Two times Jack left Ianto Pt III

Ianto Part I

A lot of the day was spent pleasing people and dodging bureaucrats. They knew they had to save the children, Jack mindless of the dangers to either of them until it was too late. No chance of escape.

The two of them, and a building crammed with civil servants, trapped by a child capturing, drug taking monster. When faced with trying to reason with the creature, provocation wasn't the best way to go about their task, but Jack had met this creature before, and was angry at what he himself had done in the past, unwilling to let it happen a second time.

Arguing, fighting and pleading did not sway the beast in its mission to procure children, using them as easy drugs.

The creature itself got angry, focussed on taking its revenge, it locked down the building. It discreetly released atmospheric gas, the gas that kept it alive in the chamber it had ordered built, but it was poisonous to oxygen breathing life forms. The civilians rushed to escape the glass prison of Thames House, but, so distraught were they, they refused to die without a fight; pounding on the doors and emergency exits in a bid to escape death. The gas eventually consumed them, halting their intake of the vital oxygen they needed, to survive.

Too late, Jack realised Ianto was still in the building, and nothing he could do would save him.

"We've got to get you out of here. I can survive anything, but you can't!"

"Too late. I've breathed the air," said Ianto calmly, accepting whatever fate was going to throw at him.

"There's got to be something—there's got to be an antidote!" despair edged Jack's voice as he watched Ianto weaken before eyes.

The monster taunted Jack, "You said you would fight."

Raising to the bait Jack bite back, trying to fight for Ianto's life.

"Then I take it back, alright? I take it all back—but not him!"

Ianto continued to deteriorate, falling to his knees as weakness invaded his body. Jack sank down to his knees in a futile attempt to stop Ianto falling.

"No! No no no no no no no—no!. No. Ianto. No, no, no…"

Jack grappled to stop his lover and friend from falling even further to the ground.

Protecting Ianto, he cradled his head in his arms. He didn't believe in God, but he attempted to bargain for Ianto's survival, hearing only silence in answer.

Jack tilted his head so he could look at Ianto as he admitted he'd made a big mistake that had cost Ianto his life.

"It's all my fault."

"No it's not," reassured Ianto, who attempted a faint smile.

"Don't speak, save your breath."

Ianto struggled to take a breath, breathing poison into his lungs instead.

"I love you," Ianto confessed.

Jack shook his head, in denial, in an effort to keep his head clear.

"Don't," said Jack, willing Ianto to not say another word.

Ianto's eyelids drooped, and Jack shook him wildly trying to get Ianto to wake up.

"Ianto. Ianto? Ianto, stay with me. Ianto, stay with me please—stay with me, stay with me, please!"

Struggling, Ianto opened his eyes, looking directly into Jack's baby blues. Those beautiful eyes reflect Ianto's face, due to the moisture gathering in them. Ianto has never seen Jack cry before. He wants to stay strong for Jack, but knows that within minutes he'll be dead.

"Hey. It was—good, yeah?"


"Don't forget me."

"Never could," Jack smiled through watery tears cascading down his cheeks.

"A thousand years' time…you won't remember me."

"Yes I will. I promise, I will."

"Ianto. Ianto? Don't go. Don't leave me, please. Please, don't—"

As the last vestiges of his life ebbed away, a tear slipped past the young man's guard, rolling down one cheek as he expressed his love for the man who held him tenderly in his arms. He regretted having to leave Jack alone, but feared as well that he would be forgotten. Remembered only as a number amount the people that had died that day. Ianto never promised that he would return to Jack.

Clutching Ianto's still warm body to him Jack placed a gentle kiss on Ianto's lips and finally giving in to the toxin wreaking havoc through his body, Jack fell beside Ianto, still holding him.

For the millennia that passed after Ianto's death, Jack never did forget him. He always had a feeling of disappointment that he was never able to meet Ianto again in his dreams, or the afterlife. Although Jack yearned for Ianto many times in those years he never forgot, but always kept him in his heart.