My first Italian story translated in English. I've re-written it...I hope now it's everything more ok ^^

Created by MaRtA H&Conly.

Chapter 1

Chase, Foreman and Cameron entered in the conference room while House was in his office, arguing with Cuddy.

"You can't force me!" he barked.

"You're right, in fact I'm imposing it on you! There's a difference!" she said loudly.

"I'm not going. At least the last time there was a poker and you were drunk" he said smirking.

Cuddy rolled her eyes, annoyed by this new argument with him. She turned to his confused staff.

"Hi guys. Listen, tomorrow night there is going to be a charity event here, and you-" she started.

"Wow, it's just terrifying the narcissism of this woman! If you love dressing up why don't you just go out and pick some guy up at the bar? I'm sure that you'll be able to find someone even without paying" he said sarcastically.

House went in the conference room where Cameron was making some coffee. Cuddy glared at him.

"What about you Cameron? Don't you want to dress up?" he asked behind her.

Cameron turned and found him before her. She swallowed nervously.

'What is he talking about?' she thought.

House studied her with curiosity. He loved watching her reactions when he catched her off guard. House smiled and turned around, leaving a confused Cameron behind.

"Well, I'm still not going. But my slaves are at your disposal" he said to Cuddy.

"No! I'll try to talk very slowly to let you understand the situation clearly: the 70% of the donations are for your department and for your personal trials! And it's the 99% of the trials of this hospital" she said angrily.

"That 1% is about the story of you naked with a crop in the operating room with a patient?" he asked.

Cuddy saw red immediately, Foreman and Chase stared at the table to keep from laughing, Cameron stood aside smiling. House noted her.

'How is it possible that Cuddy is able to stay calm with him?' she thought.

"Why are you smiling? Come on, I'm sure that the backers'd be happier to meet Cameron than me. It works in clinic, not a complaint when she stands in for me. And the skirt is better on her than me, but If you want I could try. Or rather, better a long dress so you won't see my big hips" he said jokingly.

"Don't put me in the middle of this thing" Cameron said annoyed.

"Come on Cameron, don't pretend you're sorry. It's a matter of hierarchy. It's like for the pens. But again I hate the idea to be represented by a robber or a blond hair guy with doubtful sexual tendencies" he said disgusted.

"Hey!" Chase said offended.

"What's your problem?" House said, challenging him.

Cuddy smirked, staring at House. She was challenging him and House smirked too.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"You'll come" it was more a statement than a question.

Cuddy went to the door, satisfied.

"Cold, direct and confident, have to hide an ace in the hole" he said.

She turned to face him again, smiling.

"One of our backers, Mister Humbert, is a fan of classical music and..." she said.

"And?" he prompted.

"And he informed me that there's an amazing pianist in Princeton. I can't remember her name...I think it's Mayer" she said smirking triumphant.

'Shit!' he thought.

House glared at her, Cuddy smirked and the three ducklings realized that probably that name wasn't new for House.

'She could be one of his favourite pianists' Cameron thought.

'Surely she sued against him' Foreman thought.

'Surely they had sex' Chase thought.

"I'm sure that Chase or Foreman will be pleased to be her partner for the night, but I'd prefer it to be my head physician of the Diagnostic department to introduce her to our backer. We'd make a very good impression" Cuddy said.

'Tell me no now, Greg!' she thought.

House and Cuddy smirked at each other. The tension was thick in the air.

"Fine, but I'm not going to make any speech and I'm not going to talk to your little friends" he said seriously.

'Yes!' she thought.

"Well, you'll have just to put on a good shirt and shoes that don't spark in the dark. Guys, I'm sure that you'll be wonderful as ever" she said.

"I bet that Cameron is going to be the most beautiful woman If she dresses like the last time" Chase said.

Cameron smiled and blushed. Cuddy smiled too and then turned to watch from head to toes House, disgusted "Not everybody has good taste".

After that, she went out. When she disappeared in the hall, House made a face and took a couple of Vicodin. The he turned and glared at his staff "Don't you have the clinic now?" he asked.

Chase and Foreman went out immediately.

"Ever funny and kind" Chase murmured annoyed.

"Yeah, but he's the boss" Foreman replied.

House was playing with his yo-yo on his chair and Cameron was fixing up his mails. Their eyes met for a second but Cameron returned to watch the screen. She couldn't stand his gaze because he was able to understand everyone in a second. But he kept staring at her. After a moment, he put his yo-yo down and stood up, going closer to her.

She tensed as he closed the gap between them. The image of him was reflected on the computer screen and their eyes met again.

House passed her and walked toward the door. She sighed.

"I prefer the red one" he said suddenly.

When he went out, Cameron smiled.

'Me too' she thought.

House went down to the garage of the hospital to take his bike and go home, limping more than the other times since the Ketamine was off now. It was like six months ago, and often it wasn't just a feeling like he tried to convince himself more than once. He was annoyed because he had to withdraw his tux now. His gaze stopped on two feminine legs rested on his bike. He recognized them and smiled.