I have trouble believing that Lucius is completely evil. Especially after reading the 7th book. He may be power hungry and angry, but I don't believe he's evil.

Lucius couldn't believe everything that was happening. The Dark Lord had returned, and Lucius had managed to stay in the inner circle. He loved the power he had, but at times he wasnt sure about the Dark Lords plans. Even with this in mind, Lucius knew he couldn't back out now.

To even think about backing out. It brought shame to Lucius, he wasn't one to go back on his word. He was raised better then that. And his son had been taught the same.

Draco. Even thinking about him brought pain to Lucius' mind and heart. Lucius had promised his son, his only child and heir, to the Dark Lord. Soon Draco would be following in his father's footsteps. But unlike Lucius, the choice wasn't Dracos. Lucius knew how hurt and angry his son was. But Draco had been raised well. Draco listened to his father, just as any good pureblood child should.

To know that Draco would listen to his father so completely sometimes made Lucius wonder and the pureblood teachings. Lucius thought his son would have a better life then what he had. Pureblood teachings were getting in the way of that.

Lucius had missed his son growing up, but he knew that Draco only wanted to prove himself to his father. Knowing this just made it worse for Lucius. The day Draco got his mark everything would be proven to Lucius. It would prove how much Lucius had hurt his son, and how much he wished he could take back. Nobody knew just how much Lucius wanted different gor his son. Or how much he wished everyday that he had not raised Draco under the beliefs they had both been raised on.

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