Two times Jack left Ianto, and one time Ianto left Jack

Once - Jack

He aimed a gun at him. It might not have been a real gun, but the words had wounded his boss, enough so, that similar wounds inflicted from the three other people there, in the high ceilinged dingy room, had killed their leader. He hadn't been the one to pull the trigger but he shared the blood that was on his hands equally with the others.

Guilty! They were all guilty! Then, when the world shifted, when the end seemed near their boss had risen from the dead.

Turns out he was immortal.

As hell rose from the dark molten depths of the earth, as it threatened to consume all it touched, his leader sacrificed himself to save his colleagues, even though they had betrayed his trust, he drained the beast of its power, giving up immortal power to protect the earth.

Nobody believed he would rise from the dead, as he had done the first time. It took days of hoping and praying, a soft kiss on cold lips and a silent declaration of love before a whispered raspy 'Thank you' was heard in the deafening quiet.

The man hugged the chilled body to his own, part in thankfulness and assuagement of guilt.

As he helped him dress he thought about how he could make this right, if he could make this right. His leader did not utter one word, but accepted the help when it was offered. His colour was bland, a white chalk coloured pallor, like an person on their sick bed.

He presented himself to his colleagues, who wept sorry, guilt ridden tears, mumbling apologies one by one as yet again he forgave them. He encouraged each to forget their betrayals, to patch things up and move on to the next adventure, together.

The young man approached his boss, who opened his arms and embraced the young man, wrapping him in an invisible but glowing warmth and aura, which if it had a colour would be glistening gold.

The young man felt lips close to his ear, felt a smattering of warm air brushing across the skin of his cheek.

"Thank you. I'll speak to you later...wait for me," he murmured in a low voice.

Things returned to normal after that. Back to how they'd been before as the day progressed.

The boss requested quiet, asking all to go outside, grab a coffee, not forgetting to get him one too. Then he was gone.

A year...a year that never was and three months. Three months his boss was missing and the guilt still rode his soul, until he eventually returned, changing but unchanged.