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It's finally spring break, my friend Angela and I are off to Italy on the trip of a lifetime. No boyfriends, no complications, no strings on our time. This is going to be kickass are my thoughts as we get ready to board the plane. Twenty-four hours and thirty minutes later, we are stepping off the plane and out of customs to bright sunshine ready to start our journey through Rome. Walking out of the airport with bags in hand we grab the first cab we see. We travel to the hotel, we reserved the Campo De Fiori, paying the man an extra hundred euro's for getting us there so quickly. We quickly pulled the luggage out of the trunk of the cab, a bellhop coming over to help us into the building; we place the luggage on the trolley and walk into the building.

The receptionist looked down snootily on us while saying. "Welcome to The Campo De Fiori, reservation please?"

"It's under Swan." I said replying while giving her the stink eye. Man, do I hate snooty bitches; I seriously hope the rest of their staff is better trained.

"Ahhh, yes here it is under Isabella Swan a Suite with two bedrooms for a stay of two weeks paid in full by credit card. Here are your keys to the suite, you are on the top floor." Taking the keys from her hand, we walk towards the elevator the bell hop following closely behind.

"Wow Bella, that woman was shooting daggers at us. Wonder what we did to piss her off," Angie said scratching her head as we got into the elevator.

"Well, Angie some people are just plain rude they have no sense of right and wrong. All we can hope is that the rest of the staff is better trained or better at acting than she is. Hey Ang, I am gonna take a nap when we get up to our suite, please make sure to wake me once its dark out we are going clubbing."

"Alright Hon, I will set the alarm because I have a little jet lag going on and may end up falling asleep as well." She replied as the elevator dinged to let us know we were on our floor. We walked down the hallway coming to a stop in front of the door, quickly taking the keys out I hand her one and use the other to open the door. We quickly chose our rooms, taking our luggage off the trolley and paying a tip to the bellhop he quickly leaves the room winking at us. Peeling my clothes off that I wore on the plane, I decide to take a quick shower.

After my shower, I crawl into the nice queen sized bed, laying my head on the pillows and quickly drifting off to a dreamless slumber. Several hours later I hear the alarm go off, so I slowly drag my lazy ass out of the bed and walk over to where my bags are laying. Pulling the bag onto the bed I unzip it and start pulling out the clothing that I will wear to the club. In the opposite room, I hear Ang doing the same thing. Pulling on the black tank top with green rhinestones bordering the lace, thinking Thank God, I don't need a bra with this shirt I reach for the black lace boy shorts. Next to go on is a black leather mini that come's to about halfway down my thigh, then for the piece de resistance my thigh high hooker boots that lace all the way up. Grabbing my makeup and hair gel, I head to the bathroom.

First thing I do is my hair, mussing it up real well I put gel in my hands giving myself the perfect sex hair, although I wouldn't tell anyone this, I am still a virgin. Quickly, I make my eyes look smoky putting on mascara to complete the look of them. Dab on some red lip gloss and I am done, so I walk back into the bedroom grab my money shoving it down the side of my boot. Taking my id and putting it down my shirt next to my left breast, I walk from the room closing the door behind.

Ang is already waiting for me dressed in a black dress with sequins around the bottom and top lacy part with black fuck me heels on, her hair mussed up and looking similar to mine, her make up almost a complete match the only difference her lips, are a pink. We head out the door, walking to the elevator a door opens and this beautiful man walks out. He has blond hair, muscular body damn look at those abs. I continue my slow perusal of his body slowly looking up till I reach his golden eyes. My panties moistened just looking at him, and I notice a shift in those beautiful eyes they turn almost pitch black. He starts striding towards us casually, my eyes dart lower to see that he has a noticeable tent pitching in his pants.

OMG he is turned on but by which one of us, suddenly I feel myself being grabbed and crushed to his chest not hard enough to hurt by any means. What the hell my body feels like it's on fire, everywhere we are touching it feels like there are tiny little bolts of electricity hitting me. Panties, are now drenched, I don't understand my body's reaction to this stranger I have never had this kind of desire coursing through my veins. Hearing people come closer. I feel him tense a slight rumbling coming from his chest.

"Carlisle let her go," I hear the tinkling voice of a female. It sounds just like little bells chiming in the wind. Hmmm so his name is Carlisle what a beautiful name for a beautiful male, I feel the rumbling get stronger as I hear the female get closer.

Suddenly, I am pushed behind him, his hand never straying from me. I am pulled roughly to his back, and I hear him growl out, "MINE." Wow, wait did he just say I was his OMG if this continues, I will end up having an orgasm without even being touched. Feeling the rumbling again I look around him to see a small pixie-like female walking slowly towards us with her head down and palms down in a very submissive position. Placing my hand on Carlisle's shoulder I feel him start rumbling like he's purring. Looking around I noticed that Ang snuck back into the room when all of this started going down, damn scared woman remind me to get back at her.

"Bella, that's your name right. It will be ok, can you please come with us till I can get him calmed down." Feeling that this won't go well if I decline, I agree with that decision, he starts pulling me down the hallway growling at the woman. We come to the door to his suite and I get pulled around to the front of him as we walk inside. His hands start running up and down me goose bumps pimple my skin, my arousal hitting a new high, I hear him take a deep breath in as if smelling me. Great now I am extremely aroused by a guy whom I don't even know. This whole situation is kind of creepy but in a weird way I am alright with that.

"My name is Alice, Bella, the man who is touching you is Carlisle. Are you alright," I nod my head to let her know that I am fine? "Good, now I have already seen you will be alright with this, so I am just going to tell you." Now my emotions are slightly erratic with that, this is getting weirder and weirder. What does she mean she has seen? "We are not human. We are vampires. You my dear are my father, Carlisle's mate now when I say mate I mean soul mate." Feeling faint I move to sit down, Carlisle moving with me the growling never ceasing.

"Is this normal, I mean is the way he is reacting normal? The groping, the growling, the downright possessiveness it's a little mind boggling." Fidgeting under his hands, I feel him start purring again sending heat straight to my core.

"In a way, this is how mates are the groping as you call it is Carlisle checking to make sure you is unharmed. The purring is for comfort. The possessiveness is a difficult one to explain. Right now though your mate is giving over to his vampire side and gone all caveman on you, normally he is totally not like this.

"Will he be alright?" I ask not really sure why. Why am I concerned with this man I barely know, and damn why does my chest feel tight with the thought of leaving? Would he even let me leave? At this point, I am not sure, thinking aloud "What happened, why is he like this?" Letting my eyes fall on Carlisle, I try to calm him by running my hand up and down his arm receiving a low growl in response to my efforts his purring increasing in volume.

"He smelled your arousal, it set off the animal inside him. I fear he won't be sane till he has claimed you fully." She said while raising her head slightly, Carlisle noticing the movement from her decided now was a good time to snarl at her.

"What does claiming involve?" I asked squirming, afraid of this answer I already had a pretty good idea what it involved, I just wanted to have it confirmed.

Staring directly into my eyes she says, "Well….. It involves him having sexual relations with you, but really it's more than that. He would also have to mark you, and by marking, I mean placing a bite mark on you, which in this case would mean turning you." Oh my goodness, really he wants to fuck me silly then bite me. Do I really want this? Why am I even thinking about this? Oh I remember why. This is the most I have been turned on in what…..FOREVER.

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