They knew something was up. Cal was in a particularly foul mood today, glowering at pretty much everyone and had called an 'emergency meeting' in his office. Loker had briefly considered writing a will before going to said meeting, given Cal's current disposition. He sat opposite them with a sour expression and a pile of folders.

"Well, we have to hire someone else. Bloody government decided we had too much work and too few people. Even put out the advert without informing me. Bastards. Anyway have a look at this lot and see what you think."

He slammed the folders down in front of them and they gingerly opened the first one of perhaps twenty. This would be a very long meeting.


Cal had eventually softened up slightly, though bitterness still remained on his features. Loker's eyes were starting to droop. So far they had seven possible applicants lined up out of eighteen. He opened the next file and laughed out loud.

"This one's definitely a joke. Doctor from England."

Torres sighed and snatched the folder from his hands, examining it slowly.

"Doctor Jessica Watson. Twenty nine, just finished at Oxford University. Forgive me if I'm wrong but the original doctor Watson was a man called John. Maybe this girl is just unfortunately named."

Cal proceeded to snatch the folder from her hands, examining the picture included. After a moment he emitted a low whistle.

"Well that sure as hell isn't Jude Law."

He received a playful slap for that one.

"Well? Yes or No?"

"She's got all the credentials..." Began Gillian.

"And she's hot. I vote yes." Finished Loker.

After mutual agreement on both terms (Cal wasn't blind after all) she was added to the 'Yes' pile.


Jessica Watson was panicking. She honestly had no idea how her friends had convinced her that she could get the job.

She had suspicions that she may have been slightly drunk when they told her about the opening because the next thing she remembered after her friends arriving at her house that night with two bottles of wine was the next day when they wrestled a pen into her hand, paperwork on the table in front of her. Anyway she had sent off the application under their watchful eyes and now, six days later, she was hyperventilating at work. Mentally of course. Her face hardly ever betrayed her emotions, she was well trained in facial control and recognition, having dedicated years of her life to mastering the science. She was now Doctor Watson – an unfortunate name when trying to attempt to look professional. A doctor in the science of micro expressions and she worked in a music shop.

"No acceptance yet then?" Asked Celia as she sidled up next to her.

"What makes you think that?"

"Well A: you haven't asked for time off work yet and B: you're pricing those CDs rather violently my friend."

She sighed and priced another CD as if it had insulted her personally.

"It's been almost a week now! I've wanted to work there for years..."

"Don't blame you. That Lightman's a looker."

Jess rolled her eyes, ignoring the lustful stares of a customer.

"It's just...look at me. I'm twenty nine and I work in a CD shop! I am by all technicalities a Doctor – by title at least – and I have no career in sight."

She sighed and Celia chuckled.

"You don't look upset."

"I never look upset."

"True. Listen, your shift finishes soon. Go home, relax, read Lightman's book for the seven hundredth time...just relax. Okay?"

She let the book joke pass. She had admittedly read the book a lot but hey, in her defence a thesis doesn't write itself. She signed herself out and, arriving home, undid her hair and opened her laptop.

1 New Mail

Curious she clicked it open. The only emails she ever received were from her sister or her mother or on occasion Celia or a few of her friends – the only people who could stand the fact that she could read their every whim in the jerk of an eyebrow or the twitch of a finger.

Doctor Watson.

We have received your application and would like to request a personal interview on the 13th. The interview will be held at the Lightman Group offices in Washington D.C. If you have any issues with timing or location, given your current area, please contact the email below for a re-scheduling.

Your interview will be held between 10am and 2pm. Please bring any paperwork necessary.

Yours sincerely.

Dr. C. Lightman

She blinked and read it again...and again, eyes lingering on the name at the base.

A personally signed email from Cal Lightman?


Suddenly it all sunk in and, drifting slightly, she picked up the phone and dialled Celia.


"Celia? It's Jess."

"What's up?"

"I'm going to need some time off next week."

"Why?" Her voice was knowing, she wanted her to say it. Jessica laughed and smiled genuinely for the first time in what seemed like an age.

"I got an interview! From DOCTOR BLOODY LIGHTMAN HIMSELF!"

Aaaand chapter one is complete!