Sophie walked on the beach, alone. She moved her hand to where Scott's would be. The air was full of empty promises and hopes. Their wedding was to be in a week, they had returned from their trip around the world. Tears started flowing down her face. She ran to her home and found her mother. Donna took her into a tight embrace, stroking her hair as Sophie cried.

Sophie stood at the edge of the boat, the wind blowing back her long, blonde hair. She looked back at her fiancée and he smiled at her. She walked back towards him, and he let her take the wheel of the boat. He wrapped his arms around her to help her steer. Suddenly, the wind started going too fast to control the boat. Dark clouds rolled in, thunder crashed, and rain started pouring so hard they couldn't see anything.

He quickly moved her out of his way and steered the boat in what he thought was toward the dock frantically. He wiped his dark curls off his face, and Sophie held on to the railing of the boat, hoping not to fall into the water. The wind started to blow harder. A huge wave came towards the boat. "Hold on, Scott!" Sophie screamed, hoping to save her love. He scrambled for something in a panic, but it was too late. The wave rolled over the boat, taking Scott with it. Sophie tried to grab his hand to pull him out of the water, but it had already carried him too far to be saved by her.

Screaming, Sophie woke up. What a horrible memory. Why did we have to go on that trip? Sam ran into her room, Donna following closely behind. "What's wrong, Sophie?" asked Sam.

"Scott! Why didn't anyone look in the ocean for him? This is all your fault! You guys could have sent someone to look for him in the sea, but no one cared that my one and only love was lost at sea."

Scott was missing for a week before they found his body washed up on the sand. They rushed him to the hospital they had on the island. It didn't take the doctor long to figure out he couldn't be revived. Sophie never left his side in the hospital. She made sure there was a place for her when she died next to Scott's grave. Better to be with him somewhere than not at all.

Two weeks later, Sophie was taking a walk in the moonlight alone. She sat down at her and Scott's favorite place on the beach. Walking up from the ocean was a man. He was reflected by the moon and as Sophie looked closer, she saw the soaked dark brown curls. She saw Scott's curls. She decided there was no way that it was Scott, so she went back to thinking of their memories. He came closer and closer, until he was two feet away from her. He held out his hand and said, "Hello, Sophie."