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Chapter 95

Refugee camp in Darfur, Africa, November...

A gray and red ball bounced off a wall, a repetitive noise, almost pounding.

"Dr. House! New Doctors!".

"Five minutes!".

"No! Now!".

"Implode, France!".

"Me oui, docteur!".

The French doctor stepped out of the tent, leaving House to yawn.

"Twenty consecutive hours...I've never done them not even at the hospital? !..." he stood up, putting the ball in his backpack, stepping out of the tent.

Hot, damn hot, probably the fact of being close to the Equator was a reason why...

"House? ! Here!".

'Great...A team of new babies...'.

The three new arrivals were standing in front of his tent.

"The three of you, with him!".

House stared at them for a moment, drinking from a can of Coke, last left over from the beginning. Shaking his head, he turned away and put on his sunglasses "If you can't follow me, it means that this is definitely not the most suitable place for you".

"Good morning, Dr. House, I am William Edwards. It's a pleasure".

"Hey, hey, be good, keep the ass-kissing for another time, now it's too early and too hot".

Edwards was a young blonde doctor in his twenties, just out from college probably.

"Margarette Flayer, I'm from New Jersey".

Beautiful girl, red hair, dark eyes, one of those that you notice when she enters a room.

"Oh, that's great. Been there, done that. Let's move on".

"John Mellins, New York, assistant in surg -".

Tall, dark , determined, one of those who would sell his mother for a recommendation, certainly here against his will...

House turned to the three doctors who were staring at him "Yadda, yadda. So, let's clear four points: first, I don't care where you did your internship; second, less talk more cut and stitch; third, I've already forgotten your names" House walked toward the largest tent, which served as Emergency Room.

"And the fourth?" Flayer asked.

"Keep an eye to your luggage".

"What?" Flayer asked again.

The team turned back, noting that their luggage had been ravaged.

House smirked, amused "I love the freshmen...".

House was in the ER tent, around him the three young doctors "Well, we don't have a waiting room, so start who you like best with" and he moved away.

The team looked lost as House pulled out his stethoscope. He turned to look at them "Come on, you don't need me to be there to wipe your nose! Do you know how to save people's lives, right?".

The three continued to stare at him. He shook his head, annoyed.

"Ok, come on, follow me!" House pulled back a curtain, showing...well...everything. There were mutilated children, gunshot wounds, men and women dying. He turned to the new arrivals, he had really forgotten their names.

'Ok...Let's not overdo on the first day...'.

He didn't have time to open his mouth that the blond doctor fainted at the sight of a leg blown off by a mine.

"Ok! Deller, one of them is feeling bad! Who is still on his legs, come with me".

House walked away, sitting on a stretcher where there were two children, one of ten years old and the other younger. They were staring at him curiously.

"Bonjour, comment tu t'appelles?".

"I speak English" the older one said.

"Great! What's your name?".

The youngest kid was staring at him curiously while House auscultated his brother. He said something in his brother's ear, who turned to House, laughing.

"What is it? Do you like my stethoscope? My father gave it to me for my graduation...That original, huh? But he has never been good with gifts".

"No, your name means maison!".

House shook his head, staring at the identification badge around his neck, while the two children laughed "It's my surname. What's your name?".


"It was better If I didn't ask. What kind of name is that? !".

"Well...In English is...Bonheur!".

"Your name means happiness?".

"Oui! Yes, happy!".

House grimaced , attacking an IV to the kid "And I thought I was the unlucky one...".

"Pourquoi?...Why? What's your name?".

"My father wanted to name me after a comic character".

"It's father who decides".

"Well...Thanks to the fact that he took a charge while I was getting born, he lost all rights to make decisions over the next six months. Done!" House took off the gloves, standing up.

"Your name. If it's not Maison or Comic, what is?".

"Jason...Jason Logan to tell the truth, he has always been arrogant..." House walked away followed by the only two remaining doctors.

"You're not Gregory House!" Mellins said.

House widened his eyes, like his father "Damn! Someone told me that he was thinking of selling his soul to the devil...But I'm sure that in return he'd ask Vicodin for life or a new quadriceps...Not eternal youth, he's going to bury us all anyway" House stood at the entrance, seeing that the two doctors didn't leave him in peace "Well, then: New York, you can follow that guy who yells in French, while the lady can lend a hand on that side. Remember that the beauty of Darfur is that there are no medical records to fill nor superiors to consult. The bad thing is that there are no shifts, you have to work until it gets dark. So well, I'm going to bed now" House went out, followed by his team.

