This story is basicly about Bella's change from vampire to human. First chapter Epov. 2nd chapter read and find out...

Throught Other Eyes Chapter One Edward

I watched her cry and shout in pain and I wanted so bad to save her.

But I could not, there was no going back.

We are only moving foward.

I saw our baby our little baby.

Rosalie brought her up so I could see as I was not going to leave my Bella's side.

No way in hell was I doing that.

When I saw her I swear if I had a heart it would've stopped right at that moment.

She was beautiful.

She had shoulder lenght curly light brownish hair, and she had Bella's eyes.

Those beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

Now I knew that whenever I missed Bella's eyes I'll see them in my daughter's.

She also had a heartbeat which was beating unusually fast.

Carlisle checked her and said that she was okay. One of a kind.

I took her from Rosalie and held her.

I went by Bella's side and watched as my beautiful daughter was watching my beautiful wife.

Then she stared in my eyes and put her little hands on my cheek.

My daughter had a gift too.

She was asking me what was wrong with her mommy. How could a baby be that smart?

She wasn't even one day old.

"How is she?" asked Rosalie.

"The same!" I said. "Hey I think Renesmee has a gift."

"Really! What kind of gift?" Rosalie asked.

Rosalie has been staying with Renesmee all this time I have been staying with my Bella.

I could see it in her eye's and thought's that she loved her.

I was greatful for that.

But I was certainly not ready for what I heard next.

"What?" I asked in anger.

"Uh-oh." said Rosalie.

She came closer to me as if trying to stop me.

"That bastard!" I said. "My baby girl!" I screamed so he could hear me.

"Sorry Edward!" he shouted from downstairs.

"You bastard!" I shouted loud enough to make even Rosalie back away.

"Relax Edward. We'll deal with this another time." she said softly.

"Relax?" I asked. "How the fuck can I relax when he's dirty little mind is on my baby girl?"

"Edward, please, you're scaring her." she said just as softly.

I looked at my baby girl. Her heartbeat was a little faster than her usual rate.

I hugged her tightly to my chest, and eventually her heartbeat got back to normal.

I gave her back to Rosalie and told her to keep my daughter away from Jacob, at least until I dealt with him.

I then returned to Bella's side, took her hand in mine and waited, waited ... I waited until finally she opened her bright red eyes that stared right into mine.