Hello my dear readers! I bet you missed me while I haven't updated. What can I possibly say in my defense? I dedicate this to those who have been waiting for me to write.

Cho Bi was glaring…well death glaring straight ahead of her. Even though she felt like crying she wouldn't be weak and she certainly wasn't going to give that bastard the satisfaction. Honestly, she was really trying, very hard actually, to make her face look amiable. It wasn't as if that slimy, perverted young lord was helping. He kept fixing her with his stares and before long she felt like punching his teeth out of his mouth. While she was having her fantasy of blood, cracked bones and broken teeth the young woman failed to notice that her object on not-affection-more-like-repulsion was edging closer to her.

She was still finding ways to hurt the man in her mind when she felt someone touching her wrist. She was greeted by his vain grin. His warm, damp hand was wrapping around her wrist and she had to bite her tongue to keep from hitting him or worst, really maiming him. Now she had to wonder why she had agreed to paint for this bastard. For all it was worth she could find solace in the fact that the painting was almost done. She mentally bowed to the Heavens. After she was done with this pig she could go home and take a nice, long bath. Hmm, all that warm water…

Unfortunately for her and the big plan she had her employer didn't give any signs of wanting to let her go. A demure smile crossed her lips. She knew exactly what to do to put him off. Oh, this was going to be so much fun…for her that is. The idiot ordered his servants to bring some food. As soon as it was in Cho Bi started stuffing her mouth. However this didn't seem to bother the young lord sitting next to her. Now she was really desperate. How could she get him off of her back? Then it hit her. This was perfect. Truly it was.

At about this time Dae Su was going home. If this lunatic lord next to her saw her with a man of such a high position surely he'd leave her alone. Not paining him any mind as he called after her Cho Bi got up and ran outside. To her luck Dae Su was just passing by. His eyes immediately set on her. She came up to him explaining her problem. Dae Su was more than happy to help and as the lord made his way out of his house, the king's friend took her hand and led her away, a knowing smile crossing his face.

So? Am I good or what?

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