Only once,
did you share the night.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
what you feared became true.
The Church feared you,
like you were Lucifer himself.
So they stopped you,
piercing your heart.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
the whole world cried.
For they had lost their hope,
the one who dared the Church.
Rome had slaughtered you,
like a lamb.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
only a few still dare to whisper.
For the Church has denied your existence,
not one thing of you remains.
Only a few who were loyal,
dare to hide you.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
people can now only dream.
The land has turned black again,
the people became silent.
Like the Holy Grail,
you are lost for ever.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
beloved princess of Israel.
We keep believing,
we keep fighting.
And for ever we shall sing,
Jerusalem, oh, Jerusalem

-purely fanfiction/made up-