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Story 2

All of glass windows in Zero's room were cracked, Kaname appeared with a big rage "Ichiru has seduced my only sister to elope with him!"

The beautiful hunter calmly stood up, taking a long look at his enemy, then slowly pulling Bloody Rose out, throwing it away "You can take his brother for compensation."

Side story: Zero's come-out


Chairman Cross is reading Haru wo Daite Ita in his office. Zero entered without permission.

Zero (nervous): Chairman, I'm gay.

Cross (busy): Go out! Don't you see I'm working?

Zero sadly turned around to leave.

Cross: What? You said you are… gay?

Zero (nodded): Yes.

Cross (brightened): Have a boyfriend?

Zero (shy): Yes.

Cross (hopeful): Is he handsome?

Zero: Handsome.

Cross: Around your age?

Zero: My age.

Cross: Day class or night class?

Zero: Night class.

Cross (satisfied): Good. Tell Kaname he can stay overnight anytime. (started thinking about where to put a hidden camera in the young hunter's bedroom)


Zero (nervous): Chairman, I'm gay.

Cross: I've already known.

Zero (panicked): When?

Cross (calm): You and Kaname often go to the same love hotel I and Yagari do.

Zero: …


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