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Chapter 1

High school can be tough for normal teenagers, popularity, sex and gossip, but when you throw being a half human half vampire into the mix school can become almost impossible. You have probably got the impression that I don't like school, your wrong. School is the only place where my thoughts aren't intruded and I don't have to deal with that irritating love sick puppy Jacob. Am i the only one who finds that he kissed my mom is weird. When I was younger I adored my family especially my dad, but they don't understand I'm not a child anymore, they take overprotective to another level. I was homeschooled at primary level because of the whole rapid growth thing but when I turned thirteen I decided to put my foot down. High school was nothing like I expected it to be, I have always been sheltered by my parents. As you can imagine I was shocked when the first thing anyone said to me was "fuck me please." Sending me to high school was the worst thing my parents could have ever done. I turned from a sweet innocent girl into a rebellious teenager within a week. I got suspended for having sex with Steven parker in the school toilets and then again in the girls changing rooms. I managed to convince my head teacher, Mr Grove, to tell my parents I had smashed his car window, imagine if they knew the truth. Steven isn't my boyfriend; I've decided not to be exclusive. He is more like my sex partner when I can't find anybody else. He is very rarely needed; being a beautiful half vampire has its perks.

Amelia Davies is my best friend, more like sister. She knows everything about me, my secret, and my family. We met when I enrolled in Forks high school; she is real bad ass and crazy. My dad thinks she is a bad influence on me but no one asked for his opinion. She is the lead singer in our band DARE, I play the electric guitar. I had have a piano lesson every Thursday to keep my dad happy but I'm gonna quit at the end of this year, I can't take any more of that shit music anymore. I have mastered the art of blocking out the teachers instead I plan how I can be disobeying my parents. Don't ask me why I like to be so defiant at any chance I get , I guess I want to get back at them for being so controlling all the time.