"What? You said that there are no shifts and you're going to sleep?".

"Yeah, I said that. But for your bad luck I'm bigger than you and I speak French better".

The doctor from New York ran inside the tent, while the other doctor stared at him, then smiled.

"I can do anything for you?".

"I worked in Princeton" Flayer said.

House kept walking away in the opposite direction, followed by her "Good for you. Everything the same, I guess".

"You look like your father?".

"Yeah, they say we have the same eyes".

" I meant that...".

"My father almost disowned me when I chose medicine, not to mention when I told him I was coming here about a year ago...But I still have the will of my mother and to answer your question, no, I'm not a diagnostician" he arrived to another tent.

"What is your specialization?".

"But are you here to save lives or what?".

"I'm just curious, Gregory House is a legend, I have his son in front of me, I didn't even know he had one".

"Discretion and confidentiality are an essential skill in my family. Neurosurgery, happy now?".

"He no longer works, then?".

"They forced him into retirement. He wanted to try golf, but he killed a caddy with the electric car and they withdrew his card. You worked at the hospital?".

"Yeah, I did an internship of two months".

"Then you had to see him hanging around there for sure, in fact, I'm certain you met my mother".

Flayer stared at him, shaking her head "No, I didn't see any House".

"No, in fact. However, you have to be spoken with her to be assumed. You know, large office, near the entrance, on the right If I'm not mistaken, her name is right above the name 'Dean of Medicine'".

"Your mother is the boss? !".

"Yeah. My father made sure to get rid of the previous two, before being gently retired...Why on earth do you believe that I have worked abroad for all this time?".

"Must be easy for you...".

"Dr. House! Phone!".

House turned to the doctor, who smiled at him " I'm not a spoiled child, ok? What I've earned, I did it alone. My father wanted me to become a lawyer".


"You don't know him".

"And why you did medicine?".

House shrugged, smiling...He smiled often, a lot "I'm only half House, bad habits maybe, I don't know...He's convinced that in the end it's handy to have a doctor around the world with his own signature...".

She didn't understand him and stared at him.

"Doctor? !".

"Coming!" and he run away, then turned to her "Ah, doctor, keep an eye to your shoes when you sleep".

House entered a tent and sat on the floor, his back against the wall, yawning "Hello?".

"So, have you found a hospice for Afro-American neurologists there?".

"I didn't know I had to look for it" he smiled.

"Hurry up, someone told me that he's teaching at Harvard!".

"Do you regret of not having gone there?".

"Are you kidding? I'd have been forced to wear ironed shirts!".

"Here you don't need them, only t-shirts...If you want to come...".

"No, I leave to you and your mother humanitarian causes and charity campaigns".

"Too good, where are you? There is too much silence".

"It's snowing here, you?".

"Forty degrees".

"Idiot, I'd have never let you be with Wilson all that time".

Jason smiled.

"So, happy birthday".

"Thank you for the gift, got it right for the first time for my thirtieth birthday".

"Yeah, would you like! The ball is on loan, your mother stole it. For your real gift you have to come back here".

"Are you trying to buy me? I'm not ten years old anymore".

"Hmm...Don't dare me, kid".

"How is life as a retired?" Jason smirked, amused.

"You're disinherited again!".

"I thought I still was since I chose medicine".

"Yeah, but you won that bet, so...".

"What bet?".

"Chase is still married, and she's a woman until proven otherwise. Do you know that he works in Manchester? I've always said that sooner or later they would have taken back his Green Card".

Jason laughed.

"Listen..." House spoke in a low voice and Jason frowned.

"Why are you talking like that?".

"Your mother still doesn't accept the fact that I cheat on her with the nurses".

"Are you in her office again to call me?".

"Nooo, I'm even surpassing the last level of Desert Storm".

"Then I'm sure that she will throw you out. Why you don't kill time doing a bit of volunteering?".

"Can you all just stop? ! Who are you, Wilson? !".

Jason was distracted by a truck full of wounded people "Listen dad, I have to go".

"I want to change my birthday gift".

Jason rolled his eyes, laughing "How did you call him this time?".

"No one will beat Tchaikosky".


"If you couldn't say it right, it's not my fault!".

"I was three years old! Anyway, say hello to mom".

"Oops...Listen, don't do anything stupid, ok?".

"Like what?".

"Like getting you killed".

Jason distinctly recognized the voice of his mother, he smiled, imagining the scene "I'd tell you the same, but it would be a waste of breath...".

"Funny...Listen, how are you at Vicodin there?".