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Story 3: Kaname's confession

Zero and Yuuki were the prefects of Cross Academy. They were also lovers, going to class together during the day and guarding the night-class lesson at night.

However, Kaname, the Moon dorm leader, seemed to be very interested in her. Despite of Zero's annoyance and discrimination, Kaname always tried to talk to her and tenderly stroked her hair while they're working hard to keep those hysterical day-class students in control.

At first, Yuuki didn't want to ignore her duty too long, but later, she really looked forward to the time those vampires going out to meet him.

On the Valentine's day, Kaname held a big bunch of roses and a big box of chocolates, walking toward her "Yuuki, could you break up with Zero?"

"Sure!" she eagerly answered.

Kaname turned to the hunter "You're free, Zero! Could you be my boyfriend?"

Story 4: Reverse

Kaname and Zero had been standing face to face for hours.

Finally, Zero decided to say it out loud "I want Yuuki."

Kaname turned white, his voice quivered "Why? What is so good in Yuuki?"

Zero inhaled a long breath, trying to explain it as calmly as he could "I can make love to her."

Kaname was dazed, tears wavering in his beautiful eyes "You can make love to me too."

All of a sudden, out of all expectations, Zero snapped "Fuck! When did you ever let me make love to you?"


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