Disclaimer: Vampire Knight and all characters belong to Matsuri Hino.

A/N: I've been writing chapter 7 of "Feel with your heart" for more than 10 days, yet I still haven't finished the scene between Zero and Yuuki, so I ran around and found some interesting short stories from "Mong Hoa Nu" wordpress. With her permission, I converted them into VK fanfic and post them here.

Story 1

"Peep peep"

A new message. Kaname glanced at his cell phone.

"I've decided to confess my love. Wish me luck!"

Oh, Zero! You finally want to tell Yuuki. Kaname stared at his phone screen for a while, then tried his best to control trembling fingers to send a reply "Yes, it's time! Do it well!"

"I've already stood outside, but I'm too nervous to knock." A new message from Zero.

"Just knock! I support you."

"Do you think my confession will be accepted?"

Kaname felt his heart was being broken into pieces. "How can I know? Sorry, I'm busy now. Let's stop here!"

"Peep peep"

Zero sent another message "How about you open the door? I'm still nervous, I can't knock."


If you like it, there will be more! Please let me know!