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The sequel to this story will start posting Sunday (tomorrow), June 26th. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up...and a little taste.

No time has passed since the end of Blood & Glory to now. This starts at Carlisle and Esme's wedding. For those of you that chat with me on Twitter, you already have heard this warning, but I do feel the need to give it again. Just like with B&G, this is dark, it will be a rough ride, it will contain the same amount of violence, if not more, than the first story, and you will get angry at me, at the characters, and just in general. I need you to have faith in me. I've been called the Queen of Cliffies, the Queen of Action, and a few other choice names, but I LIVE for the HEA, so if you can survive the rough waters, I promise you the HEA...

Summary: Sequel to Blood & Glory: Gravity's business is booming, but what happens when a ghost from the past shows up, taking the only thing that matters? Can the team work together to fix it, or will they rip apart at the seams?

An excerpt from Chapter 1...

A small miniature torpedo collided with my legs, and I looked down to see a grumpy but always adorable little three-year-old. Bethy never looked more like her mother than when she was mad.

"What's this, little sweetness?" I chuckled, scooping her up and rubbing her dramatically-wrinkled brow with my thumb.

Elizabeth Renee looked like a baby doll in her bright yellow dress and black patent leather shoes. Her dark hair was half up and curled adorably at the ends, secured with a sweet yellow bow at the back of her head. Her legs wrapped around me, covered in now-wrinkled white tights, as she grabbed my face with one hand and pointed behind her with another. She'd been the flower girl for the wedding, the basket of rose petals long since discarded once we'd all made it to the reception.

"D-Daddy, JW is b-bothering me," she grumped and huffed, folding her arms across her chest in a gesture so much like Bella's that it took all I had not to laugh, when obviously we were having an emergency of the utmost importance.

I glanced over her shoulder to see who she was talking about. Jacob Black's son, JW – or Jacob William Black – who was just a year older than Bethy, was rubbing his shin and tugging on his father's pant leg at the same time, and I had a feeling my daughter had just kicked the shit out of the poor boy.

"What happened, pretty girl?" I asked, walking around the dance floor with her in my arms.

"He was playing a game and wouldn't let me join...s-so I k-kicked him," she sputtered, her green eyes blazing and sounding more like me every day. If she got anything from me, it was my stutter, though hers was more prominent when she was excited or in trouble, whereas mine was a tell of nerves. And she'd received a wonderful combination of mine and Bella's tempers. My beautiful, sweet, ever-so-smart little girl could take zero bullshit – from anyone.

Bella snorted from behind me. "Tell him the real reason, Bethy." When I turned, she was shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Her amusement at our daughter could barely be contained.

"Oh, yeah!" she huffed, her eyes growing dark with ire. "A-And he tried to kiss me!" Her arms spread wide as she gaped at me, like she couldn't believe someone could possibly have offended her in this most hideous of fashions.

I laughed outright at not only my little one's actions but of who JW belonged to, my wife joining me. Jacob Black was my wife's ex, and it wasn't a secret that he was not only afraid of me, but of Bella, too. JW was the karmic result of his cheating on Bella with his assistant, Lauren, during their relationship, and even though the little boy was a funny little kid, I couldn't help but feel that JW would genetically receive a "cheating" gene, so there was no way he was good enough for my Bethy. I didn't give a fuck how young he was.

"Well, then, I see nothing wrong with your reaction, little sweetness." I shrugged at her, smirking when Bella laughed again, kissing my cheek.

"Of course you don't," she said with a chuckle against my jaw. "Personally, I hope she keeps that attitude permanently."

"Me, too..." I snickered, kissing both my girls before handing Bethy over to Bella. I pointed to my daughter as I raised my eyebrow. "Next time he tries to kiss you, run away and tell him you'll bring your dad and your uncles back with you," I growled into her neck, loving the squeal that erupted from her.

Bethy grinned and nodded, pushing and shoving at me. She wriggled down from Bella's arms, running across the reception hall, yelling, "Hey, JW, guess what!"

Bella snorted into a laugh, wrapping her arms around my waist. "You know she's told him that you, Jazz, and Em are all soldiers, right? She's about to scare the shit out of that boy."

I chuckled, kissing her forehead. "That's my girl," I said with a snort, looking down at my wife.

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