Here's June's entry, ladies and gentlemen. It's a personal favorite couple of mine: Heather and Alejandro, on the theme Heaven and Hell. Hopefully, it won't be too confusing. Please read and review!

Heaven and Hell

Alejandro closed his eyes and lied on the soft green grass. He felt a gentle breeze through his hair. It was divine; the weather was warm and lovely, there weren't any unpleasant noises and he felt incredibly relaxed. He was standing in an open-field and nobody was there to disturb him.

"Maravillioso…" He murmured.

"It's wonderful, isn't it?" A delicate voice asked. "It really is Heaven in its entire splendor."

Alejandro opened his eyes and smiled. He saw Heather standing next to him with a warm smile on her face. She was wearing a white summer dress and her long raven hair hung loosely on her shoulders. She gently placed his head into her lap and caressed his cheek, as a delicate perfume of cherry blossoms was starting to spread in the air.

"Mi angel, I'm glad you're here." Alejandro told her.

Heather placed a chaste kiss on her love's forehead. "I'll always be here. And we'll always be together. Together as one, united in our love." She murmured. "Just like Adam and Eve, we'll live in Paradise. But we won't be forced to leave Eden, because we won't commit any sins."

Alejandro rose from the grass and gazed at Heather, who looked like she was the most peaceful and serene creature in the world. When she smiled, she radiated pure joy. She was truly an angel in Heaven. However, she didn't seem a genuine Heather.

"But, of course, you have to agree to all this." Heather added, her smile slowly fading. "I can't keep you here by force. I want to share my Paradise with you, but you have to choose to remain here."

Alejandro hesitated for a moment and Heather quickly grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes, seeming almost desperate.

"Please, Alejandro, stay with me, here in Heaven. And I promise that we'll find happiness through virtuous love."

"Ha! Virtuous love?" Somebody sneered. "Seriously?"

The angelic Heather gasped and Alejandro turned around. The beautiful blue sky was instantly covered by grey storm clouds and a clap of thunder could be heard in the distance. Near them, the cherry tree had lost all its pink flowers and its bark suddenly turned darker. From behind the tree, a slim silhouette approached the two.

"What the-?" Alejandro asked in shock as he recognized the person coming towards them.

Attractive curves, long silky dark hair, deep grey eyes and full red lips, all of which Alejandro knew too well. He was staring at Heather! But unlike the innocent one that was holding him close to her; the other Heather walked proudly and had a lustful look in her eyes. She was wearing a strapless red dress that hugged her body enhancing every line.

Suddenly, Alejandro found himself surrounded by two versions of his girlfriend: Angelic-Heather and Devilish-Heather.

"You're not thinking of accepting such a proposal, are you?" Devilish-Heather asked amused, after stopping in front of Alejandro. "You couldn't spend eternity only with promises and hopes." She started to move her finger up and down his chest. "I know what you really want and need, chico."

She almost purred her last sentence and Alejandro felt a chill up his spine. However, he was more aroused than frightened. Angelic-Heather tightened her grip on Alejandro's arm and her twin noticed the gesture. Devilish-Heather hissed at her just like a cat and the innocent figure stepped back scared.

Smirking victoriously, Devilish-Heather placed her hand on Alejandro's shoulder and slowly walked into a circle around him.

"You don't want purity and innocence. Your love isn't chaste. On the contrary…" She said on a seductive tone. "You need physical contact, passion, pleasure! And I can give you all that. I can offer you an eternity filled with pleasure."

"I-I don't think it's…" Alejandro mumbled.

He felt that her offer was wrong. Still, her every word made his blood boil. Her every movement filled him with desire. Devilish-Heather was more alluring that Angelic-Heather could ever be. However, Alejandro somehow knew that accepting any proposal from her would not lead to anything good. But a part of him was willing to sacrifice his soul for her.

"Don't listen to her!" Angelic-Heather exclaimed. "If you choose to stay with her, you'll only find eternal damnation." Her brows were furrowed and her fists were clenched.

"Shut up or I'll make that halo fly right off your head." Devilish-Heather growled at her 'twin'. She then turned to Alejandro, who was caught in the middle. "And I suppose her offer is more appealing? Don't be a fool! You could never find happiness there, Alejandro, only boredom!"

"At least his soul wouldn't be damned for all eternity!" Angelic-Heather fought back.

"One more word out of you and I'll shut you up permanently!" She spat. "Alejandro, make your choice. What's it going to be?" She asked, as she pulled him closer to her. Their faces were only inches apart and he could see a fire in her eyes.

Alejandro felt overwhelmed. It was all happening too soon and it was all too confusing. The love of his life was now in two versions, each fighting to claim his soul. One of them promised love in all its purity, the other one tempted him with carnal love. Devilish-Heather pulled him by the shirt, while Angelic-Heather tried to pull his arm. Both were struggling to win the eternal battle between good and evil.

"Alejandro…" Angelic-Heather pleaded.

"Alejandro!" Devilish-Heather called.

"Make your choice. Heaven or Hell?" The two Heathers asked in unison.

Alejandro flung his eyes open. He was heavily panting and his head hurt. He noticed that he had fallen asleep in his armchair, with the Bible in his lap.

"Solo un sueño…" He muttered relieved.

"It seemed like a pretty intense dream." A voice startled him.

Heather, his Heather, was standing at the other end of the room, on another armchair with a fiction novel in her hand. She was wearing a lavender sleeveless shirt and a jean skirt, no white summer dress, no red strapless one either. And her expression wasn't innocent or lustful; just bored. Alejandro sighed with relief.

"Have you been here for a long time?" he asked her.

"I came to talk to you about half an hour ago. You were sleeping, so I tried not to wake you. I got the chance to catch up with my reading." She explained, holding up her book. "So what have you been dreaming of?"

Alejandro smirked. "You. And a bit of Heaven and a bit of Hell."

Heather started to laugh and rose from her chair walking towards Alejandro.

"It's a strange combination, isn't it?" Heather asked, as she sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Not at all, you've got Heaven, you've got Hell." Alejandro replied before pressing his lips against hers in a tender kiss.

Yay! My first AleHeather one-shot! I'm glad I managed to finish it. I really liked this month's theme; for Alejandro's last line I drew inspiration from the song The temple from Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. I highly recommend it!

I hope you liked the one-shot. See you next month! :)