Fox dove in. The cool water lapped at his body as he swam downwards, hoping desperately to avoid the huge explosion he knew was taking place just a few feet above him. He felt something strike his head and he tried to keep his mouth closed but the force of the strike was so strong, he let out an "oomph".

Breath escaped his lungs and bubbled out into the water. Precious oxygen. He couldn't swim any longer, his head a spinning whirlwind. Spots swam before his eyes - he thought they were fishes. He tasted salt, and knew he'd bit his tongue. He could see a streak of red in front of him.

Wildly, he remembered that when someone is struck very hard on the head, they bite down. His tongue hurt. The spots were fading to grey; some were black. He couldn't help but suck in a large quantity of water. The world went black and he knew no more.

When Fox's body floated to the surface, facedown, John and Monica swam out to retrieve his body.

"Monica! Do you know CPR?" John asked as he dragged Fox's body towards the river's bank.

"Yes, and hurry! There still may be time!" Monica said as she helped John swim with Fox's body back to the bank.

Monica's foot struck the bottom and she and John lumbered up the riverbank.

"He is heavy," John grunted.

"He is dead if he is heavy," Monica answered as she rolled Fox on to his stomach and began to push on his back, hoping to get him to choke up the water.

A small stream of water trickled out of Fox's mouth. Monica rolled him over on to his back, pushed his head back, pinched his nose, opened his mouth and breathed in to his mouth five times.

John, watching, pushed on Fox's chest once. Monica breathed into Fox's mouth five more times. John pushed on Fox's chest another time, hard.

Time seemed to stand still as John and Monica tried to save Fox's life. They worked in tandem, Monica breathing for Fox and John pushing on Fox's chest.

A choking sound emerged from Fox's throat. Quickly, Monica turned Fox's head to the side and a thick stream of water was coughed out of Fox's mouth. He spluttered. But to Monica's and John's immense relief, he took a breath and was breathing on his own.

Fox's eyes remained closed. John was on the phone, calling 911 for further assistance. Monica applied pressure on the three inch cut on the left side of Fox's head.

Fox opened his eyes. "Agent Reyes?" he asked, groggy.

"Yes, I'm here." She answered.

Fox closed his eyes and sighed. He'd been hurt but he'd survived, thanks to John and Monica. In the background, as his eyes closed, he heard the sirens coming.