A/N: Wow, this will be already the third preview story which I will be doing here. As you know by me are these generally short and will get mostly written out fully if someone either would like to read it or I get enough time to decide on my own…

Cold rain was falling over the large metropolis, the already dark night sky was veiled by thick clouds pouring they tears to the earth. Some of the older people say that the rain has often a deep meaning to it often even hiding a foreboding warning in itself. A lone figure was making its way slowly through the empty streets. Its breath turning in to fine mist from the cold, long silver hair was sticking to pale skin, hiding the stormy gray eyes from view.

"Hey sweetie, what are you doing out here so alone in the rain." called suddenly an amused voice from the front of a bar. The figure didn't answer only continued walking forward. "Hey, I'm talking to you bitch." the man snapped as he grabbed the young woman roughly by the arm.

"I, hate to be touched…" said suddenly an icy whispering voice as she looked at the man whose face paled and tried to run back inside the bar, but he never made it there. Suddenly his body started twisting itself in an unnatural manner, before tearing apart, giving him only the chance for a last dying scream which brought the rest of the mans comrades outside.

"Hey what happened here?" asked a large man as he looked at the bloody remains.

"Did you bitch do this to him?" asked another as he spotted the silver haired woman standing there.

"Don't be a drunk idiot Polin, how the fuck could she have done this to Harki?" asked another.

"With ease if she is one of those fucking Espers." answered the other immediately.

"I hate weak worms like you." come suddenly the cold voice again as gray eyes shone suddenly in a silverly golden light while long silver hair floated around as if blown by the wind.

On that night haled many screams through the storm mixing with the grotesque sound of flesh ripping and bones breaking apart. Meanwhile was the rain silently falling on the city.

Taizō Kiritsubo the leader of B.A.B.E.L. was sitting in front of his desk, his usually happy face serious and worry marred. In front of the desk stood his personal assistant and in a way sidekick Oboro Kashiwagi, a folder held tightly in front of her chest.

"Could this be really true Kashiwagi?" Taizō asked the young woman, hoping that there had been a mistake by the assumptions of they scientists.

"I'm terribly sorry Sir, but they in the science department are 100% sure about it." she answered in a serious, but still worried tone.

"This will be hard, we must find that person and make them join us or find a way destroying them, so that P.A.N.D.R.A. can't get they hands on them." he said sighing as he looked up at the person in front of him, his face looking suddenly ten years older as it should be. "Kashiwagi, tell me how it could have happened that a Level 10 Esper appeared out of nowhere?" he asked her.

"I don't know sir." she answered, eyes on the ground as her hands tightened around the folder.

Really, how could they have missed such a thing…


A/N: so this was it, not many details only a little info, but where would be the fun to play out all cards by the preview?