A/N: Thursday 9th of December 2010 will be rememberd forever as the day the liberal democrats officially betrayed mine and future generations.

I was at the protest march, that went across london and assembled in parliment, before the bill was passed, and it was one of the scariest, saddest, most exciting days of my life. There was much violence from both police and protestors. This was originally meant to be a faberry story, but it didn't work, so i wrote something completly different for Naomily.

PLEASE tell me if its ok, not too OCC, etc, I REALLY want some feedback!


It was the roaring she couldn't shut out.

With her eyes screwed shut against her girlfriends shoulder, Emily was just about able to block out the crowds, the buildings that towerd around all four sides of the square, the licking flames in the distance, but the noise was impossible to hide from.

A thousand angry voices, chanting, shouting, screaming. The screaming.

The screams, high, terrified screams, that forced Emily, and everyone else there, to dispell any last lingering hopes they had that there was still some sembalance of control, were genuine that they were terrifying.

Terrifying, too, to think that the people who screamed in pain and fear now were the same people who, hours earlier, had been part of the laughing, energetic crowd of teenagers, who, earlier in the day had shoulderd flags and banners and marched alongside one another with the shared hope that they really COULD make a difference...

They'd felt so powerful that morning. The memory of the euphoria she'd felt helped Emily bear down on her rising panic, helped her focus on staying calm: the sound of a thousand feet, the chanting of a thousand voices, Naomis hand in hers, the feeling that they were making a difference, the sheer energy of their voices all raised together...

It felt like another life, utterly unconnected to what she was experiencing now.

"Ems..." Naomis voice somehow found its way to her ear. "It's ok..."

Emily nodded, mutely, her eyes still shut.

It had felt so different this morning...