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The Way the Reunion Scene Should Have Gone

The Doctor and Donna landed in the middle of a deserted street in London. They stepped out of the TARDIS and onto the concrete. Both of them looked around in shock.

"It's like a ghost town." Donna said, still looking around.

"Sarah-Jane said they were taking the people." He turned to face Donna. "Think Donna. When you met Rose on that parallel world, what did she say?"

"Just the darkness is coming." Donna replied trying to remember what Rose had told her.

"Anything else?" The Doctor asked, hoping to get more out of Donna then that.

Suddenly something caught Donna's eye. A blonde girl, carrying a rather large gun. She knew that standing over in the distance was the person that the Doctor so desperately wanted to see again: Rose.

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Donna finally said.

The Doctor looked at Donna confused, but then he turned around and saw her. The young woman he had lost less than two years ago.

Before he knew it, his legs had begun to move him towards her. He then broke into a run, seeing that Rose had already done so. Soon he was running faster than he thought was possible. Simply because the woman he loved was only meters away from him.

Rose dropped her gun on the floor, as she found it hard to run with. She was running at full speed, straight into the Doctor's arms. They stopped running once she was in his embrace. She wrapped her arms around the Doctor tightly. The Doctor did the same.

"Hello." Rose said tearing up.

"Hello you, welcome home." The Doctor said with a smile.

Donna watched from a distance, when suddenly the figure of Captain Jack Harkness came into view.

"Hello, you must be Donna." Jack said coming up to her.

"Yep that's right. You must be Captain Jack." Donna said.

"Yeah that's me all right. See they found each other then." Jack said, noticing the Doctor and Rose.

"Yep. I'm glad; he's finally going to be happy." She smiled at the reunited couple.

"You do not know how much I have missed you Rose Tyler." The Doctor told her.

"I've missed you too Doctor. I still love you, you know." The Doctor smiled as he cupped Rose's face with his hands and brought his lips down to hers, in a warm and loving kiss. When they let go, the Doctor smiled at her.

"I love you too Rose. Forever."

"Forever." They kissed each other again, forgetting about the whole Daleks and planets in the sky problem.

When they let go, they walked back to the TARDIS hand in hand. Along with everyone else, they were able to save the day. After everyone had gone home, (including Donna surprisingly), the Doctor and Rose set the TARDIS to a random destination and were off, saving the universe together once again.

The Stuff of legend. Just as it should be.

The End

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