"Thank you for choosing United airlines for your flight today! The weather in Los Angeles right now is a balmy sixty-five degrees with sunny skies. Enjoy your stay here in sunny California, and we hope to see you soon." The flight attendant announced over the loud speaker.

Gianna lifted her head from her hand and sighed. It was almost six in the morning and she wasn't in the best of moods. How could she be? Her best friend walked out of their friendship like it was nothing, and she had no idea what was going on with Dwayne. She tried calling Dwayne to let him know she was arriving today but he never answered. She decided to fly out anyway and finally pin down what was going on. But Gianna wasn't focused on Dwayne. Her mind was on John.

Gianna understood why John didn't exactly get along with Dwayne. John thought that Dwayne walking out on the company was wrong and he turned his back on the WWE universe. Adding the fact that Dwayne broke her heart seven years ago, that didn't set well with John either. But how could he walk out on her like that? Yes, he liked her. But he hid it for a couple years now and dealt with it, what was so different now? She just missed her best friend and wanted things to be okay between them. But she had a feeling nothing would be okay until she finally stepped away from Dwayne.

Passengers started to walk off the plane and Gianna took her turn down the aisle. She walked onto the walkway and welcomed the cool air on her face. With her carry-on on her shoulder, Gianna walked into the airport surprised to see a limo driver with her name on a whiteboard. Gianna cocked her head as she approached the gentleman.

"Good morning mam. You must be Gianna. Mr. Johnson told me I could point out the fiery red hair." The man said with a smile.

"Mr. Johnson?" Gianna questioned.

"Yes mam. He requested that I pick you up and bring you to his home this morning. He would have gotten you himself, but he had work to attend to." The man explained.

"How did he know I was going to be here?" Gianna asked out loud.

"You must have told him you were coming no?" The man questioned.

Gianna felt a headache grow as she ran her fingers through her hair. All she did was try to get a hold of Dwayne. She never left him a message about her coming to see him. How the hell did he find out? Gianna noticed that the driver had already grabbed her luggage, so she followed him outside to the curb. He opened the back door for her and she slid in. She looked out the tinted windows, wondering what Dwayne had planned for her. Among with the millions of other questions she wanted to ask him, how he knew where she was going was on top of her list.

The limo pulled into Dwayne's empty driveway, meaning that he hadn't made it home yet. The limo driver turned off the car and went around to Gianna's side to open her door. She stepped out and looked at Dwayne's home. How was she suppose to get in? She didn't know where the spare key was, or even if Dwayne hid one. Her luggage appeared at her side and the driver tipped his hat at her.

"Have a lovely day mam." He said before walking away.

"Wait! The door is locked! You can't leave me out here!" Gianna yelled.

"Mr. Johnson has everything planned. Go see for yourself. " The man answered with a smile.

Gianna dragged her luggage to the door to see an envelope with her name on it. She took it off and opened it to find a letter and a spare key. She kept the key in the envelope and took the letter out to read it.

'Good morning Gianna. I'm so happy you decided to come out to see me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you I wanted to be here when you arrived, but duty calls. In the meanwhile, make yourself at home. I should be back by noon to see you. I'm in the mood for some pie…'

Gianna smiled as she took the spare key out. Dwayne was always a joker. She opened the door and shoved her bags into the doorway. On the end table by the door was a dozen purple roses with white lilies in a vase. Her name was on the card leaning against the vase. A huge smile spread across her face as she opened her second letter.

'A beautiful woman deserves the best flowers anyone could ask for. You must be hungry! Look in the fridge.'

Gianna eyed the kitchen hungrily and ran into the kitchen. She skidded in her flip flops as she stopped in front of the fridge and opened it. There was a piece of paper taped to a plate of French toast, eggs and a bowl of fresh fruit. She flipped the paper open to read what Dwayne had written.

'Bon appetite! You'll need you're energy for what I have planned for us later.'

Gianna laughed, taking the plate and bowl out and placing the plate in the microwave. She was disappointed that Dwayne wasn't here to greet her, but these little surprises were making her feel better. The timer went off and Gianna pulled the plate out. She cut into her French toast and grabbed syrup to pour over it. Dwayne had a whole day planned for them! What would we want to do, besides the obvious? Gianna smiled as she took a bite of pineapple. Noon couldn't come soon enough.

Noon came and passed, so did one, two, three and four o' clock. Gianna plopped down on the main sofa and checked her phone once more. She called Dwayne at 12:30 and 1:15 and sent him multiple messages. Still, not a word from him. Where was he? She tilted her head back and looked at the ceiling. This was not what she expected. With the way her morning went, she thought she would be tangled under the sheets with Dwayne by now. Instead, she had wandered around the house countless times, took a nap, checked her Facebook, made lunch and wandered some more. She wasn't sure if she could wait any longer. Gianna checked her phone once more. 4:30. Where could Dwayne possibly be?

Gianna's eyes fluttered open as her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the main room. What time did she fall asleep? What time was it now? Did Dwayne ever come home? She checked her phone. 11:00! And again, no word from Dwayne. This was just all too much. She really thought Dwayne wanted to be serious about this. But apparently, he didn't value his time with her if he thought he could show up whenever the hell he wanted. Dwayne couldn't win her over with little gifts anymore. John was right. Dwayne was wrong for her. She should have listened to him all along. Gianna looked up a number for a cab and called the nearest company.

"Los Angeles Cab Company, this is Stephanie, what can I do for you?" The woman asked.

"I need a cab to the airport." Gianna demanded.

"It's a little late to be headed there don't ya think? Ain't no flights gonna be leaving till at least five next morning." The woman told her.

"I don't care. Get me a cab to the airport." Gianna demanded once more.

Gianna gave the woman Dwayne's address and hung up the phone. She walked to the entry way where her bags were still placed. She opened the door and threw them out the door. Gianna didn't care what happened anymore. She sat in the grass as she waited for her cab. Suddenly she felt like her immature twenty-one old self again, going after the one thing she could never have. How could she have been so stupid? After all her years of chasing, after finally getting so close to having him, he played her like he did seven years ago. A black Esclade rolled into the driveway, her cab following right behind it. The engine cut as Dwayne rushed out of his car.

"Gianna, what's going on?" Dwayne asked.

"I'm leaving." Gianna answered as the cab driver walked over to grab her bags.

"Gianna, I know I'm late…" Dwayne started to say before she cut him off.

"I get it. You were working. You were too busy to tell me how late you would be. You thought I would wait. I did, but not anymore. I'm done, Dwayne. Don't bother talking to me at Wrestlemania, okay?" Gianna stated before walking to the cab.

"Gianna, wait!" Dwayne called after her.

Gianna ran to the cab and slid into the front seat. She locked her door as Dwayne stopped outside of it. The cab driver got in and backed out of the driveway. This time, she was the one leaving him. She was the one leaving him stunned and broken hearted. A tear rolled down her cheek but she wiped it away instantly. She wasn't going to cry over him. He didn't deserve any part of her.

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