Alright, for the people who say I haven't read the books, I own all of them, and started reading the first four long before any of the movies came out.

Yes, there are parts of the books that show how Ron and Hermione love each other, I see that, and I admit they are there.

I'm not forcing anyone to read the story, I even said in the summary that it was MY take on why, not that it was everyones views.

For those that see that I deleted reviews and say that I can't take criticism, I don't delete anything cause I can't take it, I delete it cause otherwise it clogs my inbox. And if you write a nice review, fair warning, I delete everything to keep my inbox clear.

If people are going to review just to say that my thoughts are screwed up and I haven't read the books, the please, don't bother.

If you are reviewing to give an honest critic, go ahead. Part of why I even started writing on here was to improve my writing skills in school.

And for people who didn't like this, and knew they wouldn't from the summary, all I have to say is to not read something if you know you won't like it.

And don't attack people for posting their thoughts on anything in any story. The content isn't always the important parts, sometimes it's that the writter was brave enough to actually post something.

- emptylives, a.k.a. Lua