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Lying isn't so bad if you're not hurting anyone, right? Right? At least that's what he kept telling himself whenever another lie came over his lips... he wasn't hurting anyone...

Puck's life hasn't exactly been easy, and honestly? Glee club ruining his reputation? Not the biggest problem right now. Sure, his father running out on them had been a low, and life hadn't been the same since then. However, compared to the current situation it had almost been perfect... But then, a little over two years ago, he had to show up and ruin everything...

It wasn't the pain, though... he could take that. It was more the lying about it that started to get to him... and sometimes he just wished for someone... anyone... to really look at him, to see through all the lies... to save him from this nightmare...


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Rated for language, violence and mention of child abuse… nothing too explicit, though… (at least not yet…)

Rated M to be on the safe side!


Takes place somwhere during Season 2:

Here's what you need to know about the background of this story: Puck already was in juvie, Sam is with Quinn, Rachel with Finn (but the whole couples thing won't be that important in this story… no love story here…). About the relationship between Puck and Quinn, and Puck and Finn… I don't know enough about the season to be sure on those, so for the sake of this story: they aren't on the best of terms. Though Puck and Finn behave normal enough at school and glee rehearsals… but not in their spare time. Let's just say it's still a little awkward.

The Kurt storyline of Season 2 is something else... I had to bent it a little bit to make it work for my story. For one, he didn't leave McKinley High. And I don't know if Finn and Kurt still share that room in Season 2, but in this story, they do.

There will also be an OC in this story (who really isn't the nicest guy in the world…). There might be others coming along, but only in small roles… and I'm not even sure about that just now. I've only got five chapters and the finish line… not really sure what will happen inbetween